REPORT: Biden’s PREVENTING Deportation of Most Illegal Immigrants

Thanks to President Biden’s “sanctuary country” orders, illegal alien sex offenders are being freed into the United States; a local media report details.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued orders in February, preventing ICE agents from arresting and deporting illegal aliens unless they are known gang members, terrorists, or recently convicted of an aggravated felony. The orders are likely to prevent about 9 in 10 deportations, according to analysis.

Fox 29’s Yami Virgin in San Antonio, Texas, reposts that aside from local counties having to release criminal illegals, aliens on the streets, the U.S. Marshals are releasing sex offenders due to Biden’s orders.

Law enforcement sources told Virgin, U. S. Marshalls released two illegal alien sex offenders after Ice agents were prevented from taking them into custody. One in Austin, Texas, and another in Del Rio, Texas.

U.S. Marshall Service officials said they do not comment on cases “that are the subject of ongoing or pending litigation.”

Virgin reported last week, thousands of criminal illegal aliens had been released from local and county jails as ICE agents are stopped from taking them into custody. In March alone, almost 100 illegal aliens with 182 criminal charges against them had been booked into the San Antonio country jail.

Out of that number, 36 were released into nearby communities instead of being turned over to ICE agents for deportation despite being charged with domestic violence, drug crimes, and assaulting a police officer.

A former DHS official Ari Jimenez told Virgin:

“This memo is basically violating one of ICE’s core responsibilities which are to collaborate with law enforcement to help ensure that criminals that may pose public safety threats are not released onto our streets to re-offend.”

“This is a logistical nightmare,” Jimenez said.

The Biden administration is being sued by multiple states, including Texas and Florida, for sanctuary country orders, noting the criminal illegal aliens being released into communities instead of being deported.

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