BREAKING: Newsom’s Complete Covid FAILURE Gets Exposed

(The Post Millennial) – Despite some of the strictest coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions in the country, California continues to see record coronavirus infections, hospitalizations and deaths. The state is locked down. The COVID cases keep rising.

Last week, according to The Los Angeles Times “The state reported 51,724 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, breaking the previous record of 42,088 cases, which was just set on Monday.”

Also on Wednesday, the state broke its own records, not only for cases, but for deaths and hospitalizations in a single day, more than doubling the daily high in any previous month.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s onerous restrictions include: a 10 pm curfew, bans on religious gatherings, bans on outdoor dining and school closures. Yet, exemptions are made for Hollywood studio production to operate as “essential businesses.”

According to KCAL9 in Los Angeles, the Golden State is the most restrictive in the US when it comes to large gatherings, shelter-in-place orders, and reopening of restaurants and bars. The state was also ranked 48th when it comes to reopening non-essential businesses.

In a scathing rebuke of California government officials, Disneyland President Ken Potrock issued a statement in October that the Newsom’s restrictions, ignored the work that the park and other businesses had put in to reopen safely and jeopardized the livelihood of thousands of employees of surrounding businesses.

“We have proven that we can responsibly reopen, with science-based health and safety protocols strictly enforced at our theme park properties around the world. Nevertheless, the State of California continues to ignore this fact, instead mandating arbitrary guidelines that it knows are unworkable and that hold us to a standard vastly different from other reopened businesses and state-operated facilities.”

Since May 5, California has gone from being moderately restrictive to the most restrictive state, even as the very same lawmakers who impose the restrictions, flagrantly violate them.

In November, Newsom enjoyed a mask-less, indoor, group dinner, which included California Health officials, at the prestigious French Laundry restaurant. Nearly $3 million dollars in PPP funds went to companies owned by Newsom, even as many small businesses did not receive funding and were forced to close.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed also ordered businesses and restaurants closed over fears of spreading the virus. Yet Breed was also spotted dining in a group at French Laundry on Nov. 7, the day after Newsom was there.

Earlier this month, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told Los Angelinos that “…it’s time to cancel everything” in response to the virus. Meanwhile, Garcetti joined mass protests in the city this summer in response to the death of George Floyd.

Los Angeles Supervisor of Elections Sheila Kuehl attended a vote in which she advocated for banning outdoor dining. After the vote passed, Kuehl was seen eating at an Italian restaurant, outdoors.

Yet the restrictions and lockdowns continue to have a devastating impact on the economy. According to The Washington Post “Nearly 8 million Americans have slipped into poverty since summer.”

As cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to climb in California, the strict regulations do not appear to be working and creating other problems such as unemployment, spiking substance abuse and suicides. Studies continue to show no correlation between restrictions and mortality rates from the virus.

BREAKING: Top Actor Declares War – “I WANT BLOOD” of Trump Supporters

David Cross, actor-comedian responded to Joe Biden’s statement stating he wanted America to “heal” and “unite” by saying “fuck that. I want blood.” David is now backpedaling, saying he was misunderstood all along. Cross’s tweet, however, was taken by many as a call for retribution against Trump supporters. Cross in the past has talked about beating President Trump “to a bloody pulp” and urination and defecating on his body.

David Cross star of Mr. Show demanded “blood” in a tweet on Saturday in response to Joe Biden saying “It’s time to unite, heal, and rebuild.”

” This tweet has really taken off! I feel that I should be clearer though, while I DO want blood, I only need about 14cc’s of it, and not from everyone, just Kyle McCarthy in Davenport Iowa. I will explain later,” Cross later said. Cross later posted another tweet, saying he “was referring to menstrual blood.”

A strong public backlash came from the apparent call for violence.

This is not the first vicious attack of President Trump or his supporters from David Cross.

Back in October, he woke to the news President Trump had tested positive for coronavirsus. I did not know whether to be “thrilled or excited.”

Cross offered his “thoughts and prayers” to Melania Trump’s personal trainer rather than the First Lady herself.

While performing at the University of Utah in August 2018, Cross made the joke about beating the president ” to a bloody pulp” along with defecating and urinating on his body.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported at the time that Cross’ routine also “included humor about abortion, Nazis, the Holocaust, terrorist bombing, and AIDS.”

Breaking: Trump Locked Up – Can You Believe This?

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said Thursday on MSNBC that President Donald Trump should be investigated and prosecuted for his “dangerous criminal neglect” in the corona-virus pandemic. “As you know I lost my father on June 16, he was in Kenya but came to the United States thinking he would be safer here.” ” My father should be here today.” They are not here because our leaders do not care about their lives.”

