BREAKING: Chauvin Case Update… You Won’t Believe Your Eyes (Video)

Chauvin’s attorney showed police bodycam side-by-side with a Facebook video. It appears the knee is on the shoulder blade.

Last May, just moments after George Floyd was taken away in an ambulance, Derel Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, was confronted by a witness who had an issue with Chauvin allegedly kneeling on Floyd’s neck.

“That’s one person’s opinion,” Chauvin responded as he got into his squad car. “We had to control this guy because he’s a sizable guy. It looks like he’s probably on something.”

Testimony has been heard in the murder trial of eleven witnesses recounting the death of George Floyd.

Chauvin faces multiple charges connected with the May 25 death of Floyd, who died in police custody, second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. The former officer was recorded with his knee allegedly on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, as Floyd said he could not breathe.

During the trial, for the first time, we say other angles of the images appearing to show Derek Chauvin’s knee was actually on George Floyd’s back.

Chauvin’s lawyer posted a viral Facebook video side by side with the police bodycam.

Chief Arrandondo agreed with Chauvin’s attorney that Chauvin’s knee appeared to be on Floyd’s neck in the bystander’s voice but appeared to be on the shoulder blade in the body-cam video.

In opening statements, Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney claimed that George Floyd died from heart problems complicated by a drug overdose and not because of a police officer’s knee on his neck.

A key autopsy report introduced as evidence in pre-trial motions reveals that drugs were found in Floyd’s system.

Images from the report below:

Eric Nelson, the defense attorney, told the jury; the autopsy found “a mixture of methamphetamine and fentanyl.”

“This is what’s called a Speedball, a mixture of an opioid and a stimulant,” Nelson said. “The evidence will show that Mr. Floyd died of a cardiac arrhythmia that occurred as a result of hypertension, his coronary disease, ingestion of methamphetamine and fentanyl, and the adrenaline flowing through his body.”

As the Minneapolis murder trial of Derek Chauvin continues, Chauvin denies all charges against him.

RED ALERT: Chicago Shootings Officially Out of Control [REPORT]

This year, there have been 60 shootings on expressways in Mayor Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago.

This puts Chicago on pace to top the 128 shootings in all of 2020, surpassing the 52 such shootings in 2019.

Illinois State Police is spending $12.5 million to monitor the expressways in response to gun violence.

ABC 7 / Chicago Sun-Times observed 12 people were shot, one fatally, Friday into early Saturday night in Chicago, in non-expressway violence.

The fatality was a 17-year-old boy “sitting in a parked vehicle about 9:45 pm in the 200 block of West 37th Street,” in Bridgeport; the boy was shot and killed.

The Chicago Tribune reports 155 people were killed in Chicago from January 1, 2021, through April 8, 2021. There is an increase of 27 in the same time frame as last year.

BREAKING: Biden Admin ADMITS IT – Mass Citizenship

On Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg declined to rule out the addition of a path to citizenship for DREAMers to President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure package.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “House progressives are calling you to include a path to citizenship for DREAMers in the legislation. Again, I understand this is a principle you think that is worth fighting for. Is that infrastructure?”

Buttigieg said, “That’s not in the plan that we have put forward. Of course, we need to support DREAMers. That’s important as a policy matter in this country. Now, we’re getting into the season where there is going to be a lot of push and pull on. You know how things move in different forms in terms of legislative packaging. That’s what this negotiating process will produce. But the important thing, as the president has repeatedly said, is we can’t do nothing. We can’t wait any longer, and when it comes to this infrastructure package, the American people are ready to go. We have been ready to go for years and years. I think this is the third administration to arrive with the American people clamoring for something to happen on infrastructure. I think this time we can get it done.”

Tapper pressed, “Are you ruling out including a path for citizenship for DREAMers in the infrastructure bill?”

Buttigieg said, “Again, that’s not in the plan that the president has put forward. I will say that we’re hearing a lot of ideas from across the aisle and within our caucus on, you know what to do about the pay-fors, different shapes that the infrastructure package and the transportation infrastructure can take. I think you will find the president is ready to listen to these ideas that are going to come up, for example, in tomorrow’s meeting. But we can’t just sit here. We’ve got roads and bridges deteriorating by the day. America is not in the top 10 when it comes to transportation infrastructure areas that I work on the most. We got to get something done.”

Tapper said, “So I’ll interpret that as your mind is opened as to what else might be in the package.”

