Alert: Liberal Students Across U.S. Make Disgusting New Move

(TStarnes) – Students at George Washington University held a grossly offensive protest in support of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. That attack left over a thousand Israelis dead.

The pro-terrorist students at GWU projected messages on the wall of the campus library.

“Glory to Our Martyrs,” one message read.

The @StopAntisemitism Twitter account is now calling on George Washington University President Ellen M. Granberg “to immediately expel those involved.”

The university released a statement:

On Tuesday evening, the university became aware of several unauthorized projections on a campus building. The projections on the university’s library violated university policy, and leadership intervened to ensure that these projections were removed.

The statements made by these individuals in no way reflect the views of the university. We are reviewing this incident and will take any appropriate steps with respect to the individuals involved in accordance with university policies.

We recognize the distress, hurt, and pain this has caused for many members of our community. The university will continue to communicate with all members of its community about the support resources available during this difficult time.

President Granberg will be communicating directly with the university community on this matter.


Imagine being a Jewish student at George Washington University. And then imagine having to walk across campus in the dark of night knowing there are classmates who want to kill you. Imagine having to take a class for your degree and the professor is pro-Palestinian. Imagine having to live in fear every single day on American soil.

That’s not right, America. That’s not right.

Breaking: DeSantis Just Took A BOLD Stand For Israel

(TStarnes) – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered the chancellor of the State University System of Florida to deactivate the “Students for Justice in Palestine” group.

The anti-Semitic organization had sent out a “toolkit” inviting members to aid Hamas in their terrorist attacks against Israel.

“Based on the National SJP’s support of terrorism, in consultation with Governor DeSantis, the student chapters must be deactivated,” state university system Chancellor Ray Rodrigues wrote Tuesday. “The state contends that the groups are violating a state law that makes it felony to “knowingly provide material support … to a designated foreign terrorist organization.”

The student groups have made statements supportive of Hamas’s Oct. 7 terrorist attack in Israel.

“National SJP has affirmatively identified it is part of the Operation Al-Aqsa Flood—a terrorist led attack,” Rodrigues wrote Tuesday.

At least two universities in Florida had group chapters.

“During a holy Jewish holiday, the recognized terrorist organization, Hamas, launched an unprovoked attack on Israel – among those killed were babies, women, and elderly,” Rodrigues said.

WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre Caught Trying to Gaslight America

(SNews) – Democrat President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre provoked a backlash from all sides when she appeared to downplay a rise in anti-Semitism.

During Monday’s White House press briefing, Jean-Pierre was asked about the rise in anti-Semitism following the recent attacks against Israel from Islamic terrorist group Hamas.

However, rather than address the issue, Jean-Pierre refused to comment and, instead, swiftly pivoted to condemn anti-Muslim attacks.

Following a widespread backlash, Jean-Pierre is now trying to gaslight the American people by claiming she didn’t hear the question.

“Yes, I did mishear the question,” Jean-Pierre said in a statement.

“As I have footstomped many times from the podium and on the air, anti-Semitism is an abomination that this president has fought against his entire life; and I feel strongly about that work.

“That’s why, in the briefing room, I have blasted the repulsive increase in anti-Semitic rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and hate crimes in our nation, calling out that, tragically, this is a rising threat,” she claimed.

“And it’s a threat the president is taking concrete action every day to fight.”

The ordeal began when Jean-Pierre was asked about President Biden’s “level of concern” about anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism, specifically among Muslim and left-wing groups, has bubbled up across America since Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on October 7.

“We have not seen any credible threats, I know there’s always questions about credible threats, and so I just want to make sure that’s out there,” Jean-Pierre said, seemingly responding to the question that she didn’t “mishear.”

“But look, Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks, and certainly President Biden understands that many of our Muslim, Arab, Arab-American, and Palestinian-American loved ones and neighbors are worried about the hate being directed at their communities and that is something you heard the president speak to in his address just last Thursday,” Jean-Pierre added.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt posted on Twitter/X that he had “no clue” what Jean-Pierre was trying to say.

“Of course, all hate crimes are bad, but the question was about antisemitism,” Greenblatt wrote.

“@ADL has tracked a massive increase in antisemitic incidents in the past 2 weeks – on top of the historic levels of anti-Jewish hate we’ve already been seeing.

“From college campuses to social media, workplaces to public spaces, there’s an antisemitism crisis in America,” Greenblatt continued.

