WATCH: MTG Reveals How She GRILLED Biden’s Top Officials

(SNews) – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) revealed to an Idaho crowd how she grilled Biden administration officials during a classified briefing about the Chinese spy balloon we shot down only after it flew across the United States.

She told a crowd at a fundraising event in Coeur D’Alene Idaho: “You sat by and allowed this Chinese spy balloon that could’ve contained a bioweapon like Covid. It could’ve contained a nuclear bomb. An ENP attack, or hypersonic missiles.

“Like the Chinese government, the CCP, has shown their own people these weather balloons dropping these hypersonic missiles on video. They’ve shown us on video. This is a common thing.

“I said, ‘You allowed this to go across the country, and then you want to stand up here and give us our excuses — your excuses — on why you didn’t shoot it down.

“Because you’re gathering intelligence, or you didn’t want to risk anyone’s lives?’ I said, ‘That is biggest bunch of bullsh*t!’”

Greene told The Hill she went after Biden officials:

“I had to wait in line the whole time. I was I think the second to last person, and I chewed them out just like the American people would’ve.

“I tore ‘em to pieces.

“I said the president may be a Democrat but he’s still the president of the United States and they made him look like a fool and made him look weak the week before the State of the Union.

“ I’ve said that publicly, too, by not shooting it down.

“And I said there was nothing I heard there today that gave me any confidence in what they did.

“They tried to give me some more excuses and I said, ‘I don’t want to hear more of your excuses,’”

“He said, ‘well it’s a matter of opinion.’ I said ‘no, you’re nothing but excuses and it’s wrong and I’m just telling you, this is how the American people see it and it’s a serious problem.’”

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) said:

“I’m an intel guy by trade. And I read all the paper articles about it.

“I would just say I didn’t learn a whole lot.

“I didn’t come away a whole lot wiser.

“It was good they had it. I learned a couple things that I didn’t read in public sources,” Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) said.

“Everything else pretty much, if you read other public sources you kind of got it.”

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