Watch: Megyn Kelly Busts Eric Swalwell Telling Big Lie

(SNews) – Megyn Kelly busted California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell’s telling a lie during Wednesday’s Congressional hearing before calling him “so dumb.”

Swalwell tried to defend Hunter Biden’s shady personal and professional behavior saying the infamous laptop had “nonconsensual nudes” on it. Megyn said:

“He doesn’t get me that worked up because he is so dumb and so not worth spending time on but this one’s just like, I love every single word of that is a lie.

“You know, Hunter Biden was interesting not because he’s a private citizen but because he’s the president’s son, the vice-president’s son.

“Thats why the whole thing was interesting and newsworthy.

“And they were not nonconsensual.

“By the way, there were nudes on there, they were not nonconsensual.

“It was Hunter Biden taking the nudes of himself, how is that nonconsensual?”

Kelly added that she could not imagine waking up in the morning and deciding to “say something so extremely stupid” during a Congressional hearing.

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