Watch: Bombshell Testimony Exposes What REALLY Happened…

(SNews) – A world-renowned professor has given an explosive testimony before the European Parliament in Brussels regarding the origins of the pandemic.

Testifying before Europe’s top officials at the International Covid Summit, Dr. David Martin asserted that COVID-19 was “intentionally released.”

According to Martin, the virus was released with the intention of triggering a global pandemic.

The goal was to create widespread acceptance of vaccines through fears of the virus, he stated.

While providing evidence, Martin specifically links Democrat President Joe Biden’s former chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to the research which he says led to the alleged “intentional release” of the virus.

During his testimony, Martin provided detailed evidence-based points through an in-depth timeline:


The coronavirus, a modifiable agent which causes disease, was discovered by scientists.

“Later we started learning how to modify a coronavirus by putting them in animals such as dogs and pigs,” Dr. Martin stated.


Pfizer’s first coronavirus spike protein vaccine is founded based on the animal modification practice.

Soon after, drug makers discovered that coronavirus vaccines did not work.

“Because the coronavirus is a malleable model, it mutates,” Martin said.

“Every medical publication concluded that coronavirus escapes vaccines because it modifies and mutates too rapidly for a vaccine to be developed.”

Thousands of publications cited these findings.


The University of North Carolina patents an “infectious replication defective” clone of coronavirus.

Dr. Martin’s interpretation of the phrase was “a weapon to target individuals, but not have collateral damage to other individuals.”

He went on to explain how that patent was filed in 2002 on work funded by NIAID’s Anthony Fauci and it “mysteriously preceded SARS 1.0 by a year,” concluding SARS did not occur in Wuhan, nor was it naturally occurring.

“SARS is the research developed by humans, weaponizing a life system model to actually attack human beings and they patented it in 2002,” Dr. Martin proclaimed.


A journal article was published which stated, “SARS coronavirus is poised for human emergence,” Dr. Martin went on to explain.

“What, might you ask, was the coronavirus poised for human emergence? It was WIV1 – Wuhan Institute of Virology Virus 1. Poised for human emergence in 2016 at the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”


The following phrase commonly entered the medical community: “There will be an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen,” Dr. Martin claimed.

Martin continued by reading a statement from the proceedings at the National Academy of Sciences in 2015.

“To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, we need to increase the public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures, such as the pan-influenza, or pan-coronavirus, vaccine,” the statement reads.

“A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype.

“We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issue.

“Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

Dr. Martin concluded his testimony by stating: “Nature was hijacked.

“This whole story started in 1965 when we decided to hijack a natural model and decided to start manipulating it.

“Science was hijacked when the only questions that could be asked were questions authorized under the patent protection of the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, and their equivalent organizations around the world.

“We didn’t have independent science – we had hijacked science.”


Red Alert: Biden Admin Moves To End American Farms

(SNews) – Democrat President Joe Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry is calling for farmers to stop growing food in order to meet the administration’s radical “net zero” goals for lowering “emissions.”

Kerry, Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, issued the warning during a green agenda conference in Washington D.C.

During the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) AIM for Climate Summit, Kerry told the audience that “we can’t get to net zero, we won’t get this job done, unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution.”

Kerry warned attendees that his and other world leaders’ “lives depend” on farmers ceasing their operations.

Stopping farmers from growing food will lower agriculture “emissions,” Kerry insists.

He continued by noting that he does not even call it climate change anymore.

“It’s not change; it’s a crisis,” he declared.

“Mitigating methane is the fastest way to reduce warming in the short term,” Kerry claimed as he took aim at livestock farmers.

“Food and agriculture can contribute to a low-methane future by improving farmer productivity and resilience,” he further stated.

“We welcome agriculture ministers participating in the implementation of the Global Methane Pledge.”

Kerry, a multibillionaire, argued that the world’s population must slash meat consumption.

However, the overall message delivered by Kerry appeared to be that eating meat should be a luxury that is limited to wealthy elitists like himself.

Essentially, the masses must stop eating meat to meet the goals of the elite.

“Food systems themselves contribute a significant amount of emissions just in the way in which we do the things we’ve been doing,” Kerry asserted.

“With a growing population on the planet – we just crossed the threshold of eight billion fellow citizens around the world – emissions from the food system alone are projected to cause another half a degree of warming by mid-century.”

Kerry called on world leaders from all around the world to massively scale back their citizens’ farming operations.

He argued that doing so is vital in order to keep the planet cooler as we move into the future.

“This sector needs innovation now more than ever,” Kerry said.

“We’re facing record malnutrition at a time when agriculture, more than any other sector, is suffering from the impacts of the climate crisis.”

“We need economic, social, and policy innovation in order to scale adaptation of these technical solutions and get them into the hands of folks in the fields of small farmers on a worldwide basis.

“This is the promise of AIM for Climate Summit.”

Biden, meanwhile, recently vowed that the U.S. will reach “net zero emissions” by the year 2050.

How this happens depends entirely upon how many farms the globalist overlords can force out of business, resulting in much less food and far fewer mouths to feed.