“More people will get hurt if this doesn’t stop.

“This is not a matter of politics but of good vs. evil.

“I’m glad @POTUS gets it – but there should be no confusion here.”

Greenblatt’s ADL has kept a running list of antisemitic incidents worldwide, listing everything from Holocaust memorials being defaced to death threats against a Jewish family.

The group reported over 100 anti-Semitic incidents in the United States since the October 7 terrorist attack in Israel by Hamas.

In addition, there have been multiple caught-on-camera incidents of people tearing down posters meant to raise awareness for the kidnapped Israeli civilians who were taken by Hamas terrorists.

Greenblatt wasn’t the only person stunned by Jean-Pierre’s answer on Monday.

Fox News Radio host Guy Benson wrote, “No credible threats?

“It’s *everywhere* right now.”

Journalist Yashar Ali called Jean-Pierre’s answer “odd.”

“It’s not an issue that she talked about Muslims and Arabs, rather that she seemingly dismissed antisemitism threats,” Ali wrote.

He also shared a clip from earlier this year of Jean-Pierre discussing the White House’s plan to combat anti-Semitism.

Fox News’ Joe Concha quoted a clip of Jean-Pierre’s answer and simply wrote, “What the actual hell?”

Many others pointed out that there have been “gas the Jews” chants, while others responded with personal stories of recent anti-Semitism.

Author Christina Hoff Sommers asked, “Might she have misheard?”

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) blasted the “weak” answer from Jean-Pierre.

“What a weak answer,” Moskowitz wrote.

“And why are you looking in the book?

“What’s the approved answer?

“The simple answer is yes, you are concerned about the rise of antisemitism.

“Of course, we are also worried about hatred against Muslim Americans. Must do better.”

During another exchange on Monday, Jean-Pierre insisted the White House would “always” denounce anti-Semitism.

However, she seemingly defended pro-Hamas demonstrations by arguing that Americans have a right to peacefully protest.

The press secretary also responded to the criticism herself on social media, responding to Ali’s video of her widely panned answer.

“To be clear: the President and our team are very concerned about a rise in antisemitism, especially after the horrific Hamas terrorist attack in Israel,” Jean-Pierre wrote.

Republicans Caught Secretly Conspiring to Install RINO Speaker

(TStarnes) – Ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is conspiring with Establishment Republicans to install an anti-Trump, anti-MAGA Speaker. The former House Speaker has thrown his support behind Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) in the speakership race.

McCarthy and Emmer worked together to pull funding from pro-Trump congressional candidates – a move that many blame for the 2022 midterm disaster. What was supposed to be a red wave turned out to be a trickle.

“Tom Emmer is an absolute never Trump politician,” a GOP strategist told Breitbart News. “He failed to secure the red wave. Worked for a Soros-funded group. Trashed President Trump to candidates and donors. He is Nancy Pelosi in a suit, but with less balls to do anything.”

In the summer of 2019, Emmer defended Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) after patriots at a Trump rally chanted, “Send her back.”

“Tom Emmer has defended Ilhan Omar more than he has President Trump, which is all you need to know,” the top Trump ally said. “If you care about President Trump and America First policies, you should reject RINO Never Trumper Tom Emmer. He’s literally the worst.”

On Sunday McCarthy was asked on NBC’s Meet the Press whether he still identified as a MAGA Republican. He declined to answer the question.

From Time magazine:

As the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee in 2022, he reportedly implored Republican candidates in the midterms to distance themselves from Trump. And he’s been telling GOP donors that he won’t support Trump’s 2024 presidential primary campaign. “You can’t have the majority leader of the Republican Party being very anti-Trump and against his agenda,” one source close to Trump tells TIME. “That’s just not going to work. There’s no trust there.”


House Republicans will meet later today behind closed doors to select a nominee. The official candidate list includes Jack Bergman (MI) Byron Donalds (FL) Tom Emmer (MN) Kevin Hern (OK) Mike Johnson (LA) Dan Meuser (PA) Gary Palmer (AL) Austin Scott (GA) Pete Sessions (TX)

WATCH: Trump Takes BOLD Stand To Protect America

(TStarnes) – President Trump dropped some truth bombs on the dangerous illegals who have invaded our nation.

