WATCH: Jordan Peterson Reveals Plan To STOP The Global Takeover

(SNews) – Renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson has revealed plans to challenge globalists with an alternative to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF.)

The Canadian professor of psychology laid out his plan during an interview with top podcaster Joe Rogan.

During an extended interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience” posted Saturday, Peterson said his vision is a populist alternative to the WEF.

Peterson told Rogan that he will be gathering a consortium this October/November in London as a kind of rival to the WEF.

This group will discuss six questions pertaining to global philosophy and policy.

While this first conference will be invite-only, it will be public, and Peterson noted that if successful, he would like to expand yearly.

Some of the ideas are aimed at providing an “alternative vision of the future … an alternative to that kind of apocalyptic narrative that’s being put forward, at least implicitly, by organizations like the WEF,” Peterson said.

Among the ideas put forward by Peterson include:

How to get “energy and resources at the lowest possible cost, as rapidly as possible, to the largest number of people around the world.”

Engaging in a “pro-human view” of earth stewardship.

Putting forward a “vision on the family policy front to facilitate the encouragement of and the maintenance of long-term, monogamous couples who are child-centered.”

And discovering our “story,” specifically as it relates to “voluntary play” rather than “the spirit of power” ruling.


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