ALERT: Nuclear Missile CRASHES Into Sea After Failed Test

A nuclear missile test conducted by the British on the East Coast of the United States did not go as planned. The missile, launched from the HMS Vanguard submarine, crashed into the ocean instead of reaching its intended target. It is important to note that the missile was not armed with a nuclear warhead and no nuclear material was onboard.

The failure of the test was revealed by The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper, and confirmed by the Ministry of Defence. Despite this setback, the ministry maintains that the country’s nuclear deterrent remains effective and that the incident was an “anomaly” specific to the test. The government suggests that the test conditions themselves may have contributed to the failure, although no details were provided. It is possible that the use of older missiles, scheduled for retirement, for training purposes could have played a role.

The UK Defence Minister has expressed unwavering confidence in the Trident system, stating that the missiles are effective, dependable, and formidable. However, former defence committee chairman Tobias Elwood MP has attributed the crash to testing equipment attached to the missile. He believes that if the equipment had not been present, the launch would have been successful. Nonetheless, he acknowledges that the incident is embarrassing and not something the government wishes to see happen.

A spokesman said the weapon “could absolutely fire in a real world situation” if required and “The issue that occurred during the test was specific to the event and would not have occurred during a live armed fire”.

An unnamed source quoted by the publication mentioned, “It left the submarine but it just went plop, right next to them,” indicating that the initial launch phase, where the missile is propelled out of the submarine and towards the surface by a burst of gas, was successful. The missile is then expected to progress through multiple rocket stages, enabling it to exit the Earth’s atmosphere at speeds of thousands of miles per hour.

The unsuccessful launch occurred near Cape Canaveral, where both the United States and the United Kingdom conduct nuclear ballistic missile trials. Another British-led test failed at the same location in 2016.

Watch: Dr. Phil Exposes Biden’s Entire Border Crisis

Talk show host Dr. Phil just went public, exposing that the border crisis, which has worsened under the Biden administration, could have been controlled if the “Remain in Mexico” policy of former President Donald Trump was still being implemented. This statement was made during an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan on Tuesday, following McGraw’s visit to the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, two weeks ago. He expressed his surprise at the severity of the border crisis, stating that it exceeded his expectations.

“As much as I thought I knew about it, I was shocked when I got down there,” he told Rogan.

During his visit, McGraw observed that the morale among Border Patrol employees was extremely low as their roles had transformed into being caretakers funded by taxpayers.

“They’re turning into social workers,” he said. “They went down there to be guards and they say, ‘What we’re doing now is, instead of apprehending these people, we’re greeting these people. And we’re processing them and giving them money and resources.”

Watch the full exchange below:

As a reminder, in 2019, Trump implemented the “Remain In Mexico” policy following negotiations with Mexican leaders, who committed to their role in enforcing it. This policy involved keeping undocumented immigrants in Mexico while their asylum applications were being reviewed, which could often span several years, rather than releasing them into the United States through the “catch-and-release” process.

However, in February 2021, shortly after assuming office, Biden terminated the “Remain In Mexico” program. Consequently, numerous illegal aliens were released en masse across the country.

Watch: Biden Gives Incoherent Response When Asked This One Question

President Joe Biden provided a disjointed answer in response to inquiries about whether he is formulating a contingency plan for the 2024 election.

A reporter asked about his trip to California, “Is this about coming up with a Plan B for 2024 — does [Gov. Gavin Newsom] need to standby?”

Biden’s response was completely nonsensical:

“Are you ready? Well I’m looking for— I’m looking at you,” Biden said.

He added, “We’re looking at you.”

Video: Illegal Migrants ATTACK Cops in NYC Shelter

On February 15, a video captured the chaotic scene inside a migrant shelter in New York City. Five officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) were engaged in a struggle to detain a suspect at the Randall’s Island shelter. However, their efforts were met with hostility from the shelter residents.

These individuals began pelting the officers with objects such as bottles and backpacks, while others attempted to physically obstruct the arrest. Adding to the tense situation, the officers were subjected to derogatory remarks in Spanish.

The New York Daily News reported that shelter security contacted the NYPD after a man was observed behaving disorderly. The individual captured on video, dressed in a white shirt and being apprehended by law enforcement, was allegedly not a resident of the shelter.