“If you hate America, if you want to abolish Israel, if you don’t like our religion — which a lot of them don’t — if you sympathize with jihadists, then we don’t want you in our country and you are not getting in,” the former president said at a New Hampshire campaign stop today.

“A vote for Crooked Joe is a vote to turn the United States into a hotbed of jihadists and make our cities into dumping grounds very much resembling the Gaza Strip,” Trump said. “Have you been to the Gaza Strip?”

He continued, “A vote for President Trump is a vote to secure the border and it’s a vote to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country,” before vowing to “immediately restore and expand the Trump travel ban” and “halt all of the refugee settlements to the United States” on “day one” of his presidency.

Following is the president’s full quote:

They want to come in, they want to bring the same people that are shooting rockets at Israel, they want to come into the United States. I don’t think a lot of good things are going to happen. And I will implement strong ideological screening of all immigrants. If you hate America, if you want to abolish Israel, if you don’t like our religion — which a lot of them don’t — if you sympathize with jihadists, then we don’t want you in our country and you are not getting in.

Just In: Far-Left Mob Descends On White House

(CBrief) – A furious mob descended on President Joe Biden’s White House, and they had a frightening message for him.

The massive protest happened on Friday as the crowd accused Israel of “genocide” against Palestinians and accused the president of being complicit.

NewsNation reporter Kellie Meyer captured a photo of the protests and shared t on X, formerly Twitter, and described what the crowd was doing.

“A large pro Palestine protest grows outside the White House, as President Biden is scheduled to leave the White House at 4:40 pm Et for a campaign reception in DC. Calls of ‘shame on you,’” she said.

The group was chanting “Biden, Biden you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide!” as the president’s motorcade left the White House for a reception, reporter Virginia Allen said.

Other reporters shared videos of the protest, which was peaceful but massive, and it was not the first this past week.

Israeli’s war against Hamas continued to divide Americans on Monday, as more than 30 people were arrested following a protest at the White House.

The demonstrations were led by Jewish groups, specifically the IfNotNow Movement and Jewish Voice for Peace groups, according to ABC 7 News.

“Protesters were seen wearing articles of Jewish religious clothing and holding signs citing their Jewish faith as a reason to oppose the war. Demonstrators were arrested by Secret Service agents, who told the outlet the arrests were due to them crossing safety barriers or blocking entrances near the White House,” the Washington Examiner reported, citing the local ABC outlet.

The reports said that the IfNotNow Movement publicized the protest ahead of time, and demonstrators met at Farragut Square around noon. The demonstration was billed as one to “Stop Genocide of Palestinians.” The organization describes itself as “a movement of American Jews organizing our community to end U.S. support for Israel’s apartheid system and demand equality, justice, and a thriving future for all Palestinians and Israelis.”

“With every passing day, hour, and minute, the Israeli military is making good on its promise to ‘open the gates of hell’ on the 2 million Palestinians trapped under Israeli siege in Gaza,” said a notice from the Jewish Voice for Peace group, per the Examiner.

“The loss of life over the last week has been staggering — almost too big to hold. But we must act now because the Israeli government is plowing forward toward a fully genocidal attack on Palestinians in Gaza. We must demand a ceasefire now,” the notice continued, the outlet reported.

The Biden White House and most members of Congress have pledged support for Israel, the United States’ principal ally in the Middle East, following a surprise attack by the Iran-backed terrorist group Hamas earlier this month.

The attack began with the launch of thousands of rockets from Gaza into Israel and included Hamas fighters invading Israeli communities near the Gaza border, slaughtering hundreds of unarmed men, women, and children. More than 1,100 Israelis have been killed so far, according to various reports.

Israeli declared war on Hamas shortly after the attacks, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to wipe out Hamas as an organization.

President Joe Biden addressed the attacks last week shortly after they began.

“You know, there are moments in this life — and I mean this literally — when the pure, unadulterated evil is unleashed on this world,” he said. “The people of Israel lived through one such moment this weekend. The bloody hands of the terrorist organization Hamas — a group whose stated purpose for being is to kill Jews.

“This was an act of sheer evil,” he continued. “More than 1,000 civilians slaughtered — not just killed, slaughtered — in Israel. Among them, at least 14 American citizens killed. Parents butchered using their bodies to try to protect their children. Stomach-turning reports of being — babies being killed. Entire families slain. Young people massacred while attending a musical festival to celebrate peace — to celebrate peace. Women raped, assaulted, paraded as trophies.”

