WHAT?! Check Out the INSANE Change to Navy’s Official Twitter Account

After noticing the United States Navy logo has a bald eagle wearing a surgical mask. Many turned to Twitter to criticize this decision.

Newsmax TV host Jon Cardillo tweeted: “The eagle in the @USNavy’s logo is wearing a mask. China, Iran, and Russia are pissing their pants laughing at us.”

Also bringing attention to the Navy’s logo, Journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted: “Why did they give the eagle a mask?”

Marine Corps Veteran and former Trump 2020 campaign adviser Jessie Jane Duff tweeted: “Hey @USNavy, looks like China hacked your account.”

The Twitter logo belongs to the service’s official headquarters account.

The masked eagle logo comes as the culture war between conservatives and progressives risks entangling the military.

Recently emphasized by the Navy in its anti-extremism training material, the training side said:

Our Military is Apolitical | Nonpolitical
-The military as an institution is only effective if we have the trust of the public.
-Our Constitution firmly establishes that the military is subordinate to civilian leadership — regardless of a political party.
-Therefore, we are an APOLITICAL (nonpolitical) institution and must remain vigilant in preserving our reputation as an APOLITICAL (nonpolitical) body

Military leaders, mainly from the Army and the Marine Corps, slammed Fox News show host Tucker Carlson for arguing the U.S. military is more focused on accommodating women. At the same time, China is focused on growing its military while making young men more masculine. Conservatives decried they view it as a bias against conservatives.

Mask wearing has become a political issue.  A December 2020 poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows 87 percent of Democrats said they always wear a mask out of the house, compared to 55 percent of Republicans. States like Texas and other red states have lifted their mask mandates. Mask mandates still exist in 28 states, cities, territories, many of them blue states.

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