SHOCKING: Leaked Video & Photos – Inside Biden’s Migrant Camps

Photos released Monday from James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and sent taunts to the White House for denying the media access to such facilities for weeks.

As Breitbart News reported, President Joe Biden and his administration have denied the media access, even during tours by senior administration officials.  Officials have been restricted from sharing information with reporters.

Axios, released Monday,  the first photographs from the present wave of migrants, noting that the photographs came from Rep. Harry Cuellar (D-TX).  O’Keefe was apparently prompted to release his photographs and video footage on his social media and at the Project Veritas website.

White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki was called out for deflecting questions from the media about when journalists would be allowed to visit the facilities and see the conditions for themselves.

Last Thursday, Psaki continued to claim that “the White House and we all in the administration support finding a way to grant access to the media,” but declined to do so, even as she continued to defend Biden’s commitment to transparency.

The reason the media has not been granted access, as claimed by Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, is concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

Bombshell: Trump Was Right – Biden Admits It

Control has been lost at the southern border by President Joe Biden; fellow Democrats admit as chaos erupts.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings said in a Tweet. “Thursdays encounters pushed RGV’s weekly total over 10,000 apprehensions.  March monthly totals are over 34,000 for RGV Sector alone.”

Just two days prior, Hasting’s tweeted his agents apprehended 19 large groups of more than 100 migrants since the beginning of the year.

Illegal migrants apprehended after crossing the border from Mexico exploded during the first whole month of President Biden in office.

Nearly 100,000 illegal migrants have been apprehended crossing the southwest border into the United States in February.

According to the Southwest Border Land Encounters report, in February, Rio Grande Valley Sector agents apprehended 10,489 Family Unit Aliens. It is not clear from Chief Hastings’ tweet how many of March’s more than 34,000 migrant apprehensions were family units.

Brandon Judd, union president representing U.S. Border Patrol agent in a recent appearance with Fox News, refers to the current situation as the worst of his career. 

“I’m going on 24 years as an active Border Patrol agent, and I can tell you that I’ve never seen a day-to-day, week-over-week increase like what we are currently seeing right now,” Judd said.

“We’ve dealt with these kind of numbers in the past, we’ve dealt with them in the early 2000s, we dealt with them in 2014, we dealt with them in 2019. But, what we didn’t see during that time is we didn’t see the rapid increase like what we’re seeing right now.”

“So we’ve got this very serious problem,” Judd added, and “the American public should be very concerned about what is currently going on at the border because if this increase continues to go on, we will apprehend more people than we’ve ever apprehended in any year in the history of the United States Border Patrol.”

Rio Grande Valley Sector has been overwhelmed, Biden administration officials turn to release migrant families after a quick interview process.  The migrant families are released without a Notice to Appear before the immigration court, Breitbart Texas Randy Clark reported Sunday Morning.

Biden was pledging to reverse former President Trump’s immigration policies, claiming them ineffective and inhumane.

Mexican officials note that Biden is wrong; Trump’s policies worked to deter illegal immigration.

The New York Times, in a recent piece about the U.S. helping its northern and southern neighbors with COVID-19 vaccines, noted, “The Biden administration’s appeal to do more against migration has put Mexico in a difficult position. While Mr. Trump strong-armed Mexico into militarizing the border, some Mexican officials argue that his harsh policies may have at times helped lessen their load by deterring migrants from attempting to make the journey north.”

But Biden’s open-borders policy is reversing that – forcing Mexico to adopt Trump-era policies.

Reuters reported on March 17, “Mexico is preparing to significantly reinforce efforts to detain U.S.-bound migrants who illegally cross its border with Guatemala, in response to a jump in people trying to enter the United States.”

“The people familiar with the plan said Mexico would deploy security forces to cut the flow of migrants, the bulk of whom come from Central America’s so-called Northern Triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, whose economies were battered by the coronavirus pandemic and hurricanes last year.”

