BREAKING: Democrats BLINDSIDED – They Never Saw This Coming…

Nicholas Sandmann, a Covington Catholic student, voices support of Kyle Rittenhouse, as the left-wing media had also labeled him a racist white supremacist.

In an op-ed for the Daily Mail, Sandmann recalled the horror of being a teenage kid being slapped with some of the worst labels imaginable by the likes of the establishment media, offering a kind of kinship with Kyle Rittenhouse because the “attacks on Kyle came from the national news media, just as they came for me.” Sandmann added that the media “came quickly, without hesitation, because Kyle was an easy target that they could paint in the way they wanted to.”

He called out the corporate media’s business method as conducive to this type of attack:

This is the problem with liberal media outlets in the United States. They want to get the story first, get the most views, make the most money, and advance the agenda from liberal patrons. These outlets cover themselves when they are wrong with small footnotes at the ends of long articles, clarifying that new information has come out and that they have updated their coverage.

Sandmann told politicians and media figures like President Joe Biden and Lebron James to “shut up” before rushing to judgment. He said, for instance, President Biden referred to Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist:”

From my own experience, the death threats, feeling of no future ahead, and that millions of people hate you, is enough to alter you in many concrete ways and permanently. Make no mistake: even the strongest of people cannot resist the mental impact when the media war machine targets you.

Sandmann offered Kyle Rittenhouse his sympathies while exploring the possibilities of suing the establishment media:

At this time I would like to use my platform to let Kyle know that I am here for you and if you ever would like to reach out to me, I am about the only person our age to have an idea of how the media is treating you. The way the media has treated you is terrible, and you don’t have to face it alone.

In 2019 Sandman was thrust into the spotlight mainstream news outlets like the Washington Post and CNN reported that he and several of his fellow students harassed a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, while attending the D.C. March for Life. Phillips told media outlets that the “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing boys blocked his path and taunted him with racial slurs.

At first, the story appeared somewhat credible when the viral video showed them surrounding Phillips, cheering as he banged a drum into Sandmann’s smirking face. However, once other videos surfaced showing it was Phillips who approached the boys. The video also revealed that the boys were being taunted with racial slurs by an extremist group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites.

News outlets smeared the boys as racists without thoroughly investigating the matter. The brunt of the smears occurred on Sandmann. Reza Aslan, a CNN contributor, lashed out, “Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” Aslan tweeted at the time.

Jack Morrissey, producer of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” said he wanted to throw the children into a woodchipper Fargo-style.” Morrissey tweeted, “#MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.”

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