BREAKING: Trump REMOVAL Bombshell – Oh My Gosh

Confidants and Republican officials considering drastic measures to remove him from office, with less than two weeks remaining in President Donald Trump’s term, in the wake of the chaos at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.

“It’s with a heavy heart I am calling for the sake of our Democracy that the 25th Amendment be invoked.” Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) posted on Twitter Thursday morning.

Jay Timmons, head of the National Association of Manufacturers, is urging Vice President Pence to “seriously consider” invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

The 25th Amendment would allow Pence to step in if he and a majority of Cabinet members deem Trump no longer able to hold office. If Trump contests that designation, it takes two-thirds of the House and Senate to override and remove him.

Pence and a joint session of Congress certified President-elect Biden’s victory over Trump early Thursday morning, every state’s vote verified hours after chaos engulfed the Capitol.

Several news reports claim some Republicans want to remove trump before his term ends and the certification of Biden’s victory, the president said he will transition power to Democrat president-elect:

Echoing other news outlets, Axios reported late on Wednesday that the measures include censure, impeachment, or invoking the 25th Amendment.

Axios added:

This talk is coming from current and former White House and GOP Hill aides, and Republican lobbyists and political consultants — all of whom have either embraced him or quietly tolerated him until now.

Senior State Department officials are encouraging 25th Amendment discussions along with other officials at the White House and other departments, according to two sources involved in the discussions.…

No House or Senate Republican leaders are yet championing these ideas — and it’s too soon to know whether those talking about them are just letting off steam after a shock to the democracy, or whether a critical mass exists to proceed.

Trump raged against perceived betrayals on Wednesday, the Washington Post reported.

Without naming any sources, CBS News, ABC News, The Post, and CNN also noted that Trump’s Cabinet is discussing invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office in the wake of the Capitol riots.

It would be the first time in American history officials remove a sitting president from office for non-health-related issues if the Cabinet were to move forward.

The Amendment lays out guidelines to ensure a transition of power if a president is deemed unfit or unable to continue serving. It has been invoked only three times due to the physical health of the president.

Fox News, Chad Pergram also reports that unnamed Republicans are considering impeaching and convicting the president.

“From colleague John Roberts: A well-placed source tells me there is talk swirling among Republicans in Congress of a possible 2nd impeachment proceeding – and conviction against Trump – to ensure he can’t run for re-election,” he posted on Twitter.

Republicans are angry with the president for what they see as instigating an attack on American democracy, bringing disgrace to their party, and invading the sanctity of their chambers at the U.S. Capitol, according to Axios.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) told CNN’s Manu Raju, “I don’t think urging people to come to the Capitol was a good idea,” when asked if Trump bears at least some responsibility for the chaos at the US Capitol.

“The responsibility of violent criminal acts is with violent criminals,” Hawley added. Hawley has been one of Trump’s ardent supporters and objected to certifying the pro-Biden Electoral College votes of Arizona and Pennsylvania along with a small group of GOP senators

As of 9:30 p.m., police had detained 52 rioters and protesters, including four for carrying pistols without a license and one for possession of a prohibited weapon, Metropolitan Police Department Cheif Robert Contee told reporters.

The unrest led to four individuals’ deaths, including a woman whom police shot inside the Capitol, she was a 14-year veteran who served four tours.

“Police said three other people – a woman and two men – died after apparently suffering ‘separate medical emergencies’ near the Capitol grounds,” as reported by the Hill. Reposts of other demonstrators hospitalized.

Officers who were overrun by the large crowds sustained injuries, with one of them “pulled into the crowd and assaulted,” resulting in “serious injuries” that required hospitalization, Contee said. Another officer was sent to the hospital as a result of the chaos.

“Police also recovered two pipe bombs near the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee,” the Hill noted.

With the help of the National Guard and other federal protective services, the Capitol grounds were cleared allowing lawmakers to resume their count of the electoral results at approximately 8:00 pm.

BREAKING: Civil War Alert – This is Terrifying

Monday on FNS’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said that dire consequences are likely if Republicans fail to hold on to the two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia on Tuesday.

The division in the country could escalate from the current state of “cold civil war” to “full-scale hot,” Roy told Fox News Channell host Tucker Carlson.

“The American people are rightfully angry,” he said. “The American people are angry about big government, but they’re also angry about Big Tech. They’re angry about corporations that are stomping all over small businesses, local governments that are shutting down small businesses and putting them out of work. Now, they’ve seen issues in elections that are reducing their faith in elections that matter for democracy and for our country.”