Anchor Yasmin Vossoughian, said ” Sticking with all that has happened especially beginning with what we learned from the president and how he said COVID was like the flu, it wasn’t going to kill people the was it has. Now over 300,000 people are dead in this country in the last ten months. The holidays are approaching, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers wont be sitting at the dinner table because they died of COVID-19. Representative Clyburn said today, telling my colleague Chuck Todd their could be a independent commission inside of the Biden administration. Is that something you support?

Omar said, “I do. As you know I lost my father on June 16th. I remember my dad was in Kenya. He came back into the United States when COVID hit because he thought he would be safer here. I know that my father and over 300,000 people have lost their lives to COVID because of dangerous criminal neglect by Trump and his administration. I agree with Clyburn that it is not enough for us just to issue subpoenas. We have to investigate and prosecute these people responsible for these reckless deaths.”

” It does not make sense that this is a reality in this country. This could have been avoided. It can be avoided. There are people who are responsible, and we cannot forget about that when the next administration is sworn in, and they are in charge of what happens next.”

Breaking: Peter Stzork Finally Releases It – This Is Huge

Obama administration investigation of then-candidate Donald Trump for supposed “Russian Collusion” began earlier than official government narrative has acknowledged has been suggested by former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, released new texts on Thursday from Strzok. One text, dated July 28, 2016, refers to “[o]ur open C[counter-]I[ntelligence] investigations relating to Trump’s Russian connections.”

As the report notes, that was the date FBI was tipped off by Australian diplomat Alexander Downer about a conversation in a bar with Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos, who had suggested that Russia might have Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.  (Hillary Clinton and her aides had deleted tens of thousands of emails from her time as Secretary of State, which she had housed on an illicit private server at her home.  Then FBI Director James Comey recommended against her prosecution.)

Inspector General of the Department of Justice (DOJ) report in December 2019 claimed that the FBI opened its investigation into the Trump campaign, known as Operation Crossfire Hurricane, on July 31, 2016, three days after receiving the Downey tip.

However, the Strzok text, written to FBI lawyer Lisa Page- with whom he had an affair- suggests that the FBI had already opened “investigations,” plural, on supposed connections between Trump and Russia, none of which ever turned up any evidence.

FBI critics have long suspected that the investigation began earlier.  The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS in April 2016 to investigate Trumps’ supposed Russian ties.

The so-called “Russian dossier,” which later served as a basis for the FBI’s surveillance warrants from the secretive FISA court, prepared by former British spy Christopher Steele, using a sub-source who was himself a suspected Russian spy. The lawyer that arranged the research was Marc Elian, who represented Democrats in election lawsuits nationwide in 2020, wanting the expansion of vote-by-mail, which played a significant role in President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

Declassified intelligence by the government in September showed Russian intelligence believed Clinton approved a plan on July 26, 2016, to claim Trump was compromised by supposed ties to Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The new Strzok texts reveal that journalist Carl Bernstein, who helped expose the Watergate scandal in the 1970s and is a regular guest on CNN, told the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs that he received the “dossier” from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Last year, DOJ Michael Horowitz told Congress that he did not uncover evidence that Operation Crossfire Hurricane was opened because of political motives. However, Attorney General William Barr disagreed at the time.

Barr quietly elevated U.S. Attorney John Durham to Special Counsel in October.  Durham had more access to evidence through its ongoing grand jury investigations in Operation Crossfire Hurricane that Horowitz did through the Inspector General’s investigation.

BOMBSHELL: He Has Been Caught Red-Handed – This Is Insane

Suspected arsonist acted after the restaurant owner criticized vandalism in the area committed by Antifa. Portland Fire and Rescue officials are looking to question the person seen in surveillance footage setting fire to a local restaurant.

On November 23, a suspected arsonist set fire to Reo’s Ribs located in Portland’s Hollywood District. Smoke was pouring from the rear of the building when firefighters arrived. Flames could be seen from the interior and exterior.

It is not known if the suspected arsonist’s face was blurred by KOIN or by Portland Fire officials.

The video is showing the suspected arsonist setting fire at the rear of Reo’s Ribs. More fuel is added to the fire. The person is in plain view of the street while setting the fire.

KOIN said fire officials wanted to question the suspect. They did not know if the identity of the person was known to officials.

“I feel really relieved that we know who did it and we know that we might be stopping other fires,” Reo’s Ribs co-owner Myra Girod told KOIN 6 News.

This is the second fire at Reo’s Ribs in the last three years. The 2017 fire that previously destroyed the restaurant was ruled an accident by Portland Fire Department officials. Reo remains suspicious of the incident. The restaurant was rebuilt only to have it burned a second time.

Leftists Burn U.S. Flag, Attack Boston Police During ‘Anti-Democrat Violence’ Rally

(Breitbart) – A large group of anti-Trump leftists turned violent against Boston police officers at a pro-Trump “Anti-Democrat Violence” rally in Boston on Sunday. They later burned a U.S. flag and an image of President Donald Trump.

