Wow: Mass Freedom Marches Break Out

Cuban-Americans convene this week in peaceful assemblies nationwide in solidarity with their island kin, who demand an end to the communist regime.

In New Jersey, New York, Kentucky, Illinois, California, Ohio, and Washington, DC, the Cuban-Americans and their allies have organized “free Cuba” rallies to encourage Cubans to continue the peaceful demand to end communism, all while urging the Biden administration to act and protect Cuban lives.

Florida -home of the largest Cuban-American population- had the largest, ongoing assemblies against communism. The Palmetto Expressway, the largest highway connecting the city, was shut down by protesters on Tuesday; presence at the historic Cuban restaurant Versalles has been maintained, urging the American military to intervene in the situation.

In contrast to the destructive riots supporting left-wing causes, the Cuban freedom movement is organized as peaceful protests across the nation, with minimal reports of police activity and no significant damage to property.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, the face of the Castro regime, issued an “order of combat” in response to the protests. He urges communist vigilantes to attack peaceful protesters in their neighborhoods, essentially calling for civil war. The Cuban government has shut down most internet access. It is challenging to track police activity, but dissident groups fear hundreds are missing and dozens are dead after police opened fire on the crowds of protesters and detaining people in door-to-door raids.

On Tuesday, hundreds of Cuban-Americans and allies marched in New Jersey. Mayors from several local cities joined the rally and pressured the Biden administration to intervene in Cuba.

Mayor Brian Stack of Union City told, “We need to see military action.”He added, “I believe the United States should’ve been there years ago. Just like we’ve liberated other countries, we should liberate Cuba, make that country free for the Cuban people. Stop all the politics all around.”

Across the Hudson River, Cubans organized a rally in Time Square on Sunday in immediate response to the breaking news of nationwide protests.

The nation’s capital also seen Cuban protesters; outside the White House, they carried anti-communist images and posters calling for freedom.

In Louisville, Kentucky, hundreds of people protested, urging American action to prevent casualties in Cuba.

“Tuesday’s organizers tell us this was the largest event they’ve seen in Louisville,” local broadcasters WHAS 11 reported, “beating out nearly 900 people who showed up to Shively Park this past weekend.”

Cincinnati’s Fountain Square, about a 90-minute drive from Louisville, held a pro-Cuba protest. According to local outlets, about 80 people attended the rally.

On Monday, Chicagoans sent the same message.

“People have to say ‘enough is enough,’” Alberto Gonzalez, the owner of 90 Miles Cuban Cafe in the city, told local news station WGN. “I lived in Cuba and know what it’s like not to eat for a few days. I left in 1980. I can only imagine today how bad it is.”

Florida’s protests are the largest in the nation. A rally in Al Lopez Park had hundreds of people chanting pro-freedom slogans and calling for change. Despite the poor weather, multiple groups attended the rally causing minor traffic disruption.

Non-stop protests in Miami have attracted thousands of people. Protesters flooded the Palmetto Expressway on Tuesday, shutting it down.

The sidewalk outside of Versailles where older Cubans congregate while drinking coffee and talk politics, has hosted hundreds of people.

Tamiami Park is another historic Cuban-American location that has held multiple rallies this week.

On Tuesday, the Tamiami Park event commemorated the 27th anniversary of the March 13 tugboat massacre, in which the Cuban communist regime drowned 37 people in international waters attempting to flee the country. The unarmed group included several toddlers; the youngest victim was a six-month-old girl.

“We’re commemorating one massacre now, and we’re trying to prevent another one,” Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat, the head of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, told WPLG Local 10.

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