Watch: Fetterman Calls Biden a ‘Collapsed Bridge’

(TStarnes) – Sen. John Fetterman was dressed in gym clothes as he greeted President Biden to Philadelphia. He stumbled and bumbled his way through an address that made Biden look like a rocket scientist.

“I’m standing next to the president again – next to a collapsed bridge,” he said.

The Pennsylvania Democrat, in baggy shorts, sneakers, and a light blue hoodie, was unable to pronounce words such as “delegation” and “infrastructure” as he made a garbled one-minute statement after Biden toured the collapsed I-95 overpass that has snarled traffic throughout the northeast.

“This is a president that is committed to infructure,” said Fetterman, 53, who continues to grapple with the effects of a stroke he suffered last May as he campaigned for his Senate seat.

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