BREAKING: LeBron Tests POSITIVE – Pulled from the Team

(The Post Millennial) – Fully-vaccinated NBA player LeBron James has allegedly tested positive for COVID-19 and will be out for Tuesday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings, according to Los Angeles Lakers reporter Mike Trudell.

The positive test result comes just days after the NBA encouraged players and coaches to get COVID-19 booster shots, Associated Press reported.

If Lebron James’ positive test result fails to be a false-positive or inconclusive result, the player will be out for a minimum of ten days and will have to submit two negative tests results within 24 hrs to return; which is in accordance with the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

Last week, LeBron James was fined $15,000 over what league officials called an “obscene gesture” he made during the game.


(Big League Politics) – A progressive thug who attacked the office of a Republican US Senator with an axe has been sentenced to probation and a fine in a federal trial, raising serious questions about bias pertaining to political crimes in the federal justice system.

Thomas “Tas” Alexander Starks attacked the front door of US Senator John Hoeven’s office in Fargo, North Dakota in late 2020, causing serious damages. The progressive thug would go on to plead guilty to charges of destruction of government property in a federal trial, the jurisdiction elevated on account of the Senator’s involvement.

Starks has been fined $2,784 in restitution and will be placed on probation for the crime. Federal sentencing guidelines indicate that destruction of government property is punishable by 10-16 months in prison. The so-called QAnon shaman, Jacob Chansley, was sentenced to 41 months in prison for merely trespassing into the US Senate chamber and walking around on January 6th. Progressives have sought draconian sentences and punishments for January 6th demonstrators who committed misdemeanors far less violent and destructive than Starks’ axe attack.

Starks even bragged of his ANTIFA affiliations while awaiting sentencing, striking a tone that seemed totally unrepentant of his violent actions. “I am ANTIFA. I will always attack fascists, racial superiority complexes built around nationalism that promotes genocide to fuel a war machine is the worst humanity has to offer.”

On his Facebook account, Starks even bragged about getting his axe back from the FBI.

In other Facebook postings, Starks expresses his unrepentant attitudes.

Democrat Party officials, including the chair of North Dakota’s state party, donated to Starks’ legal defense, in what amounts to a hypocritical endorsement of political violence.

HORROR: Major Liberal City Breaks Homicide Record… It’s Out of Control

Under mayor Jim Kenney’s (D) reigns, Philidelphia reached 501 homicides for the year on Friday; the previous record of 500 was set in 1990.

6 ABC reports the city’s 501 murder occurred around 9 p.m. Friday “on the 7100 block of Ardleigh Street in East Mount Airy.”

The male victim was shot five times. He was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.

Other Democrat-run cities across the country have seen gun violence ragging as well.

Breitbart News noted nearly 40 people were shot in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago by Sunday morning alone during Thanksgiving weekend, and pointed out that 3,486 people have been shot and wounded in Chicago so far this year.

In 2021, 738 people have been shot and killed in Chicago.

Mayor Bill Peduto’s (D) Pittsburgh is also grappling with gun crime. Breitbart News observed that Pittsburgh’s Deputy police commissioner Christine Coulter blasted the District Attorney, suggesting lax gun prosecutions, after a pregnant woman and her baby were shot and killed on November 20, 2021.

The Daily Mail reported that the deceased, 32-year-old mother, Jessica Covington, was shot and killed while unloading gifts she had received at a baby shower.

Deputy commissioner Coulter said, “Children are getting shot, unborn children getting shot, what is the city doing about this?”

Democrat-led Baltimore is also seeing homicides surging.

On November 26, 2021, WMAR showed 308 homicides year-to-date in Baltimore versus 300 on the same date in 2020.

Democrat-controlled Washington, DC, is seeing a spike in homicides too. Axios reports the number of homicides in DC is higher than it has been since 2003.

OUTRAGE: Buttigieg Tells Rural Drivers to “Buy Electric Cars” to Solve the Gas Crisis

(Breitbart) – Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday rural and suburban voters should buy electric cars because they burn the most gasoline.

“The people who stand to benefit most from owning an EV are often rural residents, who have the longest distances to drive, they often burn the most gas,” Buttigieg said in an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart.

He also argued low-income suburban drivers would benefit from electric vehicles because gas near urban areas was more expensive.

“They would gain the most from having that vehicle, but these are the very residents who have not always been connected to electric vehicles that are viewed as kind of a luxury item,” Buttigieg said.

He promoted Biden’s Build Back Better social entitlement bill for restoring a tax credit of up to $12,500 for union-made electric vehicles, noting “families who once they own that vehicle will never have to worry about gas prices again.”

Buttigieg’s comments track with the White House messaging for all Americans concerned by high gas prices to buy an electric car.

President Joe Biden touted electric cars as a way to beat high gas prices in a speech last week.

