Shocking: Biden Makes Desperate All-In Push

According to reports, in part of Biden’s push to get more Americans to get the shot, the White House is considering withholding federal money to private business.

The Washington Post reported, “If the Biden administration goes forward with the plans, it would amount to a dramatic escalation in the effort to vaccinate the roughly 90 million Americans who are eligible for shots but who have refused or have been unable to get them.”

The Post continued, “The effort could apply to institutions as varied as long-term-care facilities, cruise ships, and universities, potentially impacting millions of Americans.” “According to the people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations.”

Fox News received a statement from the White House; the Post’s report was neither confirmed nor denied.

“As we always are, the administration is discussing a host of different measures we can continue to boost vaccinations across the country,” the White House said. “Any reported ideas under consideration are in early conversations and pre-decisional. There are no imminent policy decisions as to preview at this time.”

However, Biden has hinted he is exploring the limits of his authority to get Americans to comply. “It’s still a question whether the federal government can mandate the whole country,” Biden said last week in response to a question about whether he supports vaccine mandates. “I don’t know that yet.”

Fox News was told by Georgetown University’s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Lawrence Gostin, the federal government should use its purse power to persuade those choosing not to be vaccinated.

“I think wisely using the federal spending power is absolutely right,” said Gostin.

The obsession of the Biden administration to vaccinate with a vaccine that is not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved comes as the establishment media have raised alarms that not all Americans are complying with the commands of the President.

FiveThirtyEight ran the headline June 30, “Partisanship Isn’t The Only Reason Why So Many Americans Remain Unvaccinated.”

“Nearly half of unvaccinated Americans don’t plan on getting a COVID vaccine,” Fortune magazine published August 4.

In July, the Wall Street Journal aimed at young people, “Young Americans Aren’t Getting Vaccinated, Jeopardizing Covid-19 Fight.”

CBS News took a page from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s book and called Americans freedom of choice “inexplicable.”

“Fauci says it is ‘inexplicable’ some Americans aren’t getting vaccinated despite data,” the CBS headline ran.

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