WATCH: Fauci Gets Publicly HUMILIATED At Seattle Mariners Game

(Slay News) – Dr. Anthony Fauci received the Hutch Award on Tuesday, an honor for those who fight through adversity, before being booed at a baseball game in Seattle.

While accepting the award, he sat for a Q&A with his colleague and longtime friend, Dr. Larry Corey. Fauci joked about the gain of function controversy surrounding the origins of COVID.

“We’re at the epicenter of the initial outbreak, WA1, Washington one, is considered the ancestral model strain,” Corey said. “No, I developed the ancestral model strain. I created it,” Fauci joked.

“That’s right. You let it loose,” Corey said getting in on the fun.

“I was in my kitchen,” Fauci said laughing.

“Okay. Gain a function, here we come,” Corey said to laughter.

But Fauci wasn’t laughing when he went to throw out the first pitch at the Seattle Mariners baseball game because the crowd let him have it.

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