“But here’s the thing: What happens tomorrow in Georgia — if we have Democratically-controlled Senate — we’re now basically at full-scale hot conflict in this country, whereas right now we’re in a cold civil war. We’ve got a major problem in this country where the American people — regular people that are out there working every day, hardworking Americans that are getting trampled by a system that is rigged against them, as you said. That is what is at stake, and if the American people in Georgia — if Georgians don’t show up and ensure we hold the Senate in Republican hands, then that’s what’s happening. Two additional votes coming out of the Senate in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, and they lock it down for good.”

BREAKING: Biden Finally CONFESSES – It’s Happening

The once prestigious Lancet medical journal has called on the Biden administration to increase, significantly, U.S. funding of the United Nations and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) in order to reestablish American health leadership after four years of Donald Trump “disruption”.

The Lancet proposes that Mr. Biden will be able to rebuild trust among global partners by giving up large sums of money to international organizations.

“The incoming administration should mobilize partners to fund the UN COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP), designed to coordinate health and economic action in vulnerable countries,” the op-ed states. “So far, the UN has received only 40% of the US$9.5 billion GHRP goal for 2020.”

The Trump administration suspended all funding for the U.N. Population Fund in 2017. The Population Fund has been linked to support of population control programs such as China’s coercive abortion “one-child policy”.

“The UN Population Fund helped fund birth restrictions, fund forced abortions, and a massive and coercive family planning bureaucracy,” according to the testimony of Rep. Chirs Smith (R-NJ) in 2015. “The UNFPA whitewashed China’s crimes for decades and continues to do so today,” Smith added, noting that on its website UNFPA “justifies its history in China, saying it was ‘tasked by the Executive Committee’ to help China and had to ‘engage with China as a sovereign nation.’”

Funding for UNAIDS and the W.H.O. was also cut by the Trump administration in 2018, by 30 percent and 20 percent respectively.

President Trump threatened to withdraw the U.S. from the W.H.O. altogether in may of 2020. This move would cost the agency nearly $900 million biennially – over the concerns about Chinese influence.

Trump said the role of the W.H.O. is “mismanaging and covering up” the spread of Wuhan coronavirus when he suspended U.S. funding of the U.N. subsidiary.

“They’re a puppet of China, they’re China-centric to put it nicer,” Trump said. “They gave us a lot of bad advice.”

“Biden must also strengthen WHO, not only for the response to COVID-19, but also for the full gamut of health challenges, ranging from maternal, child, and adolescent health to injuries, non-communicable diseases, and universal health coverage,” the Lancet declares in its op-ed. “Addressing health inequities will be crucial in all these domains. WHO’s $5.8 billion biennial budget—about the size of a large US hospital—is incommensurate with its global mandate.”

The Biden administration should push to double mandatory contributions to W.H.O., it states, equating “leadership” with funding

“With compound health crises worldwide, UN humanitarian appeals face record shortfalls,” the essay declares. “The Biden administration could build on the tradition of US humanitarian leadership by funding at least 40% — the USA’s share of high-income country gross national income — of UN and WFP appeals.”

According to the op-ed, American global health policies ” have languished under President Trump.”

“CDC’s China office, for example, was cut from 47 to 14 staff under the Trump presidency,” it notes. “Overall, US relationships are frayed, not only with China but also other key allies.”

“This is the time to revitalize US global health leadership, after a ruinous retreat from global solidarity under the Trump administration,” the article concludes. “International cooperation on the compound crises of COVID-19 could become a model for tackling other existential global hazards.”

JUST IN: Nancy Pelosi Covid Bombshell Rocks Congress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is turning the House of Representatives into a potential coronavirus hotspot, Democrats were allowed to break quarantine to vote in the speakership election as she faces a tough battle for another term in control of the chamber.

According to congressional reporter John Bresnahan, at least three members are breaking quarantine to attend swearing-in ceremonies and the all-important speakership election Sunday. Two of them are Democrats and one is Republican. After testing positive six days ago for the deadly virus Rep. Gwen Morre (D-FL) attended to vote backing Pelosi.

Pelosi was ripped by a senior GOP congressional aid, calling the decision to bring these coronavirus risks into the house just to secure a second term as speaker a “speakership election super spreader event.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s grip on the speakership is so tenuous that she is forcing members exposed to coronavirus to break quarantine and come to the Capitol to vote for her and protect her political power,” the senior GOP aide told Breitbart News.

Rep Rodney Davis (R-IL), the top Republican on the House Administration Committee also ripped Pelosi for the matter:

It is suspected that House Gop leader Kevin McCarthy is likely to criticize Pelosi as well for allowing quarantine to be broken.

The speaker’s office provided a statement from the attending physician of U.S. Congress, Dr. Brian Monahan to Breitbart News in response to an inquiry on this matter.

It read in part:

Upon the direction of the Office of Attending Physician and the House Sergeant at Arms, a secure enclosure has been erected in Gallery 4 of the House Chamber to allow Members who are in quarantine status to fulfill their Constitutional duties,” Monahan said in the statement. “Under federal guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), essential workers, in order to ensure continuity of operations of essential functions, are permitted to continue work following potential exposure to COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] provided they remain asymptomatic and additional precautions are implemented to protect them and the community. The highest possible safeguards have been implemented including separate, enhanced ventilation in this space and separate holding facilities for any Members utilizing Gallery 4. This step will only be necessary until proxy voting resumes as an option for impacted Members.

in addition, a U.S. Capitol official added these people are in “quarantine status,” a condition of which is a recent negative coronavirus test.

“The Members using this facility are two Democrats and one Republican all at the direction of the physician,” the U.S. Capitol official said.

Pelosi’s decision to put members of Congress at risk comes after Rep.-elect Luke Letlow (R-LA) died of a heart attack during a surgical procedure while hospitalized for coronavirus last week.

Pelosi faces a tough vote to get re-elected as speaker. She needs those present and voting in person to win a majority. The Democrat majority has decreased to just a handful of seats.

It is unclear on Sunday exactly how many votes Pelosi must secure to sin another term as speaker.

But when the House is full, only five or six members — think the “squad” alone, just Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Cori Bush (D-MO), and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), or from the other side of the Democrat conference members like Spanberger — can stop Pelosi from passing legislation along party lines alone by banding together to vote against a bill or a rule. Similar logic applies to a speakership vote, this puts the Democrat leader in a tough position.

REPORT: Nancy Pelosi Gets A Nasty Surprise – This Is Stunning

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) home in San Francisco, California, reportedly vandalized with pig’s head, fake blood, and graffiti, according to reports.

“CANCEL RENT!” and “WE WANT EVERYTHING” reportedly written on the garage door of Pelosi’s home after Congress failed to pass $2,000 stimulus checks for Americans amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Along with the graffiti is a pig’s head and fake blood on the ground. On the left side of the garage door, the anarchy logo can be seen. Photos posted on social media show the vandalism:

TMZ exclusively reported that no suspects have been identified yet and ABC7 News reports that the garage door was quickly covered with black garbage bags to hide the destruction.

“Law enforcement sources tell us … San Fran cops responded to a vandalism call at Pelosi’s home around 3 AM. We’re told a police report was taken, but it’s unclear if they have any suspects,” TMZ reports.

SHOCKING: Rioters on New Years’ Eve – Can You Believe Where?

Portland Police Bureau officials report Antifa rioters attacked their officers during New Years’ Eve incident with commercial-grade fireworks and firebombs. Multiple downtown businesses and the federal courthouse were attacked.

Antifa rioters threw at least two Molotov cocktail-style firebombs and launched multiple commercial-grade fireworks at Portland Police as they attempted to defend the federal courthouse and downtown business district, according to a written statement from officials. Police were also attacked with bricks, large rocks. and frozen water bottles.

Police declared the demonstration a riot and ordered the anarchist to disperse. Antifa rioters refused to comply.

The police were forced to retreat after multiple attacks as reported by independent journalist Andy Ngo.

As the police retreated, emboldened rioters threw large rocks or bricks along with more fireworks.

Brendan Gutenschwager, an independent journalist also captured the violence to police and lawlessness in the downtown business district.

The rioters set fire in the streets and attacked the federal courthouse and businesses including Starbucks and multiple financial institutions.

Portland Tribune reporter Zane Spalding reports this is the end of the line for this Starbucks. “Starbucks is leaving. They’re gone,” an employee told Spalding. “They’re not gonna come back after this… we took our fences down thinking everything was quiet. Bad Move.”

