WATCH: Lauren Boebert UNLOADS On Twitter Execs Over Censorship

(SNews) – Former top executives at Twitter appeared before the House oversight committee to give testimony regarding the social media giant’s past censorship. GOP Rep Lauren Boebert had a perfect trap ready for the executives and they fell right into it.

Boebert found out the night before the hearings that Twitter shadowbanned her account for making a joke about Hillary Clinton. Boebert said, “Did you shadow-ban my account? Yes or no? Did either of you approve the shadowbanning of my account, @ LaurenBoebert?”

The Twitter executives said to the best of their recollection they did not. “The answer is Mr. Roth, yes you did,” Boeert said. Boebert looked at the former executives and played her ace card.

She said: “I found out last night from Twitter staff that you suppressed my account for this tweet: “Hillary must be pissed it took until 2020 to successfully rig an election.’”

“It’s a freakin’ joke about Hillary Clinton being angry she couldn’t rig her own election.

“You silenced me from communicating with the American people over a freaking joke.

“Who the hell do you think that you are.

“A sitting President was banned from Twitter. I bet that Putin is sitting in the Kremlin wishing he had as much election interference.”

Lauren said on Twitter:

“I received this document from Twitter staff last night.

“It shows that Twitter 1.0 executives shadow banned me as a sitting Member of Congress.

“If they did that to me, imagine the millions of Americans that will never know they were silenced by these woke execs.”

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