Co-led by both the U.S. and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), AIM for Climate is devoted to slashing farming emissions through investments in “innovation.”

As Slay News has been reporting, examples of this “innovation” include corporate insect-processing factories to replace the public’s meat supply with “food” made from bugs.

“Food and agriculture can contribute to a low-methane future by improving farmer productivity and resilience,” Kerry said.

“We welcome agriculture ministers participating in the implementation of the Global Methane Pledge.”

Just In: Megyn Kelly Torches Woke Corporation In Epic Takedown

(CBrief) – Top-rated podcaster Megyn Kelly continued her diatribe against far-left ‘woke’ corporatism with an epic burn at Target over its decision to begin carrying women’s “tuck-friend” swimwear for biological men.

The suits are part of the retailer’s “Pride” line and contain extra materials in order to cover men’s genitals.

“Target decided it would be a great idea to partner with a company — as far as I could tell one of its main lines seems to be sort of a pro-Satan line of clothing,” Kelly noted, referring to clothing maker Abprallen.

“They decided to willingly partner with this clothing manufacturer to make Pride month gear that includes bathing suits that are quote ‘tuck-friendly’ that have extra material around the crotch, which no woman needs because we don’t have penises down south in Rio,” she quipped.

“We don’t need extra material and we don’t need tuck-friendly, but the Target CEO is out there defending this saying: ‘Look, the extra crotch wear and the tuck-friendly bathing suits are important, that this whole line in the Pride department is a good business decision. It’s the right thing for a society,’” Kelly noted further.

“So Target turned to them to make their new line of clothing, including baby onesies with rainbow patterns, and at one point, selling their Pride-related merch that read things like: We belong everywhere across the trans flag, too queer for here, cure transphobia not trans people, and so on,” Kelly pointed out.

Target CEO Brian Cornell explained in a Fortune’s Leadership Next podcast: “When we think about purpose at Target, it’s really about helping all the families, and that ‘all’ word is really important. Most of America shops at Target, so we want to do the right thing to support families across the country.”

“I think those are just good business decisions, and it’s the right thing for society, and it’s the great thing for our brand,” he added. “The things we’ve done from a DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion) standpoint, it’s adding value. It’s helping us drive sales, it’s building greater engagement with both our teams and our guests, and those are just the right things for our business today.”

As reported by The Daily Wire, the Abprallen website includes a skeleton that is covered in rainbow colors, a “Trans Witches For Abortion” badge, and a “Satan respects pronouns” T-shirt, adding:

The product page for the “Satan respects pronouns” shirt claims members of the LGBT+ community are “so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God’s will” and argues that the Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple are more tolerant of the gay community.

By far, this is not Kelly’s first foray into the trans battle.

During an April podcast, for example, she implored women to “find your voices” as the left’s trans-ideology continues to permeate society.

She and her guests were discussing a controversial case involving a Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter suing over the requirement to admit a trans-identifying man into an all-female sorority.

“If we don’t find our voices and start speaking up against this nonsense, we can kiss every woman’s space goodbye!” Kelly shouted. “We can kiss women’s rights goodbye.”

“We can kiss sororities goodbye,” she added. “We can take off our tops and our underwear and do our yoga in front of perverted men who just want to get off watching us til the cows come home. Stick your daughter in the sorority, let ‘em at her.”

“Find your voices, ladies — and the men who support us,” Kelly continued. “Otherwise, this is our future. I’m sorry. I’m done. I’m done. I don’t want to deal with this s*** at Tri Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, in the women’s locker room. You can be supportive of trans people and what they’re going through without surrendering to this madness!”

Watch: AOC Gets Humiliated During Debate

(CBrief) – New York Democrat Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had a tough week when it comes to public speaking.

Her first debacle came when she thought she hit Republicans with a checkmate on the debt ceiling negotiations.

But that was until Texas Republican Chip Roy stepped in and laid the verbal smackdown on her.

“They are accusing Democrats of saying we spend too much,” the New York representative said. “For anyone that wants to entertain that thought, I ask you to think about the last time a person said has said in this country that the government does too much for them, that their social security check was too high, that teachers are paid too much.”

But much to the chagrin of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Roy was prepared with an answer.

“My friend from New York, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez said ‘I ask you think about the last time a person has said in this country that the government does too much for them. When was the last time anyone has heard or seen that,’” he said, quoting the Congresswoman.

“I’ll say it right here. I don’t want the government doing most of the things that the government is doing to interfere with the ability of the American people to carry out their lives,” he said. “Federal state and local.

“When was the last time you had a bureaucrat show up and you said ‘Oh joy thank you I’m really glad there’s a bureaucrat here?’” he said. “When was the last time you were thankful for 32 trillion dollars in debt, a hundred thousand dollars almost for every man woman, and child in America? Anybody thankful for 32 trillion dollars in debt? Anybody thankful for a border that’s wide open being exploited by cartels while fentanyl comes in and kills our children? Anybody thankful for that Department of Homeland Security that doesn’t actually secure the Homeland? Anybody thankful for an FBI that went after Scott Smith and labeled him a domestic terrorist for daring to defend his daