Breaking: Whistleblower Comes Forward On Fani Willis

House Republican leader, Rep. Jim Jordan, disclosed on Thursday that he has been in contact with an informant from Fani Willis’ office who is prepared to expose the alleged misuse of federal funds by the Fulton County district attorney to target former President Donald Trump.

Jordan made these statements during an appearance on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo, where he mentioned that the informant’s revelations are related to the House Oversight Committee’s inquiry into Willis’ handling of anti-gang funds and their potential diversion for a politically motivated trial. The timing of Jordan’s comments coincided with the Justice Department’s recent findings of discrepancies in the reports submitted by the Georgia prosecutor regarding the distribution of funds.

“God bless the whistleblower [who] came forward,” Jordan said of the now-former employee, according to Newsweek. “We’ve talked with the whistleblower, she’s giving information to the press, to us. Now the Department of Justice is looking into this. All kinds of problems with Fani Willis and this ridiculous investigation she’s run on President Trump and others.”

Earlier this year, the House Judiciary Committee, led by Republicans, issued a subpoena to Willis’s office. The subpoena was specifically seeking documents pertaining to the acquisition and utilization of federal funds by her office. Willis has come under scrutiny from Republicans due to her alleged involvement in a case that accuses Trump and 18 others of election interference.

The Republican presidential nominee, who is presumed to be Trump, is facing accusations of conspiring to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election in Georgia. Trump has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has consistently maintained that the case is politically motivated.

“While you have indicated that additional documents may be forthcoming in response to the Committee’s subpoena, the Committee has yet to receive any additional responsive materials in the three weeks since your initial response,” Jordan said in a letter to Willis.

“Accordingly, the Committee expects that you will produce all responsive documents to the subpoena in the categories prioritized by the Committee no later than 12:00 p.m. on March 28, 2024. If you fail to do so, the Committee will consider taking further action, such as the invocation of contempt of Congress proceedings,” the letter continued.

Last month, Willis responded by sayingg: “As you note in your letter, we have already provided you with substantial information about our programs that are funded via federal grants.”

Willis mentioned that she had previously indicated that her office would be releasing information regarding the subpoena gradually. She also expressed disapproval of Jordan’s requests, deeming them as “unreasonable and unorthodox,” as they would necessitate the government office to shift resources away from its main focus of prosecuting crime. The Fulton County District Attorney emphasized in her correspondence that Jordan’s subpoena would not impede the ongoing investigation of Trump.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department stated that during the DOJ’s review of the inquiry on the use of federal funds by Willis’s office, “we have noticed some inconsistencies in what Fulton County has reported to [the Federal Subaward Reporting System] and we are working with them to update their reporting accordingly.”

Earlier this week, a co-defendant involved in Willis’ case of election interference has stated his intention to pursue legal action against her regarding an incident that reportedly occurred with his attorney in Maryland.

Reports indicate that Harrison Floyd claims that Willis’ office unlawfully recorded a phone conversation between him and his lawyer in an unrelated criminal case in Maryland. Floyd asserts that Willis and her office may have violated the Maryland Wiretapping Act, which mandates consent from both parties before recording any in-person or telephone communication.

In a video shared on the social networking platform X, Floyd alleged that Willis was specifically targeting him in order to advance a “racist agenda.”

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