VIDEO: Kamala Harris Reveals Her TRUE Plan… Americans Can’t Believe It

(Slay News) – Vice President Kamala Harris gave up the game during a speech today seeming to compare abortion restrictions to slavery. Harris was not happy with “extremist” Republican leaders she told the crowd at the 113th NAACP national convention.

She said: “We must recognize there are those who are fighting to drag us backward. Extremist so-called leaders who are attempting to undermine our democracy and assault our most fundamental freedoms.

“The freedom to be safe from gun violence, the freedom to make decisions about our own bodies, and the freedom to vote. No matter how many times they push us back, we will continue to march forward.

“Freedom, liberty, and democracy are on the ballot this fall.

“And we need to make sure that our voices are heard.”

Harris told the NAACP to “continue to build coalitions of Americans of all ages and races and backgrounds” before saying “our freedoms are all connected.”

She continued:

“To support a woman’s ability, not her government but her, to make that decision does not require anyone to abandon their faith or their beliefs.

“It just requires us to agree the government shouldn’t be making that decision for her.”

“You know, NAACP, that our country has a history of claiming ownership over human bodies,” she said.

From The Hill:

Harris didn’t single out specific officials or states, but she alluded to Republican-led efforts to restrict access to abortion following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as well as voting restrictions put in place by GOP-controlled state legislatures.

Harris linked the two, calling the right to vote “the freedom that unlocks all others.”

She lambasted efforts underway in some states to restrict a woman’s ability to have an abortion, arguing that the government should not have a say in a woman’s personal health care decisions.

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