In order to assist the officers in safely removing the suspect from the premises, shelter security personnel formed a protective barrier around them.

Just In: Secret Service Now Forced To Monitor Biden’s Every Move

President Joe Biden’s safety is now being ensured by the U.S. Secret Service, as reported by The New York Times. An agent has been stationed at the base of a short stairwell used by Biden to board Air Force One to prevent any potential falls or injuries. This development follows concerns about Biden’s age, being 81 years old, the oldest president in history, and his cognitive decline.

The White House has been working to minimize the risks associated with his mobility. In light of a previous incident in September where Biden stumbled while exiting Air Force One in Michigan, his campaign team has been proactive in preventing any public mishaps during the election season. Axios reported that Biden’s team is taking measures such as having him wear tennis shoes and limiting stair climbs to avoid further embarrassing incidents.

Additionally, Biden is undergoing physical therapy with specialist Drew Contreras, who previously worked with former President Barack Obama, to enhance his balance. Following a fall at the Air Force Academy in June, Biden has been seen wearing sneakers in public and using shorter stairs to board Air Force One as a precautionary step.

Recently, special counsel Robert Hur, investigating Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, highlighted concerns about the president’s deteriorating mental state.

Just the news noted:

“Hur’s 388-page report … may have spared Biden the spectacle of a criminal prosecution similar to that his Justice Department imposed on Donald Trump, but it delivered a devastating blow to the 46th president’s re-election hopes by going out of its way to explain criminal charges weren’t levied in part because jurors might see Biden as a dottering, forgetful old man incapable of criminal intent.”

“Mr. Biden will likely present himself to the jury, as he did during his interview with our office, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” Hur wrote in explaining his rationale for refusing prosecution. “…It would be difficult to convince a jury they should convict him – by then a former president who will be at least well into his eighties – of a serious felony that requires a mental state of willfulness.”

“Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency, when he was a private citizen,” the report concluded.

Hur’s report described Joe Biden’s presidency as one where he was believed to have “diminished faculties in advancing age.”

“Every time he (Biden) talks, he’s confused,” Rep. Rich McCormick, R-Ga stated.

“If he’s not taken by the arm and shown where to go, he doesn’t know where to walk. Biden could be at the White House and try to go through the wrong entrance. He could be on stage and not know which direction to go. He doesn’t know who’s standing next to him. Biden doesn’t even know where he’s going,” McCormick said.

“This is just a confused old man. Now, the whole problem with the whole prosecution issue is I’m more concerned about presidential decisions,” he noted.

“We’re talking about a guy who has the keys to nuclear arms. You’re talking about a guy who makes decisions on who to attack,” he added.

Trump’s Appeal DENIED Until He Pays Nearly Half A Billion

Former President Donald Trump is required to post a bond of nearly $500 million to the state of New York before he can challenge the recent ruling by Judge Arthur Engoron. The ruling mandates Trump to pay $354 million in fines, which amounts to over $450 million with interest, for fraud.

Critics have highlighted that Trump is the first individual to face a lawsuit under a little-known New York fraud statute that does not necessitate any actual harm to be caused, essentially criminalizing common real estate valuation practices during negotiations with banks. Despite Attorney General Letitia James’ assertion that nobody is exempt from the law, her lawsuit against Trump stands as a unique case in the state’s history.

The substantial fine imposed on Trump is also unparalleled. Jonathan Turley, as noted in the New York Post, emphasizes another remarkable aspect of the situation: Trump must settle the entire fine before he can file an appeal.

“Under New York law, Trump cannot appeal this ruling without depositing the full amount, including interest, in a court account. Even for Trump, $455 million is hard to come by. Likewise, a bond would require a company to guarantee payment for a defendant who has been barred from doing business in New York and is facing the need to liquidate much of his portfolio.

“Nothing succeeds like excess for judges like Engoron. By imposing this astronomical figure, he can make it difficult or impossible for a defendant to appeal, absent declaring bankruptcy or selling off assets at distress prices.

“The excessive fine and its basis raise serious statutory and constitutional questions. Many of us believe it should be substantially reduced or tossed out entirely.”