“For the hundreds of thousands of folks who bought one of those electric cars, they’re going to save $800 to $1000 in fuel costs this year,” Biden said, referring to the $112,595 electric Hummer pickup he test drove at a General Motors factory in Detroit earlier this month

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said last week the best strategy to tackle high gas prices was to get Americans off fossil fuels and onto clean energy and electric cars.

“That is the best strategy long term to protect American consumers from these energy price shocks,” she said.

Must See: Biden Gets BUSTED – Americans OUTRAGED

President Biden was captured maskless in a store requiring customers to wear face coverings in Nantucket Saturday night.

Biden broadly defined the mask directive at Murray’s Toggery Shop in Nantucket, as photos and reports have revealed. The store’s large “Required Face Covering” was ignored while the commander-in-chief just walked right in.

Nantucket reinstated the mask mandate on November 18, after reaching the 69th percentile among nearby cities.

Biden’s willingness to freely disregard face-covering rules occurred over Thanksgiving weekend while he and his family vacationed in Nantucket, a “private preserve” for “rich people” that joins “the ranks of other enclaves like Palm Beach, Aspen, the Hamptons, and Sun Valley,” as the New York Times described.

The Omicron variant is finding its way from South Africa as this blatant disregard for the mask requirement unfolds.

Biden’s top scientist, Dr. Fauci, told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning it is too early to determine if the White House will seek more lockdowns and mandates due to the new variant.

“Should we expect to be seeing more lockdowns, new lockdowns, more mandates?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“It’s really too early to say,” Fauci guessed.

Biden mandated travel restrictions to eight countries showing signs of the latest Covid variant on Friday; immediately, he was bashed for mandating travel restrictions after labeling former President Trump’s 2020 travel restrictions as xenophobic and racist.

WATCH: Top Doctor Just DESTROYED Fauci’s Narrative

Angelique Coetzee, the South African Medical Association chairwoman, who is credited as among the first to identify the new Coronavirus variant named “Omicron,” does not understand the “hype” around the variant reportedly discovered in South Africa. Coetzee argues the symptoms are “mild” with “prominent symptoms.”

Coetzee argued with Omicron, “Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before.”

“It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected some are currently being treated at home,” Coetzee said, which could jeopardize globalist plans to exploit Omicron for more government mandates.

“We will only know this after two weeks. Yes, it is transmissible, but for now, as medical practitioners, we do not know why so much hype is being driven as we are still looking into it. We will only know after two to three weeks as there are some patients admitted, and these are young people aged 40 and younger,” Coetzee said.

Even though Coetzee has described the symptoms as “mild,” some are already ringing alarm bells. The media must report Coetzee’s comments. Her analysis must not get drowned out by the politicized propaganda.

BREAKING: Joe Biden’s HYPOCRITE Past Revealed

On Friday, President Biden was blasted for enacting travel restrictions, as he called the 2020 travel restrictions racist and xenophobia.

As the pandemic was identified in the United States in 2020, former President trump issued travel restrictions on countries around the globe. Biden was quick to label the protective step racist and xenophobic, as his Feb 1, 2020 tweet shows:

As the world became aware of the rapidly spreading variant originating from the African nations, Biden’s travel ban on the African countries was pointed out as hypocrisy:

BREAKING: Dem Governor Gets ROCKED – He Was Just Notified…

The flood of coronavirus cases in blue states – which already had some of the most restrictive requirements in place – are promoting mitigation strategies to be put back into place while keeping others as the holiday season returns.

According to the New York Times ‘ tracker, one of the most significant surges in the nation is reported in Michigan; they are experiencing a daily average of 8,457 positive cases or 85 per 100,000. In the last 14 days alone, an 88 percent increase of cases has been reported. The federal government has agreed to reponed to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) request to send “two medical teams to local hospitals to relive doctors and nurses as they treat COVID-19 and other patients” amid the surge.

Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) leadership, Pennsylvania has seen an increase of 40 percent over the last two weeks. They are experiencing a daily average of 6,251 positive cases, or 49 per 100,000.

Similarly,  Gov. Kathy Hochul’s (D) New York has increased positive coronavirus cases by 37 percent in the last 14 days. The Big Apple reports a daily average of 6,666 cases or 34 per capita.

Neighboring New Jersey has a better stance; they report a daily average of 2,183 or 25 per 100,000. However, they are still seeing a 61 percent increase over the same period.

Meanwhile, Illinois, with statewide mask mandates in place, average 4661 for a daily average or 34 per 100,000. Reflecting a 86 percent increase over the last two weeks.

After Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) fought against long-term lockdowns in the Sunshine State, they are experiencing the lowest coronavirus rate per capita in the nation, with only six positive cases per 100,000. Florida has seen a 2 percent reduction in cases over the past two weeks.

BOMBSHELL: New Variant Emerges… Things Just Got BAD

Friday morning, the U.S. stock markets opened lower as the fear of the new Covid variant clenched investors.

