WATCH: Top Harvard Law Professor Gives Trump GREAT News

(SNews) – Professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, Alan Dershowitz, said former President Donald Trump is “the big winner” after President Joe Biden was found to have classified documents at his home and office.

Alan added that he is “absolutely confident” Trump will no longer be charged for documents obtained at Mar-a-Lago during a search by authorities. Alan said: “If you have two people running for president against each other, both of whom have mishandled classified material…

“The idea of prosecuting the one who is running against the incumbent and not going after the one who is the incumbent wouldn’t pass the neutral principles test.

“Even if there was any possibility that Trump could have previously been indicted for the mishandling of classified material at Mar-a-Lago, that has gone out the window completely today.

“This will make it harder for Garland to accept a prosecution of Donald Trump on that charge.

“It will open him up to a double standard.

“In the end, the Attorney General makes the decision to prosecute or not.

“But I think the Mar-a-Lago thing has been essentially trumped by the disclosures involving Biden.

“To go after Trump has to pass the Clinton-Berger test, and now the Clinton-Berger-Biden test.

“It has to be substantially worse than what three Democrats did,” he said.

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