SHOCK REPORT: Fox News Ready To FIRE Judge Jeanine

(SNews) – There could be a big shakeup at Fox News after the network agreed to pay Dominion $787.5 million to settle a lawsuit. Dan Bongino is out at Fox News although he said it was unrelated to the lawsuit and was over a contract dispute.

Later in the day, reports from Radar Online and Conservative Brief claimed that Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro are on the chopping block and may be fired from the record-setting network.

Dylan Byers, who founded Puck News, has predicted Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro are going to be the two hosts that are going to be booted. Some other reports have suggested, without any substantial proof, that even host Sean Hannity could face some sort of warning.

News critic Dylan Byers made the shocking claim writing, I anticipate one of two things will happen here, or has perhaps already happened: The first possibility is that Fox News C.E.O. Suzanne Scott sits down with Bartiromo and Pirro and anyone else who came up to the line of libel and says, be careful.

“Alternatively, Rupert and Suzanne have already decided to elegantly and eventually show Bartiromo and/or Pirro the door.”

Byers points to comments Rupert Murdoch made during his deposition where he seemed to throw Maria under the bus.

“Not Fox, no. Not Fox. But maybe Lou Dobbs, maybe Bartiromo as commentators,” Murdoch said. “Some of our commentators were endorsing it.”

Fox News issued a statement about Dan Bongino that said: “We thank Dan for his contributions and wish him success in his future endeavors.”

Bongino said: “The show ending last week was tough. It’s not some big conspiracy theory, I promise you.

“There’s no acrimony. We just couldn’t come to terms on an extension. That’s really it.

“I really enjoyed myself there. They were good for me for ten years.

“It’s a sad day.

“They did give me the opportunity to do one last show, I don’t want you to think they showed me the door.

“That’s one me not on them, but I thought it was best to go this way for now.”

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