Reuters noted that Mexico’s militarized police, which helped cut the flow in 2019 as Judd referenced, and did as after Trump leaned hard on Mexico to curtail illegal immigration at the source, would conduct border operations that “will be more frequent, more continuous,” an unidentified Mexican source told Reuters.

According to Reuters, “A sense of urgency has mounted within the Biden administration especially over increasing numbers of unaccompanied minors apprehended there. In Washington, a person familiar with the matter said the U.S. administration has seen a growing need for Mexico to do more to secure its southern border but has steered clear of making demands or direct requests for action.”

Reuters continued, “Biden’s aides want to avoid Trump’s heavy-handed approach to Mexico, preferring a more respectful tone, but bilateral discussions have touched on how to curb the flow from the Northern Triangle. … Mexican officials had anticipated a sharp escalation in immigration under Biden, with one ruefully noting last month that it would force Mexico ‘to be the bad guys again.'”

BREAKING: Gov. Kristi Noem Sends Transgender Bill BACK – Refuses to Sign

A bill designed to prevent biological men from competing in biological women’s sports was sent back to the South Dakota legislature for changes by Gov. Kristi Noem (R).

After the measure was reviewed for nearly ten days, Noem took issue with “style and form” within the bill, stating she will sign if lawmakers agree to the changes.

House Bill 1217, titled “promote continued fairness in women’s sports,” had passed the South Dakota Senate on March 8. 

Noem’s critics perceive her rejection of the bill in its current state as backtracking in an attempt to appease outside entities.  President of the American Principles Project Foundation, Terry Schilling, implied that Noem faces pressure from the state Chamber of Commerce, social media post “If you can’t stand up to the chamber of commerce, how the hell will you stand up to China”:

Confirmed by South Dakota Chamber of Commerce President David Owen, business groups pressured the governor about the bill. Boycotts were threatened if the bill should become law.   “Employers view the workforce as a place of inclusion,” Owen told the outlet. “They’ve made it clear to us they won’t support groups that help pass laws that blindly discriminate in certain areas.”

Noem said in a letter Friday, after consulting with legal experts, she had “become concerned that this bill’s vague and overly broad language could have significant unintended consequences.” 

Noem argued the bill would cause collegiate athletics in her state to suffer because the “national governing bodies” — most notably the National Collegiate Athletic Association — would require compliance with their organizations’ policies that conflict with those of House Bill 1217. “South Dakota has shown that our student-athletes can compete with anyone in the country,” Noem wrote, “but competing on the national stage means compliance with the national governing bodies that oversee collegiate athletics.”

“While I certainly do not always agree with the actions these sanctioning bodies take, I understand that collegiate athletics requires such a system – a fifty-state patchwork is not workable,” she added.

Noem also said the current bill is worded so that students could be sued for using performance-enhancing drugs, including anabolic steroids, for reasons that extend beyond the bill’s intended scope. The annual confirmation and ongoing monitoring for accuracy of students’ age, sex, and use of performance-enhancing drugs places an “unworkable administrative burden on schools.”

She concluded, “Overall, these style and form clarifications protect women sports while also showing empathy for youths struggling with what they understand to be their gender identity.”

Noem said she supports the bill and intends to sign it once the requested changes are made.

SHOCKING: Biden Admin Officials CLASH With China Diplomat (Video)

Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi criticized U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Alaska, Citing the Black Lives Matter Movement on U.S. human rights abuses.

The summit was the first bilateral meeting between the two countries under President Joe Biden. 

The White House insisted that the summit take place on home soil.  Press Secretary Jen Psaki promised Thursday, concerns about human rights in China would be brought up by the U.S.

But when Blinken spoke of the “rules-based international order,” and expressed “deep concerns” with China’s behavior in “Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyberattacks on the United States, economic coercion toward our allies,” Jiechi struck back.  Jiechi said,  “We hope that the United States will do better on human rights. The fact is that there are many problems within the United States regarding human rights, which the U.S. itself admits,” he said in a 15-minute speech that appeared to irritate Blinken.

He added that U.S. Human rights issues were “deep-seated… and did not just emerge over the past four years, such as black lives matter”.

While objecting to what he called a violation of diplomatic protocol, he said the U.S. could not lecture China from a position of strength.

Jiechi made claims that the U.S. had “deep-seated” human rights problems:

China is firmly opposed to U.S. interference in China’s internal affairs … On human rights, we hope the United States will do better on human rights. China has made steady progress in human rights, and the fact is that there are many problems within the United States regarding human rights, which is admitted by the U.S. itself as well. … The challenges facing the United States in human rights are deep-seated. They did not just emerge over the past four years, such as “Black Lives Matter.” It did not come up only recently.

Blinken stated that in discussions with allies, he hears “deep satisfaction that the United States is back, that we’re re-engaged with our allies and partners,” and “deep concerns about some of the actions your government is taking.”

He added that a “hallmark” of American “leadership” was that the U.S. was willing to admit its mistakes — that it was engaged in “a constant quest to form a more perfect union,” but confronted its challenges “openly” and “transparently.”

SHOCK REPORT: Biden Admin Actively Violating Human Rights (VIDEO)

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), citing a report but not specifying a name, said that migrants in the country illegally are mistreated in temporary facilities.

“I just read a report that some of the children don’t have food, they aren’t being able to shower, they’re being held for more than 72 hours without going to Office of Refugee Resettlement, they aren’t being given access to lawyers,” Khanna said in an interview on MSNBC’s This Week with Joshua Johnson.

“These are human rights violations,” Khanna said. “We need to expedite and make sure they’re allowed to apply for asylum. We need to expedite their reunification with families and put them in a place that isn’t behind bars as unaccompanied minors and at least has food and proper shelter.”

Khanna was interview because his district may house migrant minors at NASA’S Moffett Field.

Khanna said he told officials they needed to “meet a very high standard” to care for the children if Moffett Field was to be used. He urged Congress to “fund the refugee resettlement places” to ensure children have access to “proper care” as they apply for asylum.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) said he visited a Texas facility that has been used for years and the conditions were good, reports Breitbart News.

First of all, let me say about the place – they set up places where they have a place for legal services,” Cuellar said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR). “They have a place there for education, where they do long-distance learning, medical and cafeteria. They’re not cages. I can tell you that much,” Cuellar said. “But it’s a facility that’s being run by a vendor, a contractor that’s been doing this for many years. And FEMA uses them, and, of course, HHS uses them also.”

“I can tell you it’s not a concentration camp by far,” Cuellar said in the interview. “It is not a – you know, kids are being kept in cages. We saw where they slept. We saw where they shower. We saw where they get educated. We saw where they get legal services. We saw where they were first brought in and given new clothes and – so they can be here. So, you know, with all due respect, it’s not that at all.”

Unaccompanied Alien Children taken into custody totals 9.297 in February 2021, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

BOMBSHELL: Biden Makes His Move on Gun Control

President Joe Biden looks to remove “liability shields” protecting gun manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits, states White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

The Associated Press did an overview of current gun control.  Both H.R.8 and H.R.1466 have passed in the House and Senate.

H.R.8 puts into place universal background checks; private gun sales via the internet would be a crime.   As well as the expansion of point of sales background checks.

H.R.1446 extends the current period of time the FBI has for an instant background check. Currently, it is three business days; it would extend to at least ten business days.

Paski was quoted by the AP saying President Biden is eager “to advance priorities” on the gun control push.

She added Biden’s priorities include “repealing gun manufacturers’ liability shields.”

Feb 25, 2020, Biden told gun manufacturers “I’m coming for you.”

Although Biden is a gun owner himself, he has supported a stricter interpretation of the Second Amendment.

The NRA believes that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris “want to destroy the Second Amendment.

BREAKING: Quadruple Homicide Following Argument over Biden’s Stimulus Check (Video)

Saturday, following an argument over Biden’s stimulus check, an Indianapolis man allegedly shot and killed four people.

