Video: Biden’s Ultra Creepy Behavior Caught On Camera

President Biden caused an awkward moment when he suddenly interrupted his remarks at a “Friendsgiving” celebration to engage with a six-year-old girl at the Naval Station Norfolk.

Approaching the child, Biden expressed admiration for her ears and inquired about her age. Throughout the encounter, First Lady Jill Biden displayed a grimace and directed a glance toward a Secret Service agent.

NYC Mayor BEGS For Help As City Falls To Chaos

New York City’s Democratic Mayor, Eric Adams, is appealing to the city’s affluent residents for financial assistance amid the challenges posed by President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis. Adams is urging wealthy New Yorkers to contribute financially to help the city navigate the strain on resources caused by the influx of illegal aliens. This request follows the recent announcement of significant budget cuts in the city.

“This is a moment where it’s an all hands on deck moment,” Adams told a Police Athletic League lunch on Friday.

“The way it goes, New York goes, America goes, but I’m going to need you more than ever to support many of these organizations like PAL, Robin Hood Foundation, and others,” he said, according to the New York Post.

“A moment where our philanthropic interests must align with some of the gaps and services that we are seeing today.”

Adams has also urged New Yorkers to voice their concerns to Washington, D.C., requesting additional support for the city facing what he deems a “national crisis.” These comments followed the announcement by the “sanctuary city” that it would reduce police numbers to redirect funds toward assisting migrants. Budget cuts have been initiated in various sectors, including education and sanitation. Adams unveiled a $110.5 billion budget, asserting that cuts across all agencies were unavoidable.

The city spent $1.45 billion in fiscal 2023 addressing the migrant crisis, with an anticipated expenditure of an additional $11 billion in taxpayer funds in 2024 and 2025. The New York Police Department (NYPD) will implement a hiring freeze to reduce numbers to below 30,000 by the end of fiscal year 2025, aiming to lower the current count from over 33,000. Significant cuts are also planned for education programs, including the universal pre-kindergarten initiative, and sanitation services. Since last year, over 130,000 migrants have arrived in New York City.

The situation is a consequence of the prolonged crisis at the southern border, spanning nearly three years, primarily attributed to Biden’s policies. It’s worth noting that the figures observed in NYC represent only a fraction of the over 2.4 million migrant encounters at the southern border in FY 23. Despite this, Adams has expressed concern that the crisis could have a devastating impact on the city. The recent budget cuts have sparked anger from the city’s teachers and police unions.

“This is truly a disaster for every New Yorker who cares about safe streets,” police union President Patrick Hendry said.

“Cops are already stretched to our breaking point, and these cuts will return us to staffing levels we haven’t seen since the crime epidemic of the ‘80s and ‘90s.”

“We cannot go back there. We need every level of government to work together to find a way to support police officers and protect New York City’s thirty years of public safety progress,” he said.

New York City, along with other liberal jurisdictions such as Massachusetts and Chicago, has appealed for increased federal assistance due to the escalating numbers of migrants. The Biden administration highlights that it has allocated over $770 million in the past year to support communities dealing with migrant influx. The White House also emphasizes the recommendations provided by its teams of experts.

A DHS official contends that the department has deployed personnel to aid in authorizing work permits and educating migrants about the immigration system. Additionally, the White House has requested an extra $14 billion in emergency funding for border operations, including $1.4 billion in grants for local governments and nonprofits. Despite these efforts, the border crisis persists, with over 249,000 migrant encounters in October, only slightly lower than the record set in September. Since the start of the fiscal year, there has been an average of over 1,000 detected gotaways per day.

School FIRES Coach for Baptizing Players

A Georgia high school football coach, Coach Isaac Ferrell, who faced backlash over inviting a local pastor to share the Gospel with players resulting in several conversions, has been terminated.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist group, lodged a complaint, claiming the coach abused his authority and pressured students into religious activities.

“The district must refrain from infusing its football program with religion, and coach Ferrell cannot be allowed to preach to student athletes or allow a local pastor to preach to and baptize students,” FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote in a letter to Tattnall County School District Superintendent Kristen Waters.

“Football players shouldn’t be forced to get baptized to play football,” says FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “Student athletes will feel coerced to oblige with their coach’s wishes.”

