BREAKING: Retired Border Patrol Agent LEAVES Democratic Party Over Biden’s Crisis


A retired Border Patrol agent has left the Democrat Party over the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During an interview Monday on “Fox & Friends First,” retired CBP officer Rosa Arellano explained that the policies of the Biden administration worsened border security compared to policies in place under the Trump administration.

Arellano said former President Donald Trump inspired her to switch parties, explaining how he listened to the concerns of border agents.

“He was the first president in a long time that I recall actually came down to the border,” Arellano said on Fox News.

“When he came down, and he spoke to the subject-matter experts of Border Patrol and us, the CBP officers, he listened to us,” Arellano, who lives in Texas along the border, said.

“He listened to us letting him know that we needed a multi-layer solution to this situation. And we mentioned that we needed physical barriers, strategic locations, we needed better infrastructure, we needed more boots on the ground, and better technology. He listened to us, and he pointed it out to the country,” she said.

Arellano said it is “pure hypocrisy” from Democrats for calling the bussing of migrants a crisis when border communities are overwhelmed on a daily basis.

Arellano suggested Democrats go to the border to witness the crisis firsthand.

“If they come down and they check out what’s going on, they would be baffled. We have our small border town which is just about 30,000-35,000. It’s ridiculous that we’re getting illegals entering our area at a rate of about a thousand a day.”


Earlier this month, two life-long Democrats recently announced they will be running for re-election as Republicans, in part, because of the worsening border crisis under Biden.

Terrell County Judge Dale Carruthers and Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara — two females in Texas border communities — voiced frustration with Biden’s border policies destroying their small communities.

“The single reason they switched parties, they say, is because the Biden administration’s policies led to more than 2 million people coming through the southern border from over 150 countries. The costs of crime stemming from an open border – increased trafficking and smuggling of people, weapons, and guns – to their communities has prompted them to say, “enough is enough” and do something about it,” Blankley wrote.

Carruthers said, “I come from a Hispanic heritage, which was prominently Democrat. The chaos at the border and everything that’s been going on make me realize that I needed to switch parties. I am very happy to be a Republican and to represent this great state of Texas as a judge.”

“I’ve been a Democrat since 1992,” Guevara said. “I’ve always ran as a Democrat and this is my first year to run as a Republican. I’m very grateful for Gov. Abbott for all he has done for Texas and continues to do for Texas, especially with our border crisis.”

Rumors continue to swirl that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “expected” to retire or “step back” after November’s midterm elections.

A new report reveals that California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is positioning himself as heir to Pelosi’s speakership if she chooses to retire after Republicans likely win back the House. Pelosi, for her part, has announced that she will seek re-election in November.

The Washington Post reported that Schiff’s efforts have “focused on consolidating support among his home base” in California, but that he “has not made an explicit ask for endorsements.”

Instead, the Post says Schiff “is gauging members’ interest and planting the seed that leading the caucus is his goal.”

Last year, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo reported that Pelosi may be planning to step down.

During a segment on Fox, Bartiromo said that sources had told her that Pelosi is stepping down after Democrats pass Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.

OUTRAGE: Biden Prosecutor DROPS Charges Against Judge Who Helped Illegal Migrant Escape


(CBrief) – A progressive district judge in Massachusetts appears to be off the hook on federal charges filed against her during then-President Donald Trump’s administration.

In 2018, District Court Judge Shelley Joseph allegedly helped a twice-deported illegal immigrant who appeared in her court on a drug charge escape using the back door of her courthouse in order to evade a waiting Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. She was indicted on federal charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice, as was Wesley MacGregor, her chief court officer.

The Boston Herald explained, however, that under the Biden administration, those charges will be dropped:

Joseph, who had been suspended with pay after she was indicted, will be returning to the bench soon now that fellow woke Rhode Island U.S Attorney Zachary Cunha recommended that federal charges against her be dropped.

Cunha got the case after Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins was forced to recuse herself. Rollins as Suffolk district attorney was a strong supporter of Joseph, a fellow progressive, and was critical of former U.S Attorney Andrew Lelling for pursuing the case. Rollins filed a suit against the U. S. Justice department on Joseph’s behalf.

Lelling was appointed by President Donald Trump. Rollins, who replaced him, and Cunha were appointed by President Joe Biden, as was Attorney General Merrick Garland, who will have final say.

Cunha recommended that in place of criminal charges the matter be turned over to the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct for administrative action.

If you suspect a heavy-handed progressive tilt to this case, you would not be wrong.