BREAKING: Biden Betrays Americans… This is Insane [REPORT]

President Biden’s first budget for border security would discard unspent funds for the wall, then spend extra legalizing more migrants.

The Biden administration announced Friday; it wants $52 billion for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from October 2021 to September 2022.

The pro-migration budget request asks Congress to take money back appropriated in prior years for the construction of the border wall:

The discretionary request includes no additional funding for border wall construction and proposes the cancellation of prior-year balances that are unobligated at the end of 2021.

Biden’s deputies halted the border wall construction; many of the gaps used by migrants could be closed using the unspent money allocated by Congress in 2019 and 2020. Allocated funds not obligated to contractors are more than $1 billion.

Biden’s budget does not ask for extra funds to hire more agents to block and deport the roughly one million migrants seeking American jobs, wages, and schools.

Biden does ask for extra funds to ensure that more border agents and enforcement officers can face threatened or real investigation of claimed crimes:

This funding level also provides $470 million, an additional $84 million over the 2021 enacted level, for the Offices of Professional Responsibility at Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to ensure that DHS workforce complaints, including those related to white supremacy or ideological and non-ideological beliefs, are investigated expeditiously.

The discretionary request proposes increasing funding for the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties to address the press of complaints the office has received but has been unable to process because of staffing shortages.

Biden’s budget wants to ensure DHS and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) welcomes and accelerate the inflow of migrants into American’s blue-collar jobs, housing markets, and K-12 schools:

Restores America’s Promise to Refugees. The discretionary request provides $4.3 billion to the [HHS] Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). This funding level would rebuild the Nation’s refugee resettlement infrastructure and support the resettling of up to 125,000 refugees in 2022, which would represent the highest number of refugees admitted to the United States in 30 years.

Refugees are hired for low-wage jobs in slaughterhouses and retail stores, reducing the need for companies to hire American’s at higher wages.

The budget seeks funds from taxpayers to hire lawyers to guide migrants through American immigration law, past the immigration judges who would return them, straight into legal status:

The discretionary request for [HHS} ORR also reflects a commitment to ensuring unaccompanied immigrant children are unified with relatives and sponsors as safely and quickly as possible and to providing these children with care and services that align with child welfare best practices while they are in ORR’s custody. Such services would include expanded access to counsel [emphasis added] to help children navigate complex immigration court proceedings. In addition, the discretionary request redresses past wrongs by providing resources for critical supportive services—including trauma and mental health services—to children cruelly separated from their families under the previous administration.

DHS should also get more money to accelerate the movement into American’s jobs, according to the budget request:

The discretionary request provides $345 million for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to address naturalization and asylum backlogs [of migrants seeking green cards], support up to 125,000 refugee admissions in 2022, and allow for systems and operations modernization. The discretionary request supports expanded access to the Alternatives to Detention program and provides enhanced case management services, particularly for families seeking asylum.

More money to the Department of Justice to hire pro-migration judges who often stop deportation cases and rubber-stamp requests for green cards and asylum:

In order to address the nearly 1.3 million outstanding cases before the immigration courts, the discretionary request makes an investment of $891 million, an increase of $157 million or 21 percent over the 2021 enacted level, in the Executive Office for Immigration Review. This funding supports 100 new immigration judges, including support personnel, as well as other efficiency measures to reduce the backlog.

The Biden document decares that the budget request “supports the promise of a fair and equitable immigration system that welcomes immigrants and reflects the Nation’s values.”

The funding request would eliminate spending on the border wall — but drastically ramps up spending on Democrats’ pro-migration and other priorities, including “climate change.”

The request wants funding for “Confronts Climate Change and Other Disaster Challenges,” saying:

The discretionary request expands DHS’s work with State and local communities to prepare for the impacts of climate change. The discretionary request invests an additional $540 million above the 2021 enacted level to incorporate climate impacts into pre-disaster planning and resilience efforts. This funding level also supports a resilient infrastructure community grant program, which prioritizes climate resilience projects for vulnerable and historically underserved communities. In addition, the discretionary request continues investments in the incident response workforce to ensure sufficient personnel are trained and available for deployment to help communities respond to future disasters. The discretionary request would also increase the number of FEMA staff equipped to support communities in order to prepare and respond to disasters in an equitable manner.

Revitalizes Research and Development Capacity. The discretionary request proposes $599 million for investments in research, development, and innovation across the Department to lay a strong foundation for securing the American public from future threats. These projects would focus primarily on climate resilience, cybersecurity data analytics, and transportation security technologies.

