Red Alert: Twitter Partners with Anti-Conservative Pro-Censorship Group

(SNews) – Twitter has recently partnered with a radical anti-conservative group that’s campaigning for more censorship online.

Critics are warning that Twitter, now known as X, is drifting away from the pro-free speech agenda that owned Elon Musk had promised.

The social media company’s “brand safety” advertising strategies are now being influenced by a pro-censorship group with a history of targeting conservatives.

Many warn that the move could surpass the boundaries permitted by federal law.

The contentious group in focus is the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

GARM was referred by Integral Ad Science (IAS), X’s recent collaborator.

The crafting of X’s ad policies now involves GARM’s input.

However, Republican lawmakers in Congress are raising concerns that the organization may violate U.S. antitrust law by censoring certain speech online.

As reported by The Washington Examiner, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has ordered a subpoena to obtain records detailing the potential online censorship activities of GARM.

Jordan is also demanding the records of the World Federation of Advertisers, a marketing conglomerate.

Following a decline in advertisers, X announced an alliance with IAS with hopes of driving ad revenues.

IAS works with the controversial Global Disinformation Index (GDI).

The organization scans content for advertisers to determine whether it is “safe” for their brands.

GDI is infamous for targetting conservative media outlets in an effort to block their access to advertising dollars.

GARM’s controversial framework, aimed at deterring harmful online content, encompasses a “brand safety floor” and a “suitability framework.”

These tools broadly categorize “inappropriate materials” for advertisers.

With Twitter partnering with such organizations, many fear the Big Tech platform is returning to its old order of censorship.

Of course, censorship on social media typically means shutting down conservative talking points while amplifying the Left.

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