The school district, under investigation for the baptisms, asserted the coach’s firing was unrelated to the incident. The FFRF hailed the decision, stating they were pleased the district sought a new coach respecting constitutional duties.

Parents, like Latifa Johnson, celebrated their children’s independent decisions to embrace Christianity. Johnson expressed pride in her son’s choice and observed the boys’ genuine enthusiasm.

“I was extremely proud of him because he made the decision on his own. I didn’t have to hold his hand, and he did it because he wanted to do it,” Johnson told the television station. “It was so sweet because you see the boys and they looked like they wanted it,” said Johnson, “You know, like everyone looked excited, from the ones I was able to see. So was cheering thank you, God. Yes, yes, yes. I was all for it.”

Coach Ferrell, a respected figure in the community, received support, with many affirming his positive impact on student-athletes.

While the coach has not publicly addressed his dismissal, he continues to share Bible verses and inspirational messages online. The recent message from the Book of James emphasizes endurance through faith testing for spiritual maturity.

Alert: Major Liberal City To Slash Police Budget to Care for Illegals

New York City Mayor Eric Adams faced a critical decision: allocate funds to support the police department and libraries or direct taxpayer money to undocumented immigrants. He opted for the latter.

Adams unveiled over a billion dollars in substantial budget cuts, resulting in the elimination of summer school and pre-kindergarten programs for children. The city’s police force will now have fewer than 30,000 officers, marking the first time figures have been this low since the 1980s.

In a controversial move, the mayor also announced the closure of several public libraries to provide assistance to undocumented immigrants, citing the need for broader support from Washington, D.C. to address what he termed a national humanitarian crisis.

Adams acknowledged the severe impact of these cuts on the nation’s largest city, stating, “In all my time in government, this is probably one of the most painful exercises I’ve gone through.”

He informed The New York Times that the migrant crisis’s cost was projected to reach nearly $11 billion over two years, contributing to a significant $7 billion gap in the next year’s budget. The immediate implementation of the cuts and the mayor’s ability to enforce hiring freezes were highlighted by city officials.

Law enforcement officials expressed concerns about the potential exacerbation of the city’s existing crime problem. Patrick Hendry, head of the police union, warned, “This is truly a disaster for every New Yorker who cares about safe streets,” emphasizing that the cuts would roll back staffing levels to those witnessed during the crime epidemic of the ’80s and ’90s.

Critics argue that New York City, having embraced sanctuary city status for undocumented immigrants, now faces the consequences of its choices in electing pro-criminal, pro-illegal Democratic leaders. The impact underscores the distinction between an America First agenda and an America Last agenda.

Outrage: Military Member Forced To Prop Up Chinese Flag

There has been widespread discussion on social media regarding a service member spotted holding a Chinese flag at the APEC Summit meeting in San Francisco, sparking significant outrage.

Renowned conservative actor James Woods expressed his concern, stating, “My father fought in the Korean War. I miss him with all my heart, yet I am grateful he never had to see an American serviceman holding a communist Chinese flag.”

Many Americans were appalled at the sight of a member of the Armed Forces seemingly honoring the Communist regime, known for the deaths of millions of innocent people.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik questioned, “Why is an American soldier holding a communist Chinese flag?”

According to Department of Defense guidelines, it is against regulations for service members in uniform and in an official capacity to carry flags of foreign nations, veterans’ groups, or other non-military organizations.

The incident prompted strong reactions from citizens, with one expressing, “Unbelievable. The leadership of Biden is pro any country but America. Every American should be outraged.”

Earlier during the visit, numerous San Francisco streets displayed the Chinese flag, with no American flags in sight, creating a perception as if the Bay Area had been invaded and conquered.

The image of a member of the military in full uniform holding the flag of an adversary stirred comparisons to a modern-day version of Red Dawn.

This State Just Removed ‘So Help Me God’ From Oath

Elected officials in New Jersey will no longer be required to pledge an oath to Almighty God, as the state has agreed to modify its traditional oath of office following a federal lawsuit filed by a Wisconsin-based atheist group.

