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Shocking: Vladimir Putin Goes After Biden

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the U.S. government of assassinating Ashili Babbit in an interview with NBC News on Monday.

Exposed: Biden Makes His Move… Conservatives in Shock

The Biden administration announced their plans to create ways Americans can report family and friends who are radicalized to the government to...

Shock Report: Biden Completely Trashes Trump Supporters While Overseas

During a press conference in Europe on Monday, President Biden calls Trump supporters a "significant minority" of Americans. The...

Exposed: Twitter Censors Facts Posted By Conservative Group

Twitter has enraged parents throughout the country for censoring factual information about anti-white critical race theory, which is meant to fuel division...

Watch: Biden Gets Confused On The World Stage – Unbelievable

Biden's first trip overseas as president has had awkward, funny, and utterly embarrassing moments on the world stage.

Shocking: 32 Shot, 3 Dead… Developing

Across Chicago, Thrity-two people were shot, three dead, Friday into Sunday morning, under the watch of Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D).

Wow: Israel’s Netanyahu Give His Last Speech – Dire Warning to Iran

Before the vote confirming the new Israeli government, outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized Naftali Bennet, his likely replacement, in a...

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Watch: Putin Compares Trump and Biden… Wow

Russian President Vladimir Putin called former President Trump an extraordinary, talented, and colorful individual in an interview with Keir Simmons of NBC...

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BREAKING REPORT: Biden Gets Massive Rejection from His Base

The college-trained progressives in Biden's White house are causing a bipartisan revolt of middle-class Americans, claims Joel Kotkin, left-of-center California demographer and...