WOW: Elon Musk Totally Shuts DOWN Far-Left Author Stephen King

(SNews) – Twitter CEO Elon Musk shut down Stephen King after the author challenged him to donate to Ukraine and whined about having a blue checkmark on Twitter despite not paying for it.

King said: “My Twitter account says I’ve subscribed to Twitter Blue. I haven’t. My Twitter account says I’ve given a phone number. I haven’t.

“I think Mr. Musk should give my blue check to charity. I recommend the Prytula Foundation, which provides lifesaving services in Ukraine. It’s only $8, so perhaps Mr. Musk could add a bit more.

Musk fired back: “I’ve donated $100M to Ukraine, how much have you donated? (We turned down the DoD money btw).”

Musk is talking about Starlink his satellite internet business from his other ground breaking company SpaceX.

That company has been paying for terminals, new satellites, satellite launches, and satellite maintenance in Ukraine, according to media reports. Without Musk’s service, Ukraine citizens would not have reliable internet access, which has been especially crucial for its armed forces.

A Twitter user said:

“I never realized how much the media hates Elon until this week

“Twitter gets criticized for $8 verification, yet no one talks about Instagram copying the strategy at almost double the price

“The SpaceX launch, despite the unsurprising explosion, was a success and an incredible step forward for humanity, yet the media paints it as a failure. If NASA did the same thing, praise would dominate headlines

“Something doesn’t add up

Musk said:


“Twitter is a serious danger to their ability to control the narrative.”

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