The outlet noted that while Jose Medina Perez was in Joseph’s court facing drug charges, he was also wanted in Pennsylvania for drunk driving and had a federal warrant out for his arrest for being in the U.S. illegally.

An ICE agent attended the proceedings and was in the courtroom ready to take the migrant into custody after deliberations. However, the judge ordered the agent out of her courtroom.

While the agent waited outside the front door to the courtroom, Joseph arranged for Perez to be released through a back door, which took place after Joseph held a sidebar with the migrant’s attorney. During that sidebar, Joseph ordered the clerk to shut off the courtroom recording device so as to ensure there would be no record of her comments, the Boston Herald continued.

She then allowed Perez, who was being accompanied by MacGregor, to flee, thereby evading the ICE agent.

The Trump Justice Department indicted Joseph, and she unsuccessfully tried to argue in federal district court that she was protected from prosecution by “absolute judicial immunity.” The federal judge said she had no such immunity and as such, ordered her to stand trial.

“Given Cunha’s recommendation to the U.S. Justice Department that the charges be dropped, coupled with the politicization of justice under Joe Biden, Joseph was right. She will not stand trial,” the Boston Herald op-ed noted further.

“That is because Joseph has something more important than judicial immunity; she has political immunity. Politics trumps justice. Which only goes to add to the growing belief that there are two systems of justice I the country,” the op-ed continued.

“One is for progressives with power, and the other is for everyone else. If you’re woke, you walk.”

In addition to dropping the conspiracy and obstruction charges, under an agreement announced last week federal prosecutors will also be dropping an additional perjury charge against MacGregor, The New York Times added.

Joseph’s legal team noted in a statement that she pleaded not guilty almost three-and-a-half years ago and “she stands by her innocence today.”

“This was a patently political indictment, blindly grounded in prosecutorial ambition,” Thomas M. Hoopes, one of Joseph’s lawyers, said in the statement. “We are hopeful that it will result in a long-deserved dismissal, which we take as full and complete exoneration.”

WATCH: Gavin Newsom OVERRULES Hillary Clinton… She’s FURIOUS


(Slay News) – California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to run for president. He is leaking to the media that he won’t run in 2024 if Joe does but Biden would be a fool to believe him. Newsom sees the polls. He knows how unpopular Joe Biden is with the American people.

As the front-runner for the 2024 Dem nomination in his own mind, he is out trashing Republican politicians and throwing an olive branch to GOP voters.

He said: “I worry about Trump. I worry about Trumpism. I worry more about Tucker Carlson. I worry about Ron DeSantis. He’s a bully. He threatened the Special Olympics with $27 million in fines. Who does that?

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is light-years ahead in policy, but DeSantis weaponized it, the next level.

“So yeah, I worry about Trump because Trump’s proven that democracy is now partisan, which is remarkable.”

Newsom said of the migrant flights.

“Look, it’s clear that DeSantis broke the law.

“Question is which law did he break.

“Did he break the laws of his own state?

“Did he break federal law?

“But one thing he did is he broke with precedent, any precedent of decency and honor.

“His lack of character on display.

“He comes into another state — your state — to try to find pawns in a political game, rounds them up, sends them to an island, and then fund-raises off it.

“What does that say about his character and the character of the Republican Party that celebrated that act of cruelty and dehumanization?”

Newsom also overruled Hillary Clinton and said Trump voters are not deplorable.

“I get why people believe this stuff. They’re not deplorable. The people promoting the BS are.

“At the end of the day, there’s this quest we’re all on for belonging. We all want to be loved.”

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Gets FINAL WARNING… Career Is Over


(Slay News) – Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on notice after Pelosi heard the boo birds at a New York City appearance.

Pelosi getting booed in liberal New York City portends doom for the Dems in the midterms, or so thinks Boebert. Lauren said: “Get used to it, Fancy Nancy. November 8th you’ll be booed out of the majority.”

Pelosi said to boos: “As speaker of the house, I am here to thank you for your dazzling advocacy, entrepreneurial thinking, and determination as global citizens.

“It’s thanks to your help that the United States recently enacted historic climate legislation, which will be a game changer,” Pelosi said.

“It will slash carbon pollution by 40% by 2030, it will give a historic, an historic $370 billion to fight the climate crisis.”

Pelosi was met with some cheers and some boos with one incredulous New Yorker caught on video saying, why is everyone booing” before laughing.

Kevin McCarthy said earlier about Pelosi:

“Because the Democrats have caused inflation, crime in our streets by defunding the police, runaway spending causing inflation.

