VIDEO: Jen Psaki Gets HUMILIATED At Her Final Press Conference

(Slay News) – White House press secretary Jen Psaki got heckled at her last press conference before she rides off to the warm and lucrative embrace of cable television. Jen started her last day on the job by saying:

“I promised myself I wasn’t going to get emotional. I was very nervous when I went to see them in Delaware. And really what we talked about for the majority of our conversation was the importance of returning integrity, respect and civility to the White House.

“On my best days and as I look back, I hope I followed the example of integrity and grace that they have set for all of us and do set for all of us every day. I’m incredibly grateful to them,” she said of the Bidens.

“At times we have disagreed. That is democracy in action. That is it working. Without accountability, without debate, government is not as strong,” she said of the reporters.

“Thank you for what you do, thank you for making me better and most importantly thank you for the work every day you do to make this country stronger.”

Simon Ateba, the chief White House correspondent for Today News Africa, heckled Jen from the back of the room yelling

“Why don’t you take questions from across the room?”

“Why don’t you take questions from across the room? Because that’s not what you’ve done for the past 15 months,” Ateba shouted again.

Psaki ignored him and he shouted again:

“Jen, can I ask you a question from the back?

“Jen, can I ask you a question from the back?”

“Will you take a question from the back of the room?”

Ateba interrupted once again when ABC reporter Mary Bruce yelled:.

“Simon, please stop.”

Simon did not causing Jen to say:

“Simon, if you could respect your colleagues and other media reporters in here, that would be greatly appreciated. Go ahead, Mary.”

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