WATCH: John Kerry Calls for U.S Taxpayers to Pay “Climate Reparations”

(SNews) – Democrat President Joe Biden’s so-called “climate czar” is calling for U.S. taxpayers to pay for their “carbon footprint” by funding “reparations” for past pollution.

Speaking during a new interview with the Washington Post on Thursday, Kerry said “it would be great” if the public were to be forced into paying “climate reparations.”

Private jet enthusiast Kerry argues that the American people have a responsibility to pay reparations out to third-world countries to make amends for their alleged “carbon footprint.”

He said that Americans “have to step up” because the United States has a reputation as “the largest humanitarian donor in the world.”

However, China generates around 30% of all global emissions, more than double the U.S. and more than the rest of the top 5 polluters combined, yet the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t pay anything in the way of “climate reparations.”

When questioned about whether he pressed the Communist regime about its “carbon footprint,” or whether he demanded that China pays reparations, Kerry claimed he had Covid and “couldn’t quite finish those conversations.”


As Slay News previously reported, Kerry also argued during the same Washington Post event that the green agenda isn’t moving “fast enough.”

He continued by declaring that “everything must accelerate” to meet his “global warming” goals.


Kerry also boasted about promoting the World Economic Forum’s green agenda during the recent COP27 summit.

However, despite Kerry’s demands for the taxpaying public to make sacrifices to save the planet, Biden’s “special presidential envoy for climate” refuses to give up his private jet.

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