“Going after American energy and making the price of gas, causing inflation.

“This is a plan to fix the problems the Democrats have created, and I think the American public should have an election based upon ideas.”

“I think why she does that is she can’t run on the policies and the damage they’ve caused to America.

“And they have no plan to fix it,” he said.

BOMBSHELL: Fauci Finally ADMITS He Knew About The Harm ALL ALONG


(Slay News) – Dr. Anthony Fauci has admitted that he knew the “draconian” policies he pushed for the federal government’s COVID-19 response would harm children.

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to Democrat President Joe Biden, made the admission during The Atlantic Festival.

The federal health official was speaking during day one of the three-day convention put on by the media outlet The Atlantic.

The event features speeches and interviews from prominent members of the media, the government, and political activists.

During the event, Fauci spoke with The Atlantic editor Ross Andersen in front of a live audience.

They discussed Fauci’s experiences as the leading medical professional working in the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In one segment of his talk, Fauci admitted that masking, lockdowns, and vaccine mandates were “draconian” measures.

He then confessed to knowing that his policies would lead to “collateral negative consequences” for the “economy” and “schoolchildren.”

Before making his central point, Fauci first blamed the “divisiveness” of “social media” for turning every piece of his guidance during the pandemic into a confusing and controversial statement.

“When you have a divisiveness in society where every time you say something, you have X number of people with social media looking to attack it, that adds to the understandable confusion when you’re dealing with an evolving outbreak,” Fauci stated.

He then justified his harsh COVID guidance, including pushing the federal government to mandate lockdowns, masking, and later, vaccination, because hospitals were being “overrun.”

“Of course, when you make recommendations, if the primary goal when you’re dealing with a situation where the hospitals were being overrun in New York, intensive care units were being put in hallways, you have to do something that’s rather draconian,” the doctor admitted.

“And sometimes when you do draconian things, it has collateral negative consequences, just like when you shut things down, even temporarily, it does have deleterious consequences on the economy, on the schoolchildren.

“You know that,” he added.

Fauci confirmed he risked these harms, adding, “But you have to make a balance when you’re dealing with — we know the only way to stop something cold in its track is to try and shut things down.”

“If you shut things down just for the sake of it, that’s bad,” he said.

“But if you do it with the purpose of being able to regroup so that you can then open up in a more safe way, that’s the best way to do it.”


Fauci’s comments followed a bombshell education report from earlier this month revealing that COVID-19 lockdowns, which led to school closures and virtual learning polices, resulted in what the Department of Education said was “the largest average score decline in reading since 1990 and the first-ever score decline in mathematics” among the nation’s schoolchildren.

BREAKING: GOP Congressman Goes NUCLEAR On John Kerry – Exposes Everything…


(Slay News) – Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) fired back John Kerry on Fox Business Network the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate made a stunning admission about Biden’s new bill the Inflation Reduction Act.

Massie was on Kennedy and called out Kerry saying he called him an a**hole more than once. “Let’s get sassy with Massie,” Kennedy said. “I know John Kerry is one of your favorite targets. Are you–”

“He called me an a**hole more than once,” Massie said. Kennedy started to laugh before telling him. “We’re on the air, congressman. Did no one tell you?”

Kerry said about the bill

“I’m not sure how much it has to do with inflation, but that’s OK.

“The most important parts of the IRA are very simple. Production and investment tax credits. “That, I think, is going to do more than almost anything else in the bill.

“We don’t have to have government making choices about winners and losers.

“The marketplace is going to choose.

“You, inventors and investors, are going to help move that along, and we’re going to get there.

“No government is going to solve this problem.

“The private sector is the entity that has the trillions of dollars,” he said.

According to The Financial Times:

US climate envoy John Kerry has called for reform of international financial institutions over a failure to marshal funds related to climate change, but refused to be drawn on whether the Biden administration had confidence in the World Bank leadership.

The bank, led by Trump-appointee David Malpass, has come under sustained criticism over its policies towards funding fossil fuel projects from those involved in the UN as well as climate experts such as former vice-president Al Gore, who again called for Malpass’s resignation on Tuesday.

BOMBSHELL: Johns Hopkins Professor Raises Alarm About TERRIFYING Spike…


(Slay News) – A leading Johns Hopkins University medical professor is raising the alarm about a spike in serious heart damage being recorded in children.

Dr. Marty Makary is a surgeon and public policy researcher at Johns Hopkins and is regarded as one of America’s leading medical experts.

