VIDEO: Tucker Goes NUCLEAR – Liberals CRUSHED

(The Post Millennial) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois) on Wednesday for appearing to withhold information about Ray Epps, the alleged “Trump supporter” that was caught on camera encouraging and inciting violence on Jan. 6.

“Until recently, Adam Kinzinger was a forgettable lower than average Republican congressman from Illinois,” Carlson said. “At some point last year, Kinzinger had a profound personal crisis and went completely off the deep end. He started crying uncontrollably in public. He joined Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee.”

“Kinzinger is now the self-styled enemy of insurrectionists everywhere,” Carlson continued. “If you dare to insurrect or even think about the possibility of insurrecting, Adam Kinzinger will burst into tears and will try to throw you into prison.”

The Fox News host said that representative Kinzingers love for Ray Epps is “strange” considering that he was recorded on camera inciting violence and was intitally on the FBI’s “wanted” list.

“Fighting insurrection is the focus of Adam Kinzinger’s sad empty life,” Tucker Carlson explained. “There’s nothing he hates more than insurrectionists, except for Ray Epps.”

Adding, “Adam Kinzinger loves Ray Epps. He spent the last 24 hours sticking up for Ray Epps on Twitter against all comers.”

“How strange is that?” Carlson asked. “It’s impossible to overstate the strangeness. It literally defies description.”

“Now by the standards that Adam Kinzinger upholds, that is a crime. Several other people have been arrested for standing there, including DEA agent Mark Ibrahim. But not Rey Epps. He was not arrested and he was never charged for anything,” Carlson said. “Instead Ray Epps has been rewarded at least; with the love of Adam Kinzinger.”

The Fox News host went on to explain how Kinzinger “thanked” Ray Epps for speaking to the January 6 committe but won’t provide details to the public on who he is and what his role was on that day.

“We thank him,” Kinzinger wrote yesterday on Twitter.

“Once again Adam Kinzinger is talking to a man who helped stage managed the insurrection that Adam Kinzinger says he’s devoted his life to fight it,” Carlson added, firing back at the Republican congressman.

“There is nothing normal about this. There is no rational explanation for this,” Carlson said. “Adam Kinzinger is lying. Kinzinger is withholding critical information from the public.”

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