Engoron further declined to permit Trump to present any defense, pronouncing him guilty through summary judgment for the state.

Crowd Goes WILD After Trump Makes Surprise Appearance

Former President Donald Trump caused a stir on Saturday when he unexpectedly appeared at Sneaker Con in Pennsylvania, captivating the crowd with a showcase of exclusive and pricey golden sneakers. Referred to as “The Greatest Sneaker Show On Earth,” Trump’s impromptu visit took place just before his scheduled campaign rally in Michigan, as per Fox News.

“Taking the stage at the event in Philadelphia, Trump appeared before a crowd of emotional attendees, some of whom cheered on the president as others booed him during his speech,” Fox noted.

He delivered a speech lasting approximately 10 minutes before showcasing the exclusive branded golden sneakers priced at $399 per pair, all of which were quickly sold out online. Sources indicate that only 1,000 pairs of the golden sneakers were made available.

“A lot of emotion. There’s a lot of emotion in this room,” Trump said shortly after he took to the podium. “They have lines going all around the block. They’ve never seen anything like this one.”

“I just want to tell you, you know, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I have some incredible people that work with me on things, and they came up with this,” Trump continued. “This is something I’ve been talking about for 12 years, 13 years, and I think it’s going to be a big success.”

“They love it, and they love what we’ve done,” Trump said as he flashed the shoes to those in the audience. “That’s the real deal.”

In the November election, he emphasized that the crucial action individuals should take is to vote for him, promising to swiftly transform the nation. Following the previous day, Trump made an appearance subsequent to New York Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling, which imposed a $364 million fine on him and prohibited him from conducting business in the state for three years. This ruling was a result of NY Attorney General Letitia James’ civil fraud lawsuit against him.

The magnitude of the fine faced significant backlash, even from certain liberal legal scholars such as Georgetown University Law School Prof. Jonathan Turley.

“Well, this court really proved Oscar Wilde’s rule that ‘The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.’ Because the court has done everything short of ordering that Trump be thrown into a wood chipper. He’s imposed almost the maximum amount that James requested. He’s barring him from doing business in the city where he’s an iconic business figure, barring him from getting loans,” the professor began.

“The last part is particularly ironic because the banks not only said that they were not victims and did not complain about the alleged fraud, but they said that they wanted to do more business with Trump. They described him as a ‘whale’ client. So this is all being done essentially in their name as victims, even though no one lost any money,” he said.

“None of us could find a case like this. Yet, the first one, you have this fortune that is being demanded by the court to be turned over. I think there are real problems here. I think that this is going to have the same impact on some appellate judges. There have to be some limits, including Constitutional limits on the size of penalties, this is confiscatory and, in my view, just excessive,” he added.

“You know, I think there’s a major appeal obviously that will come. I was hoping the court would defy its critics and show a more moderate response. To show that yes, there were assets that were undervalued and overvalued, but to impose a more reasonable fine,” Turley said.

Breaking: Truckers For Trump Launch HUGE Boycott Against NYC

Several truckers who support Trump are declining to transport goods to and from New York City following the ex-president’s $355 million fine and suspension of his business operations in the state as a result of a civil fraud ruling on Friday. A pro-Trump trucker named “Chicago Ray” uploaded a video on X after the verdict, stating that he and other drivers are refusing to take on delivery jobs in NYC in response to Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision in Manhattan.

“I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for about the last… hour and 15 minutes… I’ve talked to at least ten drivers… they’re going to start refusing loads to New York City starting on Monday,” Ray said.

“I got about three drivers that I drive with… they already fought with the boss telling him they ain’t going to New York City,” he continued.

Ray proceeded to condemn Engoron’s decision, which not only imposed a substantial fine but also prohibited Trump from assuming any executive or managerial role within a New York-based company for a duration of three years.

“I’ll tell you what, you fuck around and find out! We’re tired of you motherfucking leftists fucking with Trump,” the trucker said. “Leave Trump alone with the bullshit… you know you ain’t got shit on Trump, so cut the bullshit.”

According to Ray, “Our bosses don’t care if we deny the load, we’ll just go somewhere else!”