He’s warning that there has been a sharp rise in “significant heart damage,” or myocarditis, in children.

Makary has blasted the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for ignoring the issue.

Rather than investigating the cases, Makary says the CDC has “downplayed” the issue.

Makary appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show where he expressed major concerns about the soaring childhood myocarditis cases.

“And in some people who received it [the vaccine], there appears to be serious heart damage,” Carlson said.

“Far more than the experts thought would occur.

“The Lancet just surveyed young people ages 12 to 29, who suffered from myocarditis, heart damage, after taking the COVID shot.

“According to the Lancet, 90 days after myocarditis symptoms emerged, roughly 26% of young people who surveyed still needed daily medication because their hearts were so damaged.

“Twenty percent said they had problems with their daily activities.

“Thirty percent said they experienced pain.

“How will they be at age 60? You wonder.

“And of course, you know the answer to this,” Carlson added.

“Hospitals were perfectly aware of this and they’re warning children about it.”

Carlson then rolled a new advertisement from New York Presbyterian hospital.

“I’ve been into fashion since I can remember, but one day I had a stomach ache so bad,” the child narrator in the ad says.

“I didn’t want to do anything.

“The team at New York Presbyterian said it was actually my heart.

“It was severely swollen, something called myocarditis, but doctors gave me medicines and used machines to control my heartbeat.

“They’ve saved me. So now I can become the next great fashion designer.”

Carlson then responded to the ad by suggesting it is normalizing heart conditions in young healthy kids.

“Severe heart damage in otherwise healthy children?” Carlson asked rhetorically.

“Oh yeah. We’ve always had that,” he added, sarcastically.

“No, we haven’t actually.

“And Dr. Marty Makary was virtually alone in the medical community when he warned about the risks of this.

“He warned for months in March.

“He wrote to the CDC and said, you’ve got a duty to quote, ‘rigorously study the long-term effects of vaccine-induced myocarditis.’

“He was not celebrated for this. Of course, he was attacked, as always.”

Carlson then introduced his guest, Dr. Makary.

“Well, they famously downplayed, the CDC director last year, said if we vaccinate a million children, there might be 30 or 40 cases of mild myocarditis,” Dr. Makart said.

“And they said, if you get myocarditis from COVID, that’s worse or happens at a higher rate.

“But that’s not true,” the top medical professor notes.

“The studies have come out.

“Europe reacted by banning the Moderna vaccine altogether in young people, in many parts of Europe and everybody under 30, and in other places, everybody under 40.

“The tragedy that we’re now learning that there’s significant heart damage, 31% of people having physical activity restrictions,” the doctor states.

“The Seattle study that 63% of children after myocarditis had evidence of heart swelling months down the road on MRI.

“So we were playing with fire.

“We didn’t know what we were dealing with,” he warns.

“They undercounted the complication rate, making the vaccine look safer than it really was, overcounting cases in young people, in hospitalizations, making the COVID infection look more dangerous than it really was.”

“And the tragedy is that we could have saved children from myocarditis,” he adds.

“We could have protected this nation’s children from myocarditis.

“We could have spaced out the vaccine instead of those, that narrow three-week interval, no vaccines given three weeks apart.

“And the myocarditis happens after the second dose,” Makary explains.

“We could have, let parents say, you know, if you only feel comfortable with one dose, it’s okay to stop there.

“Instead, we had put a gun to their head saying, you got to come back in three weeks.

“And if you don’t agree, you’re in deep trouble.

“And we could have been honest about the risk in healthy children.

“That risk is so low,” he notes.

“It’s lower than the risk of the vaccine.”


BREAKING: Republicans Finally Fight BACK – Biden Is FURIOUS


(Slay News) – Republicans have revealed that they plan to cut all 87,000 new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents recruited by the Democrats after the GOP wins control of Congress.

The hiring of tens of thousands of new IRS agents was authorized in the Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act,” which was passed just weeks ago.

However, with just weeks to go until the November midterm elections, Republicans are laying out plans for the likely scenario that they will take back control of the U.S. House and Senate.

On Friday, the GOP’s “Commitment to America” plan was announced by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

The Republicans’ plan is laid out in four categories:

“An Economy That’s Strong”
“A Nation That’s Safe”
“A Future That’s Built on Freedom”
“A Government That’s Accountable”
“That means you can fill up your tank,” McCarthy said during the GOP’s announcement.

“You can buy the groceries.

“You have enough money left over to go to Disneyland and save for a future — that the paychecks grow, they no longer shrink.”

McCarthy, who would more likely be named House speaker in a Republican majority, said America’s safety would mean “your community will be protected, your law enforcement will be respected.

“Your criminals will be prosecuted.

“We believe in a future that’s built on freedom — that your children come first.”

According to Fox News, Republicans revealed they’d worked on the planning for a year.

The report explains that some components were a reaction to the damage to the nation from the agenda of the Democrats now in power.

“We watched what they did to our communities, defunding of the police,” McCarthy said.

“We’ve got crime problems from Portland to Philadelphia now, with DAs and prosecutors that looked the other way.”

A report in the Daily Mail said the plans include canceling billions of dollars that Biden wants to pump into the IRS to supersize the agency.

That report said the Republicans also plan a series of investigations including into the “weaponization” of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

As WND notes, the DOJ, including its FBI, colluded with Democrats during the 2016 presidential campaign.

That collusion involved using Russian sources and disinformation paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign to launch the now-debunked “Russiagate” conspiracy theory against President Donald Trump.

“Our job is to work for you, not go after you,” McCarthy said.

The report explained the 87,000 agents number was from a Treasury Department assessment of how many IRS employees could be hired using the $80 billion appropriation over 10 years.

The GOP also wants to fully fund border enforcement and end Joe Biden’s catch-and-release loopholes to address the crisis he created at the southern border, criminalize all forms of illicit fentanyl, support 200,000 more police officers with recruiting bonuses, take action against prosecutors who refuse to prosecute violent crimes.

The party also seeks to establish a select committee on Communist China.

Republicans said they plan to move supply chains away from China by boosting American manufacturing and the use of the nation’s own natural resources.

Since Democrat President Joe Biden took office, America has seen record high inflation – approaching double digits – record-high gas prices, and a recession that already has covered the first two quarters of this year.

Americans individually have lost tens of thousands of dollars in their retirement accounts.

Illegal drugs are taking a massive toll on the lives of young people.

The crisis at the southern border remains unabated and more.

The GOP says it also wants a parents’ bill of rights and has vowed to address abortion.

BREAKING: Trump Tells Hannity FBI Took One Item During Raid That Will Cause MAJOR Problems


(Slay News) – Former President Donald Trump went on Fox News’ “Hannity” Wednesday evening to talk about the lawsuit by the state of New York against him and the raid of Mar-a-Lago, his Florida club.

During the interview, Trump revealed a new piece of information that had yet to be public, that the FBI took his will. Trump said: “They took a lot. I think they took my will. I found out yesterday. I said, ‘Where is it?’

“Am I in it?” Hannity joked before Trump continued: “I think they took my will. That could cause a lot of problems. That could cause a lot of problems if that gets published for people who won’t be so happy, or maybe will be very happy.

“I was in New Jersey. I got a call in the morning from somebody that’s here. ‘Sir, the FBI just came in.’

“I said, ‘What? The FBA? Who?’

“And they go, ‘The FBI.’

“And I said, ‘How many people?’

“And he said, ‘Many, many people, sir. Many, many people,’” he said.

Trump also reminded his critics of his classification powers.

According to Fox News:

Presidents can declassify documents on a whim, even just by “thinking about it,” former President Donald Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

Trump appeared on Hannity’s show to discuss the ongoing federal investigation into classified documents found in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home during an FBI raid.

“Is there a process? What was your process to declassify?” Hannity asked.

“There doesn’t have to be a process, as I understand it,” Trump responded.

“You know, different people say different things, but as I understand it there doesn’t have to be.”

JUST IN: Ron DeSantis Shows Biden How It’s Done – Makes BIG Move Against China


(Slay News) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is doing President Joe Biden’s job and moved to block the Communist Party of China and other hostile foreign powers from buying agricultural land and lands surrounding military bases in Florida.

“From server farms to farmland, the Communist Party of China has been worming its way into our nation’s data storage systems and buying up tracts of land near sensitive national security sites,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.

“By prohibiting the purchase of lands, state contracts with Chinese technology firms, and the infiltration of CCP-affiliated groups such as Confucius Institutes, Florida is leading the way to protect our nation from international foes.”

“The Chinese Communist Party cheats on trade, steals our intellectual property, and produces deadly drugs like fentanyl that are pouring into our southern border,” said Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez. “Governor DeSantis’ announcements today are not only critical to protecting American interests and Florida farmlands but also to maintaining our national security. Florida will never kowtow to the oppressive regime of China.”

