Watch: Judge Jeanine Just Tore Kamala Harris To Shreds

(SNews) – Jeanine Pirro dropped the hammer on Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday’s edition of The Five claiming Harris has set a “precedent” calling into question women’s fitness for the job of VP.

Co-host Dana Perino said: “Judge, one of the things that we get about Kamala Harris is about once a week, there’s a story – maybe it’s every other week.

“But it is a lot, that they have a new plan and a new makeover and a new plan to rehab her reputation. And this now two and a half years into the administration and so far it’s not working.”

Pirro said: “She is literally a heartbeat away from the presidency.

“Thirty-nine percent had very negative feelings about her, like, hated her.

“It’s not just negative with 49, 39, very negative.

“She has an office with a toxic work environment.

“People are fighting with each other to get to the exit door.

“This is a woman who was in a position to make it easy for other women behind her to come forward and do the job, where Americans can say, ‘You know, a woman is capable of doing this.’

“If anything, she has established the precedent that a woman is incapable of being vice president.

“I don’t know what she’s giggling about.

“But I have a philosophy in life and my philosophy is, if somebody is out there always giggling, they’re a miserable person.”

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