The opposition is built on the widespread recognition that migration moves money away from most Americans.

WHAT?! Check Out the INSANE Change to Navy’s Official Twitter Account

After noticing the United States Navy logo has a bald eagle wearing a surgical mask. Many turned to Twitter to criticize this decision.

Newsmax TV host Jon Cardillo tweeted: “The eagle in the @USNavy’s logo is wearing a mask. China, Iran, and Russia are pissing their pants laughing at us.”

Also bringing attention to the Navy’s logo, Journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted: “Why did they give the eagle a mask?”

Marine Corps Veteran and former Trump 2020 campaign adviser Jessie Jane Duff tweeted: “Hey @USNavy, looks like China hacked your account.”

The Twitter logo belongs to the service’s official headquarters account.

The masked eagle logo comes as the culture war between conservatives and progressives risks entangling the military.

Recently emphasized by the Navy in its anti-extremism training material, the training side said:

Our Military is Apolitical | Nonpolitical
-The military as an institution is only effective if we have the trust of the public.
-Our Constitution firmly establishes that the military is subordinate to civilian leadership — regardless of a political party.
-Therefore, we are an APOLITICAL (nonpolitical) institution and must remain vigilant in preserving our reputation as an APOLITICAL (nonpolitical) body

Military leaders, mainly from the Army and the Marine Corps, slammed Fox News show host Tucker Carlson for arguing the U.S. military is more focused on accommodating women. At the same time, China is focused on growing its military while making young men more masculine. Conservatives decried they view it as a bias against conservatives.

Mask wearing has become a political issue.  A December 2020 poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows 87 percent of Democrats said they always wear a mask out of the house, compared to 55 percent of Republicans. States like Texas and other red states have lifted their mask mandates. Mask mandates still exist in 28 states, cities, territories, many of them blue states.

BREAKING: Biden’s Numbers Get Released – They’re BAD

Weekly jobless claims rose to 744,000 for the week ending April 3, the Department of Labor reported Thursday.

This is the second week in a row that initial jobless claims moved up contradiction expectations.  Economists forecasted a decline to 680,000 from 719,000 the previous week.  The upper end of the range of forecasts in the Econoday survey was 705,000.

Claims for unemployment benefits recently fell to a pandemic-era low. But they rose again last week, muddying the picture of the US jobs recovery.

Another 744,000 American workers filed first-time claims for unemployment benefits on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to the Labor Department. It was an increase from the week before, but more notably, it was far more claims than economists had predicted.

Economists like to look at the four-week average as jobless claims can be volatile week to week.

Continuing claims, reported with a week’s lag, fell to 3,734,000, a decrease of 16,000 from the week ended March 27.

Including new programs for gig workers and small business owners, the total number of continued weeks claimed for benefits in all programs for the week ending March 20 was 18,194,588, a decrease of only 50,862 from the previous week according to the most recent data available.

Record-breaking claims reached 6.87 million for the week of March 27, more than ten times the previous record. 

Many states eased or eliminated restrictions on businesses, including restaurants and bars, in March. Forty-three states are now mostly open. This has led to a surge in economic activity. The American Rescue Act authorized $1.9 trillion of stimulus money. However, only a tiny fraction of that has been spent so far.

“Jobless claims may bounce around week to week as the recovery takes hold, but we expect they will start to decline more consistently as the economy gains momentum,” Nancy Vanden Houten, lead economist at Oxford Economics, wrote in a note to clients.

She expects a hiring boom in the spring and summer as more businesses fully reopen

But infections have recently been rising, which could be a piece of bad news to workers seeking employment and hiring.

SHOCKING: Russians Believe U.S. Spread Coronavirus as a Biological Weapon

In an interview Thursday, Nikolai Patrushev, Russia Security Council secretary, said American “military biology research” may account for the Chinese coronavirus eruption in Wuhan, China.

Patrushev accused the United States of experiments near the borders of China and Russia with biological weapons. When asked for a comment by Russian newspaper Kommersant regarding World Health Organizations (W.H.O.) failure to identify the Chinese coronavirus source.  At the beginning of 2021, the W.H.O. sent a team to Wuhan, over a year after the initial epidemic began there, seeking evidence to answer how the pandemic started. In the report published after W.H.O., experts visit China; not a single animal was found carrying the Chinese coronavirus.  Tens of thousands of animals in Hubei province were tested.

