Wow: Former Obama Official Demands Unvaccinated Be Shamed

Juliette Kayyem, former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security under the Obama administration, called for the Biden administration to restrict unvaccinated from flying by placing them on a no-fly list.

In the Atlantic, Kayyem claimed that “a no-fly list for unvaccinated adults is an obvious step the federal government should take” due to TSA PreCheck, which “divide[s] passengers into categories according to how much of a threat the government thinks they pose.”

At the time of publishing, the headline echoed this line, bluntly stating: “Unvaccinated People Belong on the No-Fly List.” However, the headline has been changed to: “Unvaccinated People Need to Bear the Burden.”

On The Atlantic’s account, the original headline still appears on shares on social media.

“If you submit to heightened scrutiny in advance,” Kayyem said, “TSA PreCheck lets you go through security without taking off your shoes; a no-fly list keeps certain people off the plane entirely.”

The article continues:

Flying is not a right, and the case for restricting it to vaccinated people is straightforward: The federal government is the sole entity that can regulate the terms and conditions of airline safety. And although air-filtration systems and mask requirements make transmission of the coronavirus unlikely during any given passenger flight, infected people can spread it when they leave the airport and take off their mask. The whole point of international-travel bans is to curb infections in the destination country; to protect itself, the United States still has many such restrictions in place. Beyond limiting the virus’s flow from hot spots to the rest of the country, allowing only vaccinated people on domestic flights will change minds, too.

Suggesting the “holdouts” with “a variety of motivations” would be swayed by “a prohibition on airline travel would get them closer to their shots.”

Kayyem champions the shaming of unvaccinated; the unvaccinated should “face scorn among their peer group” and “may even be happy to have an excuse to protect themselves,” along with celebrating Broadway, Disney, and Walmart for forcing the unvaccinated to give up “certain societal benefits” to practice their individuality and freedom of choice.

“Amid a global health crisis,” Kayyem continues, “people who defy public-health guidance are not, and do not deserve to be, a protected class.”

Kayyem agrees with President Biden’s shaming and punishing those who refuse to comply.

“I think this is the Godly thing to do. Protect your brother and sister,” he stated. “That’s what this is about. It’s about protecting people.”

On July 2, President Biden was asked about vaccine hesitancy in the black communities; he indicated black Tuskegee airmen “were almost like guinea pigs,”

“You know, you go back just to — even World War II, African-Americans were used as experimental — they were almost like guinea pigs in terms of — they were — anyway, it — and your mom and dad remember that and your grandparents remember that.”

Vice President Harris, July 19, warned Americans refusing the vaccination that they would cause the continued mask mandates.

“No one likes wearing masks… people need to get vaccinated. That’s the only way we’re going to cut this off,” she scolded. “Nobody likes wearing a mask.”

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