SHOCKING: Media Blocked – During Border Tour by Biden Admin

According to Law enforcement, the acting head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is touring the Del Rio Sector of the southern border. 

CBP denied Breitbart Texas’s formal request to speak with CBP Senior Official Troy Miller about his observations of the border tour and the plans Biden’s administration has to address them. “Sorry, but this is strictly a no-media visit” was the sharp response from CBP when asked if Acting Commissioner would allow a media visit and answer questions.  The Biden administration is tightly controlling the messaging on an ever-growing immigration crisis, as previously reported.

 The CPB released a statement regarding recent apprehensions along the border; Miller stated,” Due to COVID -19 restrictions, the border is not open, and the vast majority of people are being returned under title 42.  Do not believe smugglers or others claiming otherwise.”

The tour makes one wonder if it is open or not.

There is overcrowding not seen in recent years in many Border Patrol facilities.  The lightning speed reversals of Trump policies and anticipated amnesty plans draw migrants to the southern border in extraordinary numbers.

In February, CBP reported nearly 100,000 migrants apprehended.  Numbers this high were last seen in February 2006.

Sources say that VIP visits are announced on a “need to know” basis.  Field agents are no longer invited to hear leadership offer words of encouragement.  In stark contrast to the previous administration, high profile tours, news media is now uninvited.

The Biden Administration’s approach of “nothing to see here” media relations and the immigration crisis’s secrecy may not work for long.

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