ABC News reports 25-year-old Malik Halfacre allegedly argued with his girlfriend over the check then shot and killed four people ages “7, 23, 35, and 44.”

One adult woman, who was also shot and hospitalized in critical condition, identified the suspect as her boyfriend, Milak Halfacre.  She told police Halfacre had left the residence after the shooting with the couple’s six-month-old daughter.

The daughter was found the next day at Halfacre’s sister’s house; law enforcement was notified that Halfacre’s friends allegedly assisted him in hiding. Police found Halfacre “in an attic of an Indianapolis home,” where he was arrested

Halfacre allegedly told police he and his girlfriend “were arguing because he wanted some of her stimulus check.”

According to the affidavit obtained by ABC News, Moore took the money and his girlfriend’s purse when he left. 

Halfacre’s wounded girlfriend sought help from a neighbor Saturday night after Halfarce fled the scene with an infant.

The neighbor identified the wounded girlfriend as Jeanettrius Moore. Moore works at a beauty supply store to support her two daughters. The neighbor said Moore told her that “her baby daddy shot her. And he shot her, her mother, and the kids. She said she was the only person who got away.”

According to the affidavit obtained by ABC News, Moore took the money and his girlfriend’s purse when he left. 

He was booked in the Marion County Jail and charged with murder, attempted murder and robbery.

NEWSFLASH: Dem Hypocrites Challenge THIS Certified Election Win

Rita Hart (D-IA) is attempting to overturn 2020 election results and depriving voters of Iowa, Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) told Breitbart News on Sunday.

Miller-Meeks stated her opponent is asking the Democrat-majority House Committee on Administration to overturn the election results.  In Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, 394,439 people cast votes in the 2020 election. Ultimately, Miller-Meeks won by six votes.  Hart argues that the 22 Democrat ballots that were deemed illegitimate should have been counted. Therefore, she would win the election.

“They are disenfranchising 400,000 voters,” Miller-Meeks determined. “They are disenfranchising all of these voters by this process.”

“What my opponent’s campaign did was avail themselves to a provision of the Constitution that says Congress will seat its members, and appeal to the House Committee on Administration to overturn the election based upon 22 ballots that … in all likelihood would have been rejected by Iowa courts,” Miller-Meeks commented. “That takes it from a campaign election process with an election law to a political process, and it’s a partisan political process.”

Hart is asking the Democrat-majority House of Representatives to overturn the certified election results, reported by the Des Moines Register:

But Hart has claimed in a petition filed to the U.S. House of Representatives that 22 legally cast ballots were not counted and could have swayed the outcome of the race. She is asking the Democrat-controlled body to weigh in on the contest and determine its outcome — a move that has drawn the ire of Republicans who argue the issue should be settled in the Iowa courts.

Miller-Meeks remarked, “So basically, what my opponent is now doing is asking the Democrats who are in control of Congress to overturn an election that was duly certified duly recounted — the election was counted, recounted, certified — and to toss all that out in favor of her.”

Miller-Meeks explained the election’s initial results and recounts.

“When the 24 counties in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District had their official county campus, which is one week after the election, I was still declared the winner,” she remarked. “I was still ahead, and then our opponent requested a recount in Iowa.  There are recount boards in every county. Each candidate gets to pick a person, and then they’re supposed to agree upon a third person, and if they don’t agree upon a third person, then it’s appointed by the district judge.”

She continued, “It was made known to us right away that our opponent’s representative on the recount board was not going to agree to anybody we put forward, even when we suggested, in some counties, someone from the county auditor’s office — that we didn’t even know — be the third person, and my opponent disavowed that. Nonetheless, throughout this recount process and  everything that went on, I still came out ahead by six votes.”

“The ballots are looked at in accordance with Iowa law, and so all of the legal ballots were counted,” she added. “All of those ballots were put in place. I was still ahead at every single juncture. I was ahead of my opponent, and so then, at the end of November, I was certified the winner of that election by a bipartisan — three Republicans, two Democrats — executive council, one of whom is our state auditor who is a Democrat.”

