Shock Report: BLM Just Got the Bad News…

According to a recent poll, more American voters would like an investigation into BLM and Antifa orchestrated protest and riots of last summer rather than the January 6 breach of the US Capitol.

The survey, conducted by the National Police Association in conjunction with Rasmussen Reports, found that 66% of likely voters want Congress to investigate the chaos in almost every major city in May 2020, following the death of Geroge Floyd. Twenty-one percent do not think the riots warrant a congressional investigation, while thirteen percent are unsure.

In contrast, only 49 percent of those surveyed support the select House committee investigation into the events of January 6.  While 42 percent do not support the investigation, double the number of those not supporting an investigation for the 2020 riots.

Similar majorities are found across racial groups and political affiliations. The poll finds at least 62 percent of individuals in each racial group support a congressional investigation of riots, including 67 percent whites, 66 percent Hispanics, 64 percents blacks, and 62 percent of miscellaneous minority groups. Additionally, three-quarters of Republicans believe the riots should be investigated instead of 60 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of independent voters.

Former President Donald Trump linked to an OAN article about the survey results in a recent statement, sarcastically referring to the George Floyd riots as the “Summer of Love”:

Democratic mayors and governors have changed their tune on police, particularly since the election, as many cities are experiencing a surge in violent crime. In a 180 from last year, several of them are trying to hire more police officers or allocated more funds to the police. However, many Democratic mayors and governors seem to embrace the idea of “defunding the police” in various degrees.

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