Watch: Basketball Player Plays With ‘Trump Won’ Written on His Head

(SNews) – Former NBA player Royce White played a game in Ice Cube’s Big3 League with a special message for President Joe Biden.

As the nationally televised game went on, viewers noticed White appeared to have something written on the side of his head. It didn’t take long before a camera caught zoomed in to see the message displayed: “Trump Won!”

Royce had a conversation with ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon earlier. “Ever since Trump’s come onto the scene,” Bannon said, “you’re the second-worst news they’ve seen. They’re going to freak out.”

“I can’t wait,” White replied.

“Me and him, we’re both coming roaring back. Me roaring back from 2013, him roaring back from the cheat in 2020.”

“Here you got a Black guy, a basketball player, in Minneapolis, that actually talks about real issues,” Bannon said about Royce’s impact.

“That, I think can resonate.”

According to The Washington Post:

“Until recently, White was known for his battle with the NBA over mental health policy. In 2013, he asked for accommodations for his generalized anxiety disorder, and the dispute essentially ended his career after he appeared in only a handful of games.

“Then, after the murder of George Floyd in his hometown of Minneapolis, White led several large-scale protests against police brutality. He was hailed as an emerging civil rights activist.

“He was ahead of his time,” said Maalik Wayns, who played with White in Rio Grande Valley.

“Now mental health awareness is a topic in the country and around the world, but back then it wasn’t something people talked about. He was definitely talented enough to have a long career, but it didn’t work out that way.”

“It’s all f—ed up,” said one former coach.

“I think — I hope — he’s doing it because no one on the left is going to give him that platform that he’s getting on the right. He’s smart enough to realize the power of this platform even though deep down inside he knows that the people he’s associating with are despicable.

“They’ve said things about his race that are despicable. He’s not an idiot.”

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