NEWSFLASH: Negotiations PAUSED as Biden Heads to the Beach

President Biden met with Sen. Shelley Morre Capito (R-WV) on Wednesday to discuss infrastructure; no breakthroughs were achieved before leaving Washington.

“The two agreed to reconnect on Friday,” the White House revealed in a statement about the “constructive and frank conversation” in the Oval Office.

Later in the evening, the president and first lady traveled to Rehoboth Beach, in Deleware, where they plan to celebrate Jill Biden’s 70th Birthday at their beach home. The Bidens have nothing on their public schedules for Thursday.

The negotiating positions remain firm on both sides. Biden and the White House want big tax hikes on corporations and the wealthy to fund more spending, and Republicans want no tax hikes. Politico reported Thursday that Biden was firm that he wants $1 trillion in new spending. Biden has signaled the time for discussions is running out.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden was used to ongoing talks but would break them off if progress was no longer possible.

“You know, him — patience is not unending, and he wants to make progress,” she told reporters at the White House press briefing on Wednesday. “His only line in the sand is inaction. He wants to sign a bill into law this summer.”

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