BREAKING: This State Just Took a HUGE Stand Against Biden

Sen Warren Hamilton (R-OK) filed legislation that would nullify any gun controls exceeding the level of measures already in place in Oklahoma.

“State gun laws as they exist today are restrictive as they’re ever going to be, and that they can not be added to,” Hamilton told NBC4.

He continued, “No governmental agency has the Constitutional authority to restrict magazines, ammunition, modern sporting rifles or AR pistols. This bill is simply a red line that clearly defines the limits of governmental authority regarding our unalienable, God-given, blood-bought, constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.”

Hamilton’s push to nullify Biden gun controls in Oklahoma comes as a similar action is coming from Sen Eric Burlison (R-MO).

As Breitbart News reported on January 24, 2021, Burlison introduces legislation to protect the Second Amendment rights nullifying any gun control measures President Biden might enact.

Missourinet notes Senate Bill 39, Burlison’s legislation is designed to prevent in-state enforcement of “gun bans directly, magazine bans, attacks on private gun manufacturers, red flag laws, and restrictions on individuals citizens from buying firearms.”

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