Watch: Liberal CNN Host Turns Tables On Biden’s Top Ally

(SNews) – CNN host Phil Mattingly ruined White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s day when he gave her a brutal reality check about President Joe Biden as she tried to brag about Biden’s accomplishments.

She said “Biden talked about how the Inflation Reduction Act, and also the bipartisan infrastructure legislation and also the CHIPS and Science Act, all of these important, historic legislation are creating a manufacturing boom.

“You look at Wisconsin, just specifically looking at Wisconsin, $3 billion of companies are investing $3 billion in Wisconsin.

“150,000, more than 150,000 jobs were created in the last two years because of the president’s ‘Bidenomics’ right?

“Because of his economic plan.”

Mattingly fired back: “Yeah, I mean, to that point, he’s underwater in Wisconsin.

“You’re talking about Wisconsin, he’s underwater in Wisconsin.”

She said: “I know and I understand it, but you have to remember, Phil, these are long-term investments, right?

“These are long-term investments which Americans are going to start to see.

“And as you know, Phil, you know this probably better than I — you’ve covered a couple of administrations at this point — the real polling doesn’t tell the whole entire story.

“That’s why we are going to continue to tell that story.”

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