He added, “Truckers are for Trump. I mean, we’re like 95, 96 percent… all Trump. Ain’t no motherfuckers for Biden.”

Other truckers were quick to jump in:

Residents Of East Palestine RIP Into Joe Biden Over Fake Photo-Op

The small community of East Palestine, Ohio, expressed their disappointment towards President Joe Biden for his delayed visit to the area after a train accident caused a significant chemical spill and fire. Upon Biden’s arrival, numerous residents stood along a commercial strip holding signs with messages such as “Too Little Too Late,” “Dementia Joe You Gotta Go,” and “Go home, Sleepy Joe!” as reported by the New York Post. A pool reporter accompanying Biden’s motorcade observed one protester displaying an offensive gesture, while others were seen giving a thumbs down in disapproval.

The Post added:

“At least two people carried pro-Biden signs, the pool reporter said, while others held up signs with pointed demands, such as “Declare the emergency,” “We need healthcare” and “We need aid.”

“Biden received a private briefing from officials, delivered a six-minute address and mixed with a select small group of locals at a candle shop before departing for a weekend stay at his Rehoboth Beach, Del., vacation home.”

Biden traveled to a town of 4,700 people situated about an hour west of Pittsburgh, after facing criticism for not being present there for a long time. Even though he had visited many other parts of the country after various unfortunate events, his absence from East Palestine was heavily scrutinized. The president’s visit was met with disapproval from critics who claimed that he was keeping his distance from a community that appeared to have little political importance to him.

“While there are acts of God, this was an act of greed that was 100% preventable,” Biden said ahead of defending his administration’s response.

“Working with the state, we’ve tested the air, the water, the soil quality, deployed teams and health experts, and provided emergency loans to local businesses. But it’s not done yet. There’s more to do,” the president added.

“Today, I’m announcing the award of six National Institutes of Health grants to some of America’s best research universities to study the short- and long-term impacts of what happened here. That includes just north of here Case Western University. So you’ll have a top researcher with you as long as you need.”

Michael Regan, the EPA administrator, informed journalists accompanying him to the area that the worries about local health are exaggerated and assured that the air and water quality are not a cause for concern, as reported by The Post.

“I want to be clear that the monitoring that we’ve done of the municipal water, the private wells and the monitoring that we’ve done around the air quality demonstrates that there were no elevated levels of pollution exposure due to this derailment,” Regan said.

“We believe and know based on the science and the data that the air is safe.”

Former President Donald Trump received a warm welcome from large crowds during his visit to East Palestine in February 2023. He briefly stepped out of a private meeting with elected officials, such as Sen. J.D. Vance, to acknowledge a group of supporters chanting his name. The excitement and cheers of the crowd were captured in a video shared by The Post Millennial.

Texas DEFIES Joe Biden With Big New Border Move

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) revealed during a press conference on Friday that Texas intends to establish a military base in the border city of Eagle Pass. This move aims to address the influx of illegal migrants permitted into the country by the Biden administration. The Texas Military Department will oversee the construction of a Forward Operating Base spanning 80 acres along the Rio Grande. This base will serve as accommodation for up to 1,800 Texas National Guard soldiers, with the capacity to house an additional 500 personnel. In addition to housing facilities, the base will also include recreational, chaplaincy, medical, and psychological health amenities.

“Texas is expanding our border security capabilities by building a new Texas Military Department base camp to increase and improve border security operations in this area,” Abbott said at the press conference. “This will increase the ability for a larger number of Texas Military Department soldiers in Eagle Pass to operate more effectively and efficiently.”

“In the coming weeks, we will also be expanding operations north and south of Eagle Pass, putting up additional barriers to fortify our border. We are also adding three more fan boats and expanding our drone program radar truck capabilities,” said Adjutant General of Texas Major General Suelzer. “Under Governor Abbott’s leadership, we are deploying every available resource and strategy to protect and defend Texas.”

Texas Border Czar Mike Banks announced “The key thing I want you to take away from this is that we are providing a better quality of life for our Texas National Guard soldiers.”

“To see those numbers decrease in Texas, it’s a testament to what these soldiers and DPS are doing to secure the border,” he continued. “I applaud Governor Abbott for your leadership to stand up and do what the federal government continues to fail to do.”