WOW: Country Music LEGEND Sets Media Straight On Nashville Shooter

(SNews) – Country music superstar singer John Rich issued a challenge to the media over the tragic shooting of a Nashville Christian school by a transgender person Audrey Hale. Hale was a former student of the school and lived a short distance away. She killed three children and three adults.

Hale was shot dead by the police. Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake said: “At one point she was a student at that school. There was a vehicle that was nearby that gave us clues as to who she was.

“There was a door that was entered. All doors were locked, to our understanding, and how exactly she got in, at this point, is still under investigation.”

Drake did admit that Hale identified as transgender and suggested that that may have played a role in the shooting.

The media fell over themselves to avoid admitting the truth because it destroys their narrative.

One ABC reporter even tried to blame a recent bill passed by the state legislature blocking certain certain medical procedures from being performed on kids.

Enter John Rich to tell it to them straight:

“This was a #HateCrime against Christians. Now, let’s see how fast this story fades…”

Hales’ final message to friend Averianna Patton was released.

Patton told NewsChannel 5 the shooter’s note said: “I’m planning to die today. So basically that post I made on here about you, that was basically a suicide note. I’m planning to die today.

“THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! You’ll probably hear about me on the news after I die. This is my last goodbye. I love you … See you again in another life.” She signed the missive “Audrey (Aiden).

Patton said: “Audrey! You have so much more life to live. I pray God keeps and covers you.”

Hale said: “I know but I don’t want to live. I’m so sorry. I’m not trying to upset you or get attention.

“I just need to die.

“I wanted to tell you first because you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen and known all my life.

“My family doesn’t know what I’m about to do.

“One day this will make more sense.

“I’ve left more than enough evidence behind.

“But something bad is about to happen.”

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