She went on, “At that juncture, my opponent could have asked the Iowa courts to look at any ballots that they were concerned about. They did not do that. They did not avail themselves of that opportunity, and we think they didn’t because they would have lost in a court and an Iowa court.”

Twenty-Two votes that have been repeatedly deemed illegitimate by Iowa are what Hart’s campaign and legal ream ask House Democrats to count.

Miller-Meeks stated, “The recount board … determined that these were illegitimate ballots when they were originally tallied. They were determined to be illegitimate ballots at the county canvas, and then the recount board determined that they were illegitimate ballots. … At three junctures during the election, they were determined to be illegitimate invalid ballots.”

Hart’s campaign is being represented by Marc Elias, attempting to overturn the certified election results of Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

“If Mark Elias and Rita Hart wanted these ballots to be determined to be legitimate ballots, or if they thought there were irregularities, they should have gone to Iowa courts to ask the court to intervene and intercede,” Miller-Meeks said, “but they didn’t do that, and there’s a reason they didn’t do that. There’s a reason they went from an election law process to a partisan political process.”

Miller-Meeks warned of national implications of the overturning her win and installing her opponent as the representative for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

“Every single Democrat voted to seat every representative on January 3, including me,” she noted. “No one made a contest. No one made a motion that I should not be seated [or that] I should not be sworn in. … Think about the precedent that this sets: You have someone who is elected, someone who is ahead at the juncture of a county canvas, someone who is ahead after a recount, and someone who is certified by a bipartisan executive council; of their state.”

She continued, “My opponent could have appealed to the courts in Iowa, and she bypassed that to then ask Congress to overthrow those certified election results, and she deliberately … skipped over the Iowa courts because she knew she would lose in Iowa courts, and then it would have been worse for her appealing to the House Committee on Administration if the court had not ruled in her favor.”

“It sets a bad precedent because if Congress is going to over overturn elections,” Miller-Meeks concluded, “Then what hope is there for any of us? It’s not just an Iowa thing. It’s not about me personally. This has ramifications for all of us and in every state.”

The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), told Breitbart News that she is “open to a ‘scenario’ in which the Democrat-run House of Representatives would overturn a close Republican win.”

SHOCKING: Violent Protests ERUPT – Mass Chaos

Protest marking the first anniversary of the shooting death of Breonna Taylor turned violent Saturday night.  The protest turned into riots in Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

Protesters clashed with police in three West Coast cities. Protesters threw rocks at police, police vehicles were vandalized, and businesses had windows smashed.

The escalation of violence and attempts by the police to contain the violence were caught on video and posted on Twitter.




SHOCKING: Media Blocked – During Border Tour by Biden Admin

According to Law enforcement, the acting head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is touring the Del Rio Sector of the southern border. 

CBP denied Breitbart Texas’s formal request to speak with CBP Senior Official Troy Miller about his observations of the border tour and the plans Biden’s administration has to address them. “Sorry, but this is strictly a no-media visit” was the sharp response from CBP when asked if Acting Commissioner would allow a media visit and answer questions.  The Biden administration is tightly controlling the messaging on an ever-growing immigration crisis, as previously reported.

 The CPB released a statement regarding recent apprehensions along the border; Miller stated,” Due to COVID -19 restrictions, the border is not open, and the vast majority of people are being returned under title 42.  Do not believe smugglers or others claiming otherwise.”

The tour makes one wonder if it is open or not.

There is overcrowding not seen in recent years in many Border Patrol facilities.  The lightning speed reversals of Trump policies and anticipated amnesty plans draw migrants to the southern border in extraordinary numbers.

In February, CBP reported nearly 100,000 migrants apprehended.  Numbers this high were last seen in February 2006.

Sources say that VIP visits are announced on a “need to know” basis.  Field agents are no longer invited to hear leadership offer words of encouragement.  In stark contrast to the previous administration, high profile tours, news media is now uninvited.

The Biden Administration’s approach of “nothing to see here” media relations and the immigration crisis’s secrecy may not work for long.