James Tosone, a non-theist planning to run for Congress in 2024 as a Libertarian, faced challenges due to the religious language in the petition required for candidates running for office in New Jersey. The phrase “so help me, God” posed a conflict for Tosone, preventing him from verifying his candidacy forms with a secular affirmation.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, co-led by Annie Laurie Gaylor, contested this requirement, describing it as a violation of freedom of conscience and an outdated practice. The state swiftly responded by amending its stance and providing guidance on secular affirmations to all New Jersey clerks.

Expressing satisfaction with the state’s response, Tosone remarked, “I’m very happy with the state’s response to my lawsuit and their commitment to follow the Constitution’s ‘no religious test for public office.'”

Gaylor added, “We’re glad that the state of New Jersey saw the error of its stubbornly noninclusive ways,” emphasizing that residents will no longer face a choice between dishonesty or abstaining from running for office.

Regarding the concern about who Tosone might swear to in the absence of religious beliefs, the article humorously suggests possibilities like his pet cat or a shrubbery. It concludes by noting the potential dilemma atheists would face if the case had gone to trial, given the typical requirement for witnesses to affirm their commitment to truth with the phrase “so help you God.”

Democrats Launch Plan To REMOVE GOP Congressman

Congressman George Santos (R-NY) is encountering renewed demands for his resignation following the release of a damning ethics report on Thursday.

The House Ethics Committee made its findings public, accusing Santos of utilizing campaign funds for personal purposes and engaging in fraudulent conduct, among other charges.

In response to the report, Santos issued an extensive statement to defend himself.

Additionally, he is advocating for a constitutional convention under Article V.

Entire Trump Trial Could Be Thrown Out Due To This Key Development…

President Donald Trump is requesting a mistrial in the Democrats’ civil “fraud” case against him in New York. On Wednesday, Trump’s legal team pointed to “tangible and overwhelming” evidence of bias.

In a 30-page motion, Trump alleges that Judge Arthur Engoron participated in extrajudicial activities, including making public comments during the trial and improperly “co-judging” with his law clerk Allison Greenfield. Trump’s lawyers highlight Greenfield’s involvement in “extensive, public partisan activities.”

Trump also criticized the gag orders issued by Engoron, which prevent Trump and others from publicly discussing his staff members, suggesting that these orders were imposed to prevent these matters from becoming public.

“Such evidence, coupled with an unprecedented departure from standard judicial procedure, has tainted these proceedings and a mistrial is warranted,” his lawyers said.

“Specifically, the Court’s own conduct, coupled with the Principal Law Clerk, Allison Greenfield’s (‘Principal Law Clerk’) unprecedented role in the trial and extensive, public partisan activities, would cause even a casual observer to question the Court’s partiality.”

“Thus, only the grant of a mistrial can salvage what is left of the rule of law,” the motion continues.

In early October, Engoron implemented a gag order on Trump following a Truth Social post in which Trump referred to Greenfield as the “girlfriend” of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

As a consequence of violating the order, the judge imposed fines of $5,000 and $10,000.

“The gag orders and the enforcement thereof reveal the Court has christened itself camera stellata: judge, jury, and executioner, proceeding sua sponte to act against President Trump in violation of the Constitution, the Judiciary Law, and First Department rules,” Trump’s lawyers argue.

“This Star Chamber approach is particularly indefensible when the gag orders actually shield the Court itself from public criticism for perceived bias —one of the most fundamental rights under the First Amendment.”

Greenfield, he points out, contributed more than “$3,000 to Democrat candidates and organizations in 2022 and over $900 in 2023,” surpassing the $500 limit permitted for court staff in a single year.

Trump raised concerns about Engoron allowing her to “preside on the bench with him to his right-hand side” during all proceedings.

Additionally, Trump alleged that Engoron’s public sharing of links to articles “disparaging parties and counsel” on the Wheatley School newsletter he manages violates the Code of Judicial Conduct’s prohibition on publicly commenting about a pending case.

During testimony on the witness stand earlier this month, Trump criticized the case as a “political witch hunt” and denounced Engoron’s earlier ruling that he had deceived banks and insurance companies by inflating the value of his net worth as “fraudulent.”

The demand for a mistrial comes in the wake of a video showing Democrat New York Attorney General Letitia James smirking as Don Trump Jr. appeared in court.

