ALERT: Biden Sends THOUSANDS Of U.S. Troops

(TStarnes) – The U.S. military has selected roughly 2,000 troops to prepare for a potential deployment to support Israel, U.S. defense officials said.

The troops are tasked with missions like advising and medical support, the officials said, and they are from across the U.S. armed services. They aren’t intended to serve in a combat role, the officials said. No infantry have been put on prepare-to-deploy order.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The troops are currently stationed both inside the Middle East and outside, including Europe, the officials said. It isn’t clear under what circumstances the U.S. could deploy the troops or to where, but the Pentagon decision signaled it is preparing to support Israeli troops should Israel launch a ground incursion into Gaza.

Wall Street Journal
The USS Ford is already in the region and the USS Eisenhower is expected to set sail from Norfolk, Virginia on Friday.

The Pentagon said in a statement to air force carriers were a “part of our effort to deter hostile actions against Israel or any efforts toward widening this war following Hamas’s attack on Israel.”

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