REPORT: Nancy Pelosi Gets A Nasty Surprise – This Is Stunning

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) home in San Francisco, California, reportedly vandalized with pig’s head, fake blood, and graffiti, according to reports.

“CANCEL RENT!” and “WE WANT EVERYTHING” reportedly written on the garage door of Pelosi’s home after Congress failed to pass $2,000 stimulus checks for Americans amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Along with the graffiti is a pig’s head and fake blood on the ground. On the left side of the garage door, the anarchy logo can be seen. Photos posted on social media show the vandalism:

TMZ exclusively reported that no suspects have been identified yet and ABC7 News reports that the garage door was quickly covered with black garbage bags to hide the destruction.

“Law enforcement sources tell us … San Fran cops responded to a vandalism call at Pelosi’s home around 3 AM. We’re told a police report was taken, but it’s unclear if they have any suspects,” TMZ reports.

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