“With today’s Executive Order, Governor DeSantis takes decisive action to defend the State of Florida and all Floridians from the cyber threats posed by foreign countries of concern and associated groups,” said Department of Management Services Secretary Pedro Allende.

“The Governor’s direction to develop cybersecurity and procurement rules and standards will make it harder for bad actors to gain a foothold on state infrastructure, will protect Floridians’ personal information and intellectual property, and will further secure key information systems and the critical infrastructure that our state and its citizens rely on each day.”

“Thanks to Governor DeSantis, Florida will not allow foreign adversaries and Communist dictatorships to have insights into some of the most sensitive data and cutting-edge research taking place in U.S. academia,” said Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr.

“As a Cuban-American, I know how Communist countries attempt to infiltrate schools and universities to steal intellectual property and indoctrinate young people with their dangerous and radical ideology. By removing this influence and focusing on the importance of American ideals and citizenship through civics education, Florida is again leading the way for the nation to follow.”

DeSantis issued a statement that said:

“Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced executive action and legislative proposals to address threats posed by the Communist Party of China and other hostile foreign powers in cyberspace, real estate, and academia. These measures will curtail the nefarious intentions of all seven countries on Florida’s list of countries of concern, making it more difficult for China, Cuba, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Venezuela to engage in espionage or influence operations within Florida’s borders and preventing purchases of agricultural land and lands surrounding military bases by those governments or their agents.


Effective immediately, Governor DeSantis has signed Executive Order 22-216 to prohibit government entities from procuring technology products and services from companies owned by, controlled by, or domiciled in foreign countries of concern. The executive order directs the Department of Management Services (DMS) to promulgate rules and take any additional action necessary to ensure commodities and services used by state and local governments are not susceptible to exploitation by foreign countries of concern. This prohibits government entities from procuring or utilizing technology services that:

Have been determined by DMS to pose a risk to the safety and security of Florida due to the company’s connections to or use by a foreign country of concern;

A federal agency has prohibited due to a national security concern; and

Are designed, developed, manufactured, or supplied by companies or affiliated companies determined by federal or state government agencies to be owned, controlled, or domiciled in a foreign country of concern.

This will help prevent the exposure of government information and technology services and systems in Florida to other state and non-state actors affiliated with a foreign country of concern. The full executive order can be found here.

Governor DeSantis also proposed legislative action to prohibit government entities from contracting with companies owned by, controlled by, or domiciled in foreign countries of concern if the contract would provide access to Floridians’ personal information. This prohibition would include the bidding, submitting a proposal for, or entering into or renewing a contract with a government entity if the contract would provide the company with access to an individual’s name in combination with a Social Security number, driver’s license, financial account numbers, medical history, insurance policy numbers, etc.

Purchases of Agricultural Land and Land Surrounding Military Bases

Governor DeSantis has proposed legislative action to prohibit purchases of agricultural land and land surrounding military bases by foreign countries of concern. There have already been instances of Chinese Communist Party-affiliated companies purchasing land near military bases in other states, including Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota. Florida is home to 21 military bases from every branch of the armed forces, and while the state has allocated money to purchase land nearest to some of these bases to increase security perimeters, more needs to be done to protect our domestic national security assets.

As of 2019, foreign investors held an interest in 5.8% of Florida’s privately held agricultural land. This ranks Florida as the state with the fifth highest percentage of reported foreign-owned land. Thirty-one states have regulations in place for foreign ownership of agricultural land by law. In Iowa and Minnesota, no alien is allowed to acquire any interest in agricultural land.

Prohibiting Foreign Funds for Universities

Last year, Governor DeSantis signed HB 7017 to require the disclosure of foreign donations to state educational institutions in excess of $50,000. This “naming and shaming” approach was intended to expose the influence of groups such as CCP-funded Confucius Institutes, with further punitive measures for non-disclosure. But even sub-$50,000 donations from individuals and groups pushing the agendas of hostile foreign powers on college campuses can undercut academic integrity, warp the perspectives of many students, and sway the research and writing of many professors to align with the interests and values of the sources of that funding.

That is why Governor DeSantis has proposed legislative action to amend Florida statutes relating to reporting requirements of foreign gifts to prohibit any gift to a higher education institution in Florida from any individual residing in or entity domiciled in a foreign country of concern or from any governmental entity within a foreign country of concern. A general bill on this topic could also impose additional restrictions, screening requirements, or pre-conditions on researchers from foreign countries of concern,” the statement said.