SHOCK REPORT: Democrat Charged with Threatening to Kill Judge In Trump Case…

(Slay News) – A Texas woman has been charged with threatening to kill the federal judge who allowed a special master in former President Donald Trump’s case about missing documents that culminated in the raid of his Florida home Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI said Tiffani Shea Gish of Houston left three threatening voicemails for Judge Aileen Cannon of U.S. District Court in southern Florida.

Magistrate Judge Peter Bray ordered Gish to be incarcerated pending trial because she “appears to suffer from severe mental impairments with symptoms including paranoia and delusions.”

In one voicemail, she said to the judge, “I’m also Trump’s hitman, so consider it a bullet to your head from Donald Trump himself.”

In another voicemail, she said, “you’re full of shit, and I’m going to f*cking have you shot myself, I’ve already ordered snipers and a bomb to your fucking house.”

According to CNBC:

When agents came to her residence on Sept. 4, Gish would initially only speak through a balcony window, but eventually invited the agents in and spoke with them for about 45 minutes, the complaint said.

Gish in that interview said she left the voicemails from her cellphone, and also confirmed that a Facebook account with posts echoing the language of the voicemails belonged to her, according to the complaint.

…In March, a U.S. Secret Service agent called Gish’s mother, who “claimed her daughter suffered from severe Bi-Polar disorder and is borderline schizophrenic,” according to the court filing.

“Although she did not feel that Gish would physically harm the Former President, she was still afraid of her daughter, refusing to see her in person for fear she would be attacked,” the federal prosecutor wrote.

According to CNN:

Gish, of Houston, left three voicemails for Aileen Cannon, a federal judge in the Southern District of Florida who was nominated by Trump in 2020, according to court documents. Cannon is handling the former President’s request for a special master to review documents and other items the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago last month.

In the voicemails, Gish threatened to have Cannon assassinated in front of her family for “helping” the former president, court documents say.

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