Breaking: Trump RIPS Into New York AG

(CBrief) – Former President Donald Trump is outraged at New York Attorney General Letitia James’s civil fraud lawsuit for several reasons, one of which is because he sees it as blatant election interference.

Trump took verbal aim at James when he left the Manhattan courtroom where his trial is being held last week, ripping her for keeping him “stuck” in the city and off the campaign trail.

“I’m here, stuck here, and I can’t campaign. I’d rather be right now in Iowa. I’d rather be in New Hampshire or South Carolina or Ohio or a lot of other places. But I’m stuck here because I have a corrupt attorney general that communicates with the DOJ in Washington to keep me nice and busy because I’m leading Biden in the polls by a lot,” Trump said, according to Fox News.

He also accused James of colluding with President Biden’s Justice Department to keep him tied up with legal cases and out of early primary states.

“This is election interference. They made up a fake case, these fraudulent people. And the judge already knows what he’s going to do. He’s a Democrat judge. In all fairness to him, he has no choice,” Trump added. “I know this city better than anybody who knows this city.

“Nobody knows it like I do. He’s a Democrat judge out of the clubhouses, he’s controlled, and it’s a shame. What’s going on here is a shame. Our whole system is corrupt. This is corrupt, Atlanta is corrupt, and what’s coming out of D.C. is corrupt,” Trump noted further.

The 45th president went on to blast James for campaigning on a platform to ‘get’ him after a brief failed run for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 2021. She was caught on video pledging to target Trump and his businesses, specifically while he was still president.

Eric Trump shared the video of James promising to take down Trump on his Instagram page.

“This is not the United States Legal System – this is third-world prosecutorial misconduct. Promising to target a political opponent and their family before even entering office – it’s hard to believe this is America. Letitia James may go down as the most politically corrupt Attorney General in New York history,” he said in the video’s caption.

“Stay Tuned… we have sued her for her unethical behavior and a judge will see every one of these videos, her viciousness, and the pure malice of her actions and statements. More to come: Tomorrow may just be a video of James ad-libbing the song ‘I will survive’ while interjecting hate speech about Donald Trump…. very common for the top law enforcement official in the State of New York,” the former president’s son said.

“This garbage erodes Americans’ confidence in the legal system and it will stop. Thank you to everyone who has sent videos of her – we seem to get new ones almost every day. #KeepThemComing,” he added.

The judge overseeing his case, Arthur Engoron, has also been particularly hostile to him. Late last week, during the trial, he threatened to jail Trump and impose heavy fines for “blatantly” violating a gag order by refusing to remove a website post that attacked court staff.

The trial got underway on a serious note on Friday, with Justice Arthur F. Engoron laying out the high stakes and demanding explanations from Trump’s attorneys.

“In the current overheated climate, incendiary comments can, and in some cases already have, led to serious physical harm and worse. I will now allow the defendants to explain why this blatant violation of the gag order would not result in serious sanctions, including financial sanctions and/or possibly imprisoning him,” Engoron said.

Top Obama-Appointed Judge Does The Unthinkable

(SNews) – A federal judge has issued a temporary block against a Tennessee city’s ban on drag shows being held on taxpayer-funded public property.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge Waverly Crenshaw Jr., a Barack Obama appointee, ruled in an order issued Friday.

The judge ruled that officials in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, are prohibited from enforcing the ordinance during the BoroPride Festival scheduled for next weekend.

The order came in response to a lawsuit filed earlier this month by the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee.

The suit was filed on behalf of a nonprofit group that advocates for LGBTQ+ rights called the Tennessee Equality Project.

The group has hosted the BoroPride Festival since 2016.

The city of Murfreesboro and the equality project reached an agreement that the city will not enforce the ordinance during the Pride festival on October 28, the order states.

The lawsuit claims the ordinance discriminates against the LGBTQ+ community and violates free speech protections granted by the First Amendment.

The ACLU alleges that the order “confirms that the community’s free speech rights will be protected at the BoroPride Festival,” as litigation over the city ordinance continues.

Tennessee Equality Project Executive Director Chris Sanders said in a statement:

“We are relieved that the court has taken action to ensure that Murfreesboro’s discriminatory ordinance will not be enforced during the BoroPride festival.

“We look forward to a safe, joyful celebration of Murfreesboro’s LGBTQ+ community.”