Patrushev responded to the lack of evidence of the prevalent existence in nature where the pandemic began “the fact” that American biological laboratories exist in Asia, according to a translation of the Kommersant interview Russia’s Foreign Ministry published on Facebook.

“Please note the fact that the number of U.S.-controlled biological laboratories is growing by leaps and bounds around the world. Strangely, they are built near Russian and Chinese borders,” Patrushev said. “They assure us that these are research centers where the Americans help local researchers develop new medications to combat dangerous diseases. Truth be told, the authorities of the countries where these sites are located have no idea what is happening behind their walls.”

“Certainly, we, and our Chinese partners, have questions in this regard,” he continued. “We are being told that peaceful sanitary and epidemiological stations are operating near our borders, but for some reason, they seem more reminiscent of Fort Detrick in Maryland, where the Americans have been working on military biology research for decades. Importantly, outbreaks of diseases that are not typical of these regions are being recorded in neighboring areas.”

No examples of alleged suspicious “outbreaks of disease” his government had documented were not offered by Patrushev.

Fort Detrick, Maryland, houses a U.S. Army laboratory temporarily shut down in November 2019 over a “failure of Fort Detrick’s steam sterilization plant,” according to military officials. It resumed operations in March 2020. The Chinese Communist Party has, for over a year, accused the Fort Detrick site of unleashing the Chinese coronavirus on the world, falsely claiming that cases of lung injuries tied to the use of e-cigarettes, or vapes, in 2019 were secret Chinese coronavirus cases. No evidence suggests any relationship between the lung injuries and Chinese coronavirus and lung injuries are, unlike the Chinese coronavirus, not contagious, meaning no health workers were diagnosed with these injuries after treating patients despite not using infectious disease protocol.

Kommersant asked Patrushev to clarify the alleged Asian biological research sites:  “Are you saying that the Americans are developing biological warfare agents there?”

“We have good reasons to believe that this is exactly the case,” Patrushev answered. The senior Russian official did not identify any site that he considered to be a potential origin source for the Chinese coronavirus or explain how biological weapons testing near the Chinese border would result in a disease outbreak in the heart of the country, nearly a thousand miles from the closest border, without infecting anyone along the way.

Patrushev said Russia would “work with our partners … in the post-Soviet space” to address the issue, adding ominously that “the Americans have issues with chemical weapons, as well.”

Zhao Lijian, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman who first floated the conspiracy theory that the Chinese coronavirus pandemic was the product of U.S. Army work, embraced Patrushev’s remarks during his regular press briefing on Thursday. Zhao, unlike Patrushev, identified Ukraine as a potential location for suspect U.S. Army research facilities.

“I noticed that Russia recently expressed concern once again over the bio-military activities by the U.S. on its own territory, including at Fort Detrick and in other countries like Ukraine. This concern is actually shared by many other countries,” Zhao said. “As China has said repeatedly, relevant U.S. activities are not transparent, safe or justified.”

“We may take Ukraine, for example, which was mentioned by the Russian side. According to openly available reports, the U.S. has set up 16 bio-labs in Ukraine alone,” Zhao claimed. “Why does it need to build so many labs all over the world? What activities has the U.S. military been conducting in these labs and the base at Fort Detrick?”

The W.H.O. report, written in conjunction with Chinese-approved scientists and heavily supervised by authorities with ties to Beijing, addressed the possibility of the virus leaking from a research laboratory but dismissed it as highly unlikely. Wuhan, where the pandemic began, is home to one of the most advanced virology centers in the world, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was known to be studying coronaviruses at the time of the outbreak. The W.H.O. explicitly rejected the idea of a laboratory accident and stated it did not address the potential of a deliberate pathogen release.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the W.H.O., dismissed the agency’s research on the laboratory leak theory in a press conference intended to debut the report.

“The team also visited several laboratories in Wuhan and considered the possibility that the virus entered the human population as a result of a laboratory incident,” Tedros told reporters. “However, I do not believe that this assessment was extensive enough. Further data and studies will be needed to reach more robust conclusions.”

Beijing, previously highly supportive of Tedros, accused him of trying to  “appease Washington” following the remarks.

Certain Russian media commentators don’t share the Kremlin’s sense of restraint. Zvezda, a news outlet funded by the Russian Defense Ministry, published an article late last month titled “Coronavirus: American biological warfare against Russia and China.” The author establishes alleged intent: the virus dealt a blow to the Chinese economy, which weakens Beijing’s negotiating hand in the next round of trade talks to follow the recent signing of the phase one deal between Washington and Beijing.