After the opening bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by as much as 1000 points or around 2.8 percent. By the early holiday close, the Dow was down by 905 points or 2.53 percent. The S&P 500 tumbled 2.3 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite slipped by 2.2 percent. The small-cap Russell 2000 sank nearly 3.7 percent.

Around the world, oil plunged. West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark, fell more than 12.6 percent. Brent Crude, the global standard, fell 11.3 percent. Wholesale gasoline fell 12.2 percent.

Particularly hard hit was the travel sector.  Carnival Corp, which operates Carnival Cruiselines, saw a drop in shares of 11 percent, and Norwegian Cruiselines shares fell 11.3.6 percent. United Airlines shares were off by 9.57 percent, American Airlines fell 8.79 percent, and Southwest Airlines sank 4.32 percent.

The energy sector was the worst-performing; stocks fell 4 percent. Financial dropped 3.27 percent. Industrials were off 2.73 percent. Consumer discretionary fell 2.64 percent. Information technology dropped 2.6 percent, and real estate was off 2.69 percent. The best performing sector was health care, declining just 0.45 percent with gains in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Shares of Moderna jumped 20.57 percent. Shares of Pfizer rose 6.1 percent to a 52 week high.

Treasuries were in high demand as investors sought shelter in safe assets. The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell to 1.48 percent. Yields were down on government bonds in Germany, Japan, and the U.K. Yields move in the opposite direction of prices, so a falling yield indicates rising investor demand.

All around the world, stocks fell in a broad sell-off that spread from Asia and Australia to Europe.

London’s benchmark fell 3.6 percent. Frankfurt’s DAX dropped 4.2 percent. In Paris, the major index fell 4.7 percent.

Japan’s Nikkei fell 2.53 percent. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index tumbled 2.67 percent. Korea’s market sank 1.47 percent.

China’s stock market, meanwhile, fell by only 0.56 percent. Unlike many markets around the world, China’s stocks have not had a strong year. Stocks have bounced up and down throughout the year, and the Shanghai index is up just 2.62 percent this year and 5.77 percent from a year ago. By contrast, the Dow is up 13.74 percent year-to-date and 16.53 percent compared to November 2020.

This week, some European countries already tightened anti-virus controls after seeing a spike in numbers. A 10-day lockdown in Austria, Italy, restricted the unvaccinated people’s activities. The American government advised its citizens to avoid Germany and Denmark.

The 27-nation EU proposed the travel suspension to member governments after South Africa said the variant spread in its most populous province. Britain banned flights from South Africa and five nearby countries.

“Investors are likely to shoot first and ask questions later until more is known,” Jeffrey Halley of Oanda said in a report. That was evident from the action in the bond market, where the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note fell to 1.54 percent from 1.64 percent on Wednesday. The bond market was closed in the U.S. on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

OUTRAGE: Global Elites Just Showed the World Who They REALLY Are

As elites move away from commercial air travel and fly their own planes to avoid coronavirus restrictions worldwide, the global demand for private luxury jets is booming.

The take-offs and landings of business jets in the U.S. have increased 40 percent this year.

MSNBC reports private jets are at their highest point since the financial crisis of 2008, partly due to big companies expanding personal jet privilege for their top executives.

Around the world, the story is the same.

According to WingX, an aviation data provider, more than 4.2 million flights on private jets have occurred this year; the Financial Times has outlined a record number in each of the past six months. Flights were up 54 percent first week of Novemver when compared to the same period last year.

Flexjet has quit taking on new customers for its entry-level Jet Card program due to high demand. Net Jet has reported the highest demand for flying in its almost 60-year history. According to FT, it is investing about $2.5 billion in 100 new aircraft.

The push originates from the rich and famous, from Wall Street to Hollywood.

Through October, the 500 wealthiest people in the world added $1.2 trillion to their fortune just this year, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, powered by booming stock markets and central banks flooding economies with new money.

Dozens of new billionaires have spawned in the past 12 months.

Their combined buying power is minted from initial public offerings, SPAC deals, cryptocurrencies, and company mergers, as well as massive government contracts seeking supplies of coronavirus treatment and personal protective clothing.

Impact on the environment is very much a lesser concern, even for those frequent private jet flyers who profess profound respect for the planet.

The Daily Mail reports the average decent-sized private jet roars through about 380 gallons of fuel, emits two tonnes of CO2 for every hour in flight, and generates an annual fuel bill of about $U.S. 450,000 a year.

According to U.S. aviation manufacturer Honeywell Aerospace, this imprint has not stopped the sales of private jets from also going up, with aircraft manufacturers reporting a definite increase in orders since the pandemic.

The company forecasts that up to 7,400 new business jets will be delivered worth $238 billion over the next decade.

Meaning, elite travel in the future is on a personal journey with their own arrival and departure destinations.

Leaving the rest of us to simply wait in line and wait to board commercial flights.