The lawsuit is the latest effort to challenge the state’s Republican-led proposals to limit drag performances in public places where children may be present.

GOP lawmakers argue that the performances are inappropriate for younger audiences.

Conservative activists have warned that the drag performances at the 2022 Pride event resulted in the “sexualization of kids.”

The equality project contends that the performers were fully clothed and denied accusations that the shows were inappropriate for children.

However, many argued that the shows had sexual themes and appeared to be targeted toward children.

The city warned the equality project that it would deny any future event permits and later approved updating its “community decency standards.”

The standards are designed to “assist in the determination of conduct, materials, and events that may be judged as obscene or harmful to minors.”

U.S. Lawmakers Given Terrifying Warning… It’s BAD

(SNews) – Washington D.C. lawmakers have been warned about the dangers of violent crime on Capitol Hill as robberies and carjackings surge in the nation’s capital.

The Senate has warned lawmakers and Capitol Hill staffers to take precautions amid soaring violent crime throughout D.C.

On Friday, the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms sent a bulletin to Senate chiefs of staff, administrative managers, chief clerks, and staff directors.

The bulletin suggested tips to reduce the risk of being carjacked and warned of an increase in carjackings around the nation’s capital.

The warning came the day after a Senate staff member was robbed at gunpoint and weeks after a House Democrat was carjacked.

“Local authorities note an increase in carjacking incidents in and around Capitol Hill and the District of Columbia,” the bulletin, obtained by Fox News from multiple Senate sources, states.

Listed on the bulletin were a variety of safety tips and reminders like, “Always keep doors locked and windows up” and “Don’t stop to assist a stranger with a broken-down car; call the police from a safe location instead.”

Additionally, the bulletin reminded Capitol Hill lawmakers and staff to “park in well-lit areas near sidewalks,” “conceal valuables,” and “avoid traveling alone, when possible.”

Another section primarily discussed what an individual should do if “confronted by a carjacker with a weapon.”

“Your safety is paramount; surrender your car without argument and swiftly leave the area,” the bulletin stated.

“Attempt to recall the carjacker’s physical details (gender, race, age, hair/eye color, distinctive features, clothing).”

The bulletin advised calling 911 and Capitol Hill Police if an incident occurs near the complex.

From armed robberies to carjackings, a variety of lawmakers and Capitol Hill staff members have found themselves at the center of violent attacks on the streets of D.C. in recent months.

A staff member for Republican Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) was robbed at gunpoint Thursday night, Washington D.C. Police confirmed Friday.

According to FOX 5 D.C., Amanda Peper, a scheduler for the senator, was robbed at gunpoint at 8:30 p.m. about a mile from the Capitol.

Police said Peper was walking to her building when she was approached by a man who pointed a gun in her face and said, “Give me your purse and keys.”

Peper complied with the mugger and gave him her belongings, police said.

“It is infuriating and completely unacceptable that an American who is on Capitol Hill to serve her country cannot safely walk the streets of Washington, D.C., at 8:30 at night because of the out-of-control crime in this city,” Britt’s office said in a statement.

Earlier this month, Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) was carjacked by three armed attackers while parking his car in Washington’s Navy Yard neighborhood.

The area, where other lawmakers live, is less than two miles south of the Capitol building.

Cuellar was not harmed during the carjacking.

“Three guys came out of nowhere, and they pointed guns at me,” Cuellar told reporters after the incident.

“I looked at one with a gun and another with a gun out the one behind me.

“So, they said they wanted my car, and I said, ‘Sure.’”

In June, an unidentified congressional staffer for GOP Rep. Brad Finstad (R-MN) was attacked at gunpoint near his home in D.C. after returning from a congressional baseball game.

Finstad detailed the assault by the armed gunman in a statement following the attack and noted the staffer would be “able to make a full recovery” and that the “extent of his physical injuries was minor.”

“In Washington, D.C. and cities across the country, anti-police, soft-on-crime policies have created lawless societies that endanger the public and empower criminal behavior,” Finstad wrote at the time.

Similarly, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) announced in March that a member of his staff was “brutally attacked” by a perpetrator with a knife on the streets of Washington, D.C.

“This past weekend a member of my staff was brutally attacked in broad daylight in Washington, D.C.,” Paul said in a statement at the time.

“I ask you to join Kelley and me in praying for a speedy and complete recovery and thanking the first responders, hospital staff, and police for their diligent actions.

