Wow: Biden ATTACKED by Entire Catholic League

Bill Donohue, Catholic League President, blasted the gender equity report of the Biden administration, calling it “the most sexist statement ever written by a presidential administration.”

The “inescapable conclusion that fair-minded persons will come to after reading this report,” Dr. Donohue writes Monday, is: “Boys and men don’t count.”

“National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality” is the report in which Donohue observes that “boys and men are depicted as the enemy, at least indirectly, and it is the job of the federal government to liberate girls and women from them.”

“In the real world, boys and men are the most likely to be victims of violence, typically victimized by other boys and men,” Donohue adds. “This report, however, has nothing to say about this issue, though it does have much to say about violence. It’s just that the only victims that count are girls and women.”

Donohue noted that the authors compare their work to that of the Emancipation Proclamation, a “risible” comparison underscoring the writers’ “hubris.”

Native American women “experience gender-based violence at higher rates,” the authors argue, which smacks of anti-Native American racism, Donohue notes. Still, then they say that the violence against Native American women is “often perpetrated by individuals who are not Native American.”

“Often? Are we to believe that white boys are taking Ubers to Indian reservations so they can beat up on their women?” Donohue asks rhetorically.

A humorous assertion from the report argues that girls and women are victimized by men and by the weather.

“Climate change presents unique threats to women, girls, and other underserved populations,” the report states, citing examples of “extreme heat, air pollution, and infectious disease exposure.”

“What allows the guys to escape these things is never explained,” Donohue quips.

The Biden administration’s obsession with underprivileged females differs from the data; Donohue notes the recent Pew Survey found that young women are more likely to be enrolled in college than young men,  and while underscoring the “strong correlation between college completion and lifetime earnings and wealth accumulation.”

“Biden has thrown men to the curb,” Donohue concludes. “A more sexist report would be impossible to find.

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