President Trump responded strongly to the video, accusing James and her allies of “election interference.”

Top Legal Scholar RIPS Into Barack Obama

A well-known legal scholar and expert on the First Amendment has strongly criticized former President Barack Obama’s recent statements regarding “free speech.”

Obama has faced widespread criticism for attempting to position himself as a champion of free speech.

The former president described himself as nearly absolutist on the First Amendment during a recent interview.

“I’m close to a First Amendment absolutist in the sense that I generally don’t believe that even offensive speech, mean speech, etcetera, it should be certainly not regulated by the government.”

“Absolute nonsense,” George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley fired back.

Turley, a constitutional scholar, has provided testimony on numerous occasions before Congress on matters concerning the U.S. Constitution.

He has also served as legal representation for members of Congress in various court cases.

“While claiming to be a First Amendment [near] absolutist, Obama has supported massive censorship on social media and called for the media to frame news to better educate citizens and shape public opinion,” Turley explained in a column.

“For those of us in the free speech community, those positions make Obama’s recurring claim nothing short of absolute nonsense.”

“In an interview with The Verge Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel, former President Barack Obama once again claimed that he is virtually a ‘First Amendment absolutist’ despite supporting censorship for years, including United Nations efforts to criminalize criticism of religion on a global scale,” Turley explained.

“There are aspects of the Obama terms that I have praised, but his record on free speech is not one of them.”

Obama endorsed a United Nations initiative aimed at globally criminalizing any speech perceived by Muslims as derogatory towards Muhammad.

During that period, there were several proposals to criminalize Christians for stating that Muhammad is not a prophet of Allah or expressing similar sentiments.

Although the overall initiative did not succeed, such prosecutions continue in present-day Muslim-majority nations.

Despite his involvement, Obama asserts that he does not support government regulation of even offensive speech.

Turley continues:

“That is virtually identical to prior statements that ‘I’m pretty close to a First Amendment absolutist’ as he was arguing for social media censorship.

“Notably, Obama avoids calling himself a ‘near free speech absolutist.’

“The distinction is key for Obama and others in supporting massive censorship while virtue signaling that they are tolerant of opposing views.”

“The First Amendment is not synonymous with free speech,” the law professor notes.

“It is only a restriction on government action.

“As emphasized by groups like the ACLU, censorship by private companies is also an attack on free speech.

“As I discuss in my new book, The Indispensable Right, the greatest threat today to free speech is the alliance of government, academic, and business interests in censoring speech.”

ALERT: New York Launches Announces Disturbing Surveillance On Citizens

New York’s Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul has disclosed that the state is implementing surveillance measures in an attempt to address what is termed “hate speech.”

Hochul asserts that the state is engaged in “surveillance efforts” to monitor the social media activities of New Yorkers in order to counteract online “negativity” and “hate speech.”

The governor attributes the collection of data from social media to a surge in anti-Semitic attacks. Hochul shared this information with the media after a meeting with the state’s Jewish leaders, local law enforcement, and federal authorities.

During the subsequent press conference, Hochul outlined her plans to purportedly combat hate crimes.

“It’s painful to me as the governor of this great state — that has been known for its diversity, and how we celebrate different cultures, different religions, different viewpoints — it’s painful to see the cruelty with which New Yorkers are treating each other,” Hochul said.

“Everywhere from college campuses, to our streets, to schools, to playgrounds; even as they’re entering their houses of worship.”

The governor continued by noting that she “immediately deployed the State Police to protect our synagogues and yeshivas and mosques and any other place that could be susceptible to hate crimes or violence.”

“I also announced a significant increase in funding for our efforts: $75 million overall, $50 million for local law enforcement to beef up their efforts as well as $25 million in security grants,” she added.

Since the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7, anti-Semitic hate incidents have witnessed a significant rise across the country.

In New York City, anti-Semitic attacks have surged by almost 331 percent, as reported by data from the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

Hochul proceeded to outline New York’s strategy to identify “incitement to violence” and “direct threats to others” by monitoring social media activity.

“We’re very focused on the data we’re collecting from surveillance efforts – what’s being said on social media platforms.

“And we have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms,” Hochul said.

She insists that no New Yorker “should feel they have to hide any indications of what their religious beliefs are.”