SHOCKING: Gas Shortages Break Out Across the U.S.

Welcome to an America burdened with a failed president and a Deep State where minions worry about anything other than what matters.

The FBI and the CIA have one job, it is to protect our way of life. The fastest, most effective, and most destructive way would be to disrupt our way of life is to interrupt the flow of oil.

Therefore, outside of physical threats to American persons and property, the FBI and the CIA should be focused almost exclusively on ensuring the energy that keeps our way of life alive is not interrupted.

Instead of focusing on stopping the cyber-attack on a crucial pipeline, they focus on using the correct pronouns.

Here is what the Woke CIA is focused on these days:

With the orchestration of a coup against former President Trump, it appears the FBI is focused on the same.

The institutions in charge of protecting our way of life, the last thing they need to be worried about is the racist and divisive social justice garbage.

Oil is an essential natural resource; without it, we have nothing. There is no light, no food, no working hospitals, no air conditioning, no heat, and no way to make a living. When the price of oil increases, everything is affected. The working poor feels the effects of inflation the most.

The cyber-attack was a success; the damage is done, the question is what will President Biden, the FBI, and the Woke CIA plan to do about it. This attack is without question only one of two things: if it from a foreign government, it is an act of war. If it came from an individual or a group not affiliated with a government, it is an act of terrorism.

These things did not happen under Trump, as he was dedicated to protecting our way of life.

Now we have Slow Joe; the most vulnerable will suffer the most with this kind of aggression.

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