The famous Russian politician and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), Vladimir Zhirinvoky, told a Moscow radio station that the coronavirus is an experiment by the Pentagon pharmaceutical companies to create localized pandemics that can devastate a select population without spilling over into other countries.

BOMBSHELL: Chauvin Trial Takes a HUGE Unexpected Turn

Prosecution in the Derek Chauvin trial has begun referring to the victim’s
“neck area” rather than his “neck” after the defense points out that Chauvin’s knee was not on the neck the entire encounter.

Chauvin’s defense attorney, Eric Nelson, earlier this week cited “camera perspective bias,” elicited testimony from Chief Medaria Arradondo on cross-examination in which Arradondo agreed that Chauvin places his knee on Floyd’s “shoulder blade” at one point.

Andrew Branca, Legal Insurrection analyst, noted on Wednesday, the prosecution has begun referring to “neck area” as a result:

Nelson began displaying images of the knee placement from different angles showing that Chauvin’s knee appeared to be on Floyd’s shoulders and back rather than on Floyd’s neck. Indeed, Lt. [Johnny]Mercil, the state’s expert on MPD use-of-force training and policy, explicitly agreed on cross-examination that this appeared to be the case.

What’s the state to do when their expert contradicts an essential facet of their criminal conduct narrative?  Move the goals posts, of course.

Today, however, Prosecutor Schleiter and his state-paid use of force expert Stiger began to avoid the claim that Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s neck and instead started referring to Chauvin’s knee being on Floyd’s “neck area.”

What’s the “neck area”?  Well, the shoulders and upper back!

The prosecution has had other elements thrown into doubt on cross-examination.

The media continues to report the trial as if the prosecution had made an irrefutable case.  The Associated Press published its analysis under the headline: “Expert: Chauvin never took knee off Floyd’s neck area.”

Critics fear that the media’s one-sided coverage of the trial could shape public expectations in a way that would encourage outrage if Chauvin is acquitted.

BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden Caught LYING… He’s in Deep Trouble

President Joe Biden issued several executive orders aimed at gun control. Meanwhile, his son Hunter Biden is accused of lying about drug use in background checks for a gun.

According to Politico’s reporting, Hunter Biden lied on his ATF Form 4473, the firearm transaction record and background check form, on October 12, 2018.  When he swore under penalty of $250k fine and ten years imprisonment, he was not a drug user.

Politico managed to obtain a copy of the Firearms Transaction Record and a receipt for the gun in question, dated October 12, 2018. It asked, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” Hunter answered “no” despite his drug use history, which ultimately had him discharged from the Navy Reserve.

“Lying on the form is a felony, though prosecutions for it are exceedingly rare,” 

The Firearms Transaction Record is part of the purchase from federally licensed firearms dealers.  Hunter Biden, last week documented his intense drug use in his new memoir.  He told the interviewer at one point; he smoked parmesan cheese he thought was crack cocaine.

The gun was part of a domestic dispute involving the secret service.  It later disappeared.

Biden’s speech Thursday at the White House cited his other son, the late Deleware Attorney General Beau Biden, who pushed for “red flag” laws. That allows authorities to take guns away from people who have been identified as mentally unstable.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have been denied guns because of background checks,” Biden said, stressing the need. He said that the “vast majority” of the American people and “responsible gun owners” supported stronger background checks.

Biden did not address the fact that his other son Hunter Biden, faces questions for allegedly lying on his background check.

SICK: Governor OKs Chemical Castration of Children

Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) said Tuesday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, The limited government “principles” of Ronald Regan and William Buckley demand that Republicans do not prevent children from undergoing chemical castration genital mutilations.

“Why do you think it’s important for conservatives to make certain that children can block their puberty — be chemically castrated — why is that a conservative value?” Tucker Carlson asked Hutchinson after he vetoed a bill to ban child sex changes and the drugging of children with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

“I go back to William Buckley, I go back to Ronald Reagan, to principles of our party, which believes in a limited role of government,” Hutchinson said. “Are we as a party abandoning a limited role of government and saying we’re going to invoke the government’s decision-making over and above physicians, over and above health care, over and above parents and say, you can’t do that, you cannot engage in that?”

Imagine thinking Ronald Reagan would have defended chemical castration of children and child sex changes!

Tuesday, the GOP-controlled House and Senate overrode Hutchinson’s veto.  Arkansas is the first state in America to ban the liberal lunacy.

These “limited government principles” are only cited by TruCons when enacting policies actually to help the American people.