Multiple businesses came under attack.

Gutenschwager reported police reinforcements finally arrived and police pushed back.

Multiple arrests have been made and the police are still compiling information, according to police officials.

“Portland Police officers citywide had to be pulled from answering emergency calls to respond,” officials wrote. “Law Enforcement officers from the Federal Protective Services and the Multnomah County Sherrif’s office also engaged the crowd and were targeted with dangerous projectiles.”

“Some law enforcement officers suffered injuries, although no Portland Police officers were hurt,” the press release states.

BREAKING: Top Democrat Recusal – Trump Is Smiling!

Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, sister of former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams(D-GA), changed an order that she issued two days prior regarding the voting eligibility of 4,000 people in a Georgia County.

On Monday, Gardner had blocked challenges to voter eligibility in the Georgia counties – Muscogee County and Ben Hill County, ahead of Georgia’s runoff elections. The counties sought to require registered voters to cast provisional ballots due to a change of address recorded with the U.S. Postal Service.

Provisional ballots are given to people when eligibility is questioned or undetermined. The eligibility of such a person to vote is examined after their casting of provisional ballots.

CBS reported the initial challenge to the eligibility of over 4,000 voters registered in Muscogee county.

Democrats said that postal data is an unreliable indicator of a person leaving their local residence.

Gardner’s initial order ruled in favor of a lawsuit filed by Majority Forward. She ordered Muscogee and Ben Hill counties not to provide provisional ballots to the voters whose eligibility was challenged because of the U.S. Postal Service change of address.

Marc Elias, former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign attorney described Gardner’s original order as “victory over voter suppression.”

The revision by Gardner rescinds her previous order regarding Bell Hill while allowing Muscogee’s local officials to require registered voters with challenged eligibility to submit provisional ballots.

Gardner’s order included criteria for how the eligibility of registered voters casting provisional ballots is to be determined. She agrees with the Democrat’s characterizations of USPS data as an unreliable determinant of residence.

“The challenge to their eligibility will not be sustained absent specific evidence of ineligibility. Such specific evidence shall not include the appearance of a voter’s name or other information on the NCOA registry,” Gardner wrote in her order.

Registered voters later determined ineligible to vote must be advised by phone and in writing by 5:00 pm Eastern on January 6, Gardner added.

She refuses to recuse herself from the case, despite Gardner’s relation to Abrams – a figurehead of the Democrat political and related legal campaigns in Georgia.

Gardner described calls for her recusal based on familial conflict of interest as “unsupported, irrational, and highly tenuous,” Challenges to her impartiality are dismissed as “mere speculation” and “unsupported by any facts.”

BREAKING: Senate BOMBSHELL Stuns Dems – It’s Happening…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Wednesday that he will not split apart a for vote for three demands – $2,000 stimulus direct payments, the repeal of Section 230, and the creation of an election fraud commission – made by President Donald Trump over the weekend.

“Here’s the deal: the Senate is not going to split apart the three issues that President Trump linked together just because Democrats are afraid to address two of them,” McConnell stated in his Senate floor remarks. “The Senate’s not going to be bullied into rushing our more borrowed money into the hands of Democrats’ rich friends who don’t need the help.”

McConnell’s remarks come after the House of Representatives approved legislation to boost direct payments from $600 to $2,000 as part of the $2.3 trillion dollar package passed in recent days. On Tuesday McConnell blocked the House-approved bill from reaching the Senate floor, while Sen Pat Toomey (R-PA), who is not seeking re-election, block a vote on Wednesday.

McConnell on Tuesday introduced a bill with the trio of demands made by the president.

The federal government, meanwhile, has begun dispersing the $600 stimulus for most americans.

The $900 billion coronavirus relief package negotiated in Congress for months and signed by President Donald Trump on Sunday.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the direct infusion of cash will continue to be deposited and sent through the mail into next week.

BREAKING: Sarah Palin JOINS the Movement

(Big League Politics) – A remarkable bipartisan movement is building to urge President Donald Trump to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is rotting in a British prison awaiting potential extradition to the U.S. to face charges under the Espionage Act.

The latest individual to join the cause for Assange to be freed is former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, who admits she was wrong when she used to speak out against the controversial whistleblowers’ advocate.

“I know that it’s coming down to the wire in whether he’s going to be pardoned or not. I want more Americans to speak out on his behalf and to understand what it is that he has done and what has been done to him as he was working on the people’s behalf to allow information to get to us so that we can make up our minds about different issues about different people,” Palin said.