“We are relieved to hear the suspect has been arrested.

“At this time, we would ask for privacy, so everyone can focus on healing and recovery.”

Paul’s office did not confirm the identity of the staff member who was attacked.

However, a press release issued by the Metropolitan Police Department after the attack noted the victim was an adult male who had “life-threatening injuries.”

The statement also announced the arrest of a suspect, 42-year-old Glynn Neal “in reference to an Assault with Intent to Kill (Knife) offense,” and that the incident occurred less than 1½ miles from the Capitol.

Paul and his wife were also previously attacked by a mob as they made their way to a hotel after President Donald Trump’s 2020 Republican National Convention acceptance speech at the White House.

One man was charged with assaulting a police officer near Paul at the time, but the charge was later dropped.

Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) also became the victim of a crime in February when she was assaulted in the elevator at her Washington, D.C., apartment building.

Kendrid Khalil Hamlin pleaded guilty in June to charges of assaulting a member of Congress and assaulting law enforcement officers.

He was accused of assaulting two police officers as they were trying to arrest him for the attack.

Craig was getting coffee in the apartment’s lobby when she noticed a man pacing.

He got into the elevator with her and said he needed to use the bathroom and that he was going to enter her apartment, a U.S. Capitol Police special agent wrote in court papers.

When she said he couldn’t go into her apartment, he punched her in the face and grabbed her neck before she threw a hot cup of coffee at him, prosecutors said.

Nick Coe, Craig’s chief of staff, said the lawmaker called 911 after the incident as the attacker fled and that there was no evidence the attack was politically motivated.

A number of other serious crimes committed against lawmakers have taken place in recent years.

James T. Hodgkinson, a far-left former volunteer on Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, opened fire on a group of Republican lawmakers in June 2017 as they practiced for the annual congressional baseball game.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot and critically injured during the attack, requiring surgeries to save his life.

The nation’s capital has grappled with a crime surge in recent years, hitting nearly a two-decade high of 226 homicides in 2021, according to Metropolitan Police Department data.

Homicides dropped in 2022 but still surpassed 200, and acting D.C. Police Chief Pamela Smith announced the city had reached its 200th murder this month, putting the city on pace to have among the worst annual body counts since the 1990s.

Overall D.C. crime decreased between 2021 and 2022, but certain offenses remained higher than pre-pandemic levels.

In 2023, total violent crime is on the rise again, up nearly 40% from last year, according to police data.

Property crime is also surging, with motor vehicle thefts increasing 106% and robberies up 65%.

ALERT: RINOs Try To Install Ex-Soros Spox as House Speaker

(SNews) – After pushing Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) out of the race, Republicans are now moving to elect former George Soros spokesman Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) as speaker of the House.

Emmer currently serves as the House Majority Whip.

He has already been endorsed for the top job by former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

The preparations to usher in Emmer come after GOP members secretly voted to remove Jordan as a candidate for speaker on Friday.

“He is the right person for the job,” McCarthy said.

“He can unite the conference.

“He understands the dynamics of the conference.

“He also understands what it takes to win and keep a majority.”

However, McCarthy failed to mention that Emmer was previously a paid spokesman for leftist billionaire George Soros’ organization The National Popular Vote.

The National Popular Vote campaign launched in 2006 to support efforts to overhaul the Electoral College by passing laws that commit state electors to the candidate who wins the national popular vote, according to the New York Post.

About five years after the initiative’s launch, Emmer took a job as one of the group’s paid spokespeople.

“I believe it’s going to end up favoring Republicans … if you believe in our message,” Emmer said in a 2011 video interview posted on the website of Pennsylvania public affairs firm Triad Strategies.

President Donald Trump opposed Emmer’s nomination as House speaker in private discussions with the Republican caucus, according to reports.

“Trump on Friday privately expressed his opposition to supporters,” Just The News reported.

“Citing persons familiar with the discussions, the outlet relayed Trump’s concerns that Emmer did not hold a favorable opinion of him, had criticized him for the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, and did not come to his defense amid the multiple criminal indictments he faces.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) declared that he will vote for Trump as speaker.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen here right now but right now my vote is for is going to be for Donald J. Trump,” he said Friday.

On Saturday, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) also announced his candidacy for speaker.

The House has been without a speaker for over two weeks.

McCarthy was removed after Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) filed a motion to vacate the chair.