A group of about 50 members of the pro-Trump “Super Happy Fun America” group gathered in front of the Boston Public Library on Sunday to protest “Democrat violence,” according to the Boston Herald. They were outnumbered nearly three-to-one by anti-Trump counterprotesters who eventually turned violent.

Boston police attempted to keep the groups separated with a metal barricade but the leftists eventually removed the barriers.

As police tried to keep the groups separated, the leftist group apparently attacked the police leading to a short skirmish and the arrest of two people, the Boston newspaper reported.

“This is a peaceful protest against Democrat violence, and they’re proving our point,” event organizer Samson Racioppi of Super Happy Fun America told the Herald reporter. “The violence is across the street.”

“The Trump/Pence regime is a fascist regime that needs to be driven from power,” counterprotester Stan Lawrence of Refuse Fascism told the reporter. “I think the people across the street are one step away from the people who murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville.”

Solidarity Against Hate-Boston organized the so-called “Kick Fascists Out of Boston” counterprotest, NBC10 in Boston reported.

“Donald Trump flags held by supporters of the “law and order” touting president clashed with those who want police abolished,” the local NBC affiliate reported. “As both sides marched to the beat of their own drum, it was clear they, like many Americans in these tense times, stand more divided than together.”

Pro-Trump protester John Hugo told WCVB ABC5 reporters, “We’re here to have a peaceful protest against Democrat violence. As you see, the Democrats are here in force … to cause violence and prevent our free speech.”

Police eventually had to escort the pro-Trump activists away from the area for safety reasons.

Ted Nugent: Beto, Biden, Harris ‘Are Coming to Take Your Guns’

(Breitbart) – In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the Motor City Madman and avid hunter Ted Nugent sounded off on Joe Biden’s gun control proposals and the power of Michigan hunters as a voting bloc.

Breitbart News recently reported on Biden’s plan to put AR-15s under the National Firearms Act of 1934, which means hunters could be required to register their AR-15s with federal authorities, submit their fingerprints and photographs, potentially submit to an FBI background check, and pay a $200 federal tax on guns they already own. Moreover, Biden’s plan could also potentially apply to so-called “high-capacity” magazines as well.

When asked about these proposals, Nugent said, “Everybody who is paying attention knows that the left will gut the Bill of Rights to the Constitution. Actually, not gut it but just eliminate it completely. In their own words, they are coming to take your guns. Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris — everybody knows that they want to disarm their subjects.”

But the former rocker also cited the potential power of Michigan hunters, which he described as a “conservative army” that could potentially block Biden’s proposals with a different kind of weapon — their vote. “The most powerful conservative voting army can be identified as licensed hunting families, and we have seen a re-engagement that glows positive,” Nugent said.

But Nugent also warned that past complacency opened the door for these potentially harmful policies to find a home.

“That conservative army, way too many of them, have been sitting it out,” he said. “And that non-participation has rolled out the welcome mat for the tyrants and the Marxists. But we are turning that around right now.”

The Motor City Madman left us with this characterization of the hunters he’s met sharing campfire after campfire: “When I speak about hunters, this is not just a guitar player’s hunch. This is a direct representation of the pulse, the beliefs, the heart and soul of salt-of-the-earth America.”

Joe Biden’s Transition Co-Chair Hosted Hunter Biden-Linked Chinese Elites at Obama White House

(Breitbart) – The co-chair of Joe Biden’s transition team hosted a select group of Chinese business and political elites at the Obama-era White House after prodding from Hunter Biden’s business associates.

In November 2011, Jeff Zients, then-deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), hosted the Chinese Entrepreneur Club (CEC) for a special meeting at the White House. The CEC, founded in 2006 and often referred to as the “richest club” in the People’s Republic of China, counts among its members some of the richest and most influential personalities in Chinese society.

At the time, the meeting did not draw much attention. However, emails published this week by Peter Schweizer, a senior contributor at Breitbart News and president of the Government Accountability Institute, indicated just how important of a role Hunter Biden and his business associates, including Devon Archer, played in making the White House visit happen.

The emails showed that on November 5, 2011, a colleague of Archer’s reached out to suggest there was an opportunity to gain “outstanding new clients.” According to the email, copies of which were published exclusively by Breitbart News, the colleague told Archer that the CEC had been trying for some time to arrange meetings with high-ranking Obama administration officials when they visited Washington, DC, in mid-November.

“A tour of the White House and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and [then-Secretary of State] John Kerry would be great,” the colleague wrote.

Up to that point, the CEC had tried and failed to obtain access to the Obama administration.

