WATCH: Liberals Call For ‘Economic Civil War’ to Force Gun Control

(SNews) – Media leftist Keith Olbermann has called for an “economic civil war” to “financially starve the red states” in an effort to force gun control measures onto conservatives.

In a recent video statement, the former MSNBC host declared that Democrat-controlled states should financially ruin conservative states in order to destroy support for gun ownership.

He stated that the only way to stop such acts of violence “is to suffocate” the businesses that profit off the sale of firearms and the lobbies that defend them.

He continued by calling for action “to destroy” the Republican Party that supports both.

Blue states “must starve” the red states economically in order to accomplish these things, he insists.

Olbermann made his latest hyperbolic statements in a Wednesday video rant posted to his Twitter account.

A gun control proponent, he was clearly reacting to the recent shooting at Michigan State University that left three people dead and five more injured.

The former sports journalist used the shooting to claim that America is “owned by guns.”

He began his screed with that assertion before demanding the destruction of gun businesses, gun advocacy groups, and the Republican Party.

“We are owned by guns,” Olbermann declared.

“And therefore, there is only one way to stop the mass shootings,”he argued.

“It is to suffocate the businesses that make billions of dollars in profits off guns, to destroy the gun lobby — the death lobby — and the Republican Party that defends those lobbies and those businesses.

He then offered the radical means by which to accomplish this, saying, “And the only way to do that is an economic civil war.

“The blue states have all the money, they must starve the red states into submission, or another 600,000 Americans will be murdered in the next 10 to 12 years.”


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