“He did the right thing. I support him, and I hope that more and more people, especially as it comes down to the wire, will speak up in support of pardoning Julian. God bless him,” she added.

The entire clip can be seen here:

Palin is the most recent addition to a quixotic coalition that includes Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) pushing for President Trump to pardon Assange.

Big League Politics has reported on recent audio leaked by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas demonstrating Assange’s concern for the journalistic merit of his leaks and that the deep state propaganda against him as being some kind of informational terrorist is absurdly false:

New leaked audio released by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas shows WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange pleading with the U.S. State Department to take action to protect national security interests from an upcoming document leak.

In the audio, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange talked with Cliff Johnson, an attorney with the U.S. State Department, in 2011. He called to warn them about a potentially dangerous dump of classified documents that would be hitting the public soon.

“We have intelligence that the State Department Database Archive of 250,000 diplomatic cables (communications) including declassified cables is being spread around and is to the degree that we believe that within the next few days that it will become public and we’re not sure but the timing could be imminently or within the next few days to a week, and there may be some possibility to stop it,” Assange explained to Johnson.

The State Department under Hillary Clinton did not seem too concerned with stopping the leak. Veritas pointed out that WikiLeaks had intended to release the redacted cables to protect national security concerns while letting the public understand the parts of the documents that had journalistic merit before a breach occurred.

“In case there are any individuals who haven’t been warned that they should be warned,” Assange said. “So the material, there is an encrypted version of the materials on the internet somewhere that we do not control. One doesn’t need to convey the material itself, one only needs to convey the location of the material, and its encryption key.”

Assange suggested to the U.S. State Department that they strategically remove some of the files in order to stop them from being spread.

“There is another possibility which is the taking down of those files, that is a degree of research and effort that we do not have the capacity to do. There are not so many of them,” Assange said.

“Our view is that it’s more your problem than it is ours but we have been calling the State Department and the Embassy for over a day trying to explain the urgency and they have not called back other than this call,” he added.

President Trump must ignore his neocon advisors and do the right thing by pardoning Assange.

BREAKING: Whistleblower Exposes WHO Covid COVER-UP

(The Post Millennial) – An epidemiologist who blew the whistle on the World Health Organization’s alleges that he has been met with retaliation for having told the truth. Dr. Francesco Zambon in May filed an internal ethics complaint claiming that he was pressured into falsifying data by a senior official with WHO.

As the WHO’s chief field coordinator for Italy, Zambon co-authored a report that explored Italy’s response to the pandemic. Italy became the initial locus of the pandemic in Europe in February, and images of their struggling healthcare system spread around the world.

Zambon’s job was to explain, with the report, how Italy could have avoided its fate. That report showed that Italy was not pandemic prepared at all, given that their plan was too old to be effective. Zambon said that Italy’s reaction was “improvised, chaotic and creative.”

Zambon said that he was told to obfuscate the fact that Italy’s pandemic response plan was almost 15 years old, not having been updated since 2006. Italy’s plan had been in place to safeguard against a potential flu epidemic.

Zambon spoke to The Associated Press, saying “I couldn’t be silent. I’m doing this because I believe in the WHO and I believe in the values of the WHO. One of them is integrity.

He didn’t want to end up in a disagreement with the WHO, and said that he is suffering under the isolation and retribution that followed his unwillingness to remain silent on what he saw as direct and flagrant violations.

The report from Zambon was removed by the WHO right after it went up, on May 14. The WHO never reposted the article, saying that it had “factual inaccuracies,” though it did not note what exactly those were. According to Zambon, the only problem with the report was that it contained an “out-of-date-timelines of the virus in China.” Though he removed that bit, the article was not republished.

The AP reports that the WHO did not respond to a request for comment about Zambon’s report, its removal, or the retaliation he said he has experienced.

He said he was pressured by assistant director general Dr. Ranieri Guerra, liaison to the Italian government, who told Zambon via email to “correct” the date of Italy’s pandemic preparedness plan to say that it was “last updated in 2016.” Zambon said that Guerra later threatened him over the correction by phone.

Guerra claimed that the plan had been updated under his leadership at the Italian Health Ministry in 2016, but Zambon said that since the 2016 plan was a replica of the 2006 plan, he couldn’t accurately say that it had been updated.