“From the DC side as you will see below they [CEC] have written letters to several members of the administration and others and have so far not had a strong reaction,” the colleague wrote Archer.

Archer discussed the CEC’s request with two other associates, Gary Fears and Bevan Cooney. Fears, in particular, told Archer to follow-up on the request since the CEC delegation could be “perfect” for a fertilizer mining venture the trio was then pursuing.

Although it is unclear exactly what transpired after the emails reached Archer, only nine days later, on November 14, 2011, the CEC had secured its meeting at the Obama White House. Administration records indicate that a delegation of 30 CEC members received a tour of the White House and met with then-Commerce Secretary John Bryson.

The delegation also, according to its members, met privately with Hunter Biden’s father, then-Vice President Joe Biden. At the time, the vice president was playing a leading role in the Obama administration’s policy towards Beijing. Just that past May, Biden had taken part in talks between the U.S. and China on how to improve “strategic and economic” relations.

Exactly how Archer and his associates arranged the meeting for the CEC is unknown. Visitor logs, though, show that Zients, who was in charge of restructuring the administration’s trade agencies, was the official host for the CEC delegation. It is likely that any arrangement made by Hunter Biden or associates ran through him or the OMB.

After the meeting, Zients would go on to be promoted to acting director of OMB after his superior Jack Lew ascended to the position of White House Chief of Staff. In March 2014, Zients was appointed to lead the National Economic Council, a position he held until Obama left office in 2017.

Since leaving office, Zients appears to have kept in close contact with the Bidens. In September, Biden appointed him to co-chair the presidential transition task force, which will be responsible for staffing a potential Biden White House.

The former vice president’s campaign did not respond to requests for this story.

Elizabeth Warren on the Stump: Trump Threatens Existence of All Life on the Planet

(Breitbart) – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), speaking as a Biden-Harris surrogate on the campaign trail on Monday, said that President Donald Trump is a threat to life on the planet because of his stance on climate change.

“Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life on this planet,” Warren said in a video posted on the Hill YouTube channel. “And on November 3, we will hold Donald Trump accountable.”

Warren’s remarks centered on the existential threat of climate change.

“We are reaching a moment on our planet in which the crisis that is upon us may no longer be one that we will be able to successfully fight back against,” Warren said.

“The science around this is not controversial,” Warren said. “The science is clear.”

“In fact, you know what scares me to death?” Warren asked. “Every time we get more data and reanalyze the data, what we discover is the problem’s even worse than we thought.”

“We have even less time than we thought,” Warren said.

“What has Donald Trump done for four years?” Warren asked. “He not only hasn’t made things better; he has actively made them worse.”

“He withdrew us from the Paris climate accord. He’s put a coal lobbyist in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). What could possibly go wrong?” Warren said.

In fact, EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler’s time at the EPA started when he served as a special assistant in the agency’s EPA’S Pollution Prevention and Toxics office during the George H. W. Bush administration. Before that, he was a principal and team leader of the Energy and Environment Practice Group at FaegreBD Consulting, among other posts.

“[Trump] has opened up for offshore drilling, and he has said yes to the oil companies. They can drill in the Arctic National Wildlife preserve,” Warren said.

Trump has actually placed a moratorium on offshore drilling in Florida. As Breitbart News reported, the drilling permits in the Arctic will take place in only 0.01 percent of the 19 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

FNC’s Baier: Hunter Biden’s Emails Unlikely to Be a Question at Next Presidential Debate

(Breitbart) – Anchor Bret Baier said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Daily Briefing” that presidential debate moderator NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker will not ask about Hunter Biden’s emails. Therefore, it will be up to President Donald Trump.

Perino said, “There’s this other issue that Peter Doocy just mention that Joe Biden hasn’t responded to questions about the emails that were found on laptops purported to be Hunter Biden’s. Now it doesn’t seem like Joe Biden will be taking any questions before the debate this Thursday. So how do you think this will play out? Can they starve this story to death?”

Baier said, “Listen, it requires other news organizations to cover it, and that really hasn’t been picked up outside of a few.”

Perino said, “The CBS News reporter was the one that asked him and got that kind of blow-off from Joe Biden the other night.”

Baier said, “Yeah, but I don’t know if CBS has done an in-depth look at the emails or the authenticity or the whole story, they may be asked the question. I haven’t seen the piece that they’ve done about it. Obviously, The New York Post is following up on it. I think in the debate, it likely won’t be a question from the moderator Kristen Welker.”

He added, “I’m sure that the president is going to bring it up. His people are already saying that he will. Listen, it all matters about how this all comes together. It can be authenticated. We have at least one email where the people on the email chain received it. They say May of 2017. You have the Director of National Intelligence saying it’s not a Russian disinformation campaign for operation. That’s what he said on air this morning. So you have pieces of this puzzle, but still not a full puzzle.”