Shock Report: Rioters Vandalize Catholic Church in France, Try to Lynch Priest

(TStarnes) – An elderly Catholic priest was reportedly beaten and left unconscious during riots that have spread across France. The priest’s attackers also reportedly tried to lynch him.

Investigative journalist Amy Mek said the attack happened in Saint-Etienne and identified the victim as Father Francis Pelle.

“The 80 year old priest was one of many Catholics targeted as the country slips into complete anarchy,” Catholic Arena reports.

However, a group of Catholic bishops said the attack had nothing to do with riots that have caused great destruction across the nation. However, most accounts of the attack dispute that notion.

Jihadists also vandalized a Catholic church in Marseille. The prayer room was destroyed and Muslims scribbled, “Jesus is not God” on the walls.

“Attacks on Churches are the norm in France; two Churches a day are vandalized – they are being burned, demolished, and abandoned, and their adherents are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness,” Mek wrote on Twitter. “Priests are under constant threat and being slaughtered in their places of worship. At what point will France’s open border politicians be held responsible?”

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