Watch: Dem Controlled City Allows Open Combat In Street

Open combat broke out on the streets of Portland Sunday afternoon; the chaos erupted as Antifa and Proud Boys gathered. The Portland Police stood by as they promised not to interfere or intervene.

The conflict broke out in northeast Portland with Antifa members armed with improvised explosives and Proud Boys armed with paintball guns and other weapons. As the violence escalates, the video shows the two sides of the battle.

A white van driven by Antifa attempted to drive into Proud Boy group assembled in an abandoned K-Mart lot, claimed the Proud Boys. The Proud Boys drove the Antifa crowd away then the van was trashed and turned over.

An Antifa member was found in his parked vehicle, and Proud Boys pulled him from his truck before vandalizing it.

Another vehicle, allegedly driven by Antifa, apparently drove into the Proud Boys crowd, who then vandalized the van.

Antifa retreats as the Proudboys advance their position. The violence continues while the police are nowhere to be seen.

There were no immediate arrests, but detectives review evidence to determine whether charges can be brought for any criminal activity. As stated before today’s events, officers were not deployed to stand in between individuals intent on confronting one another. But that does not mean the crimes committed will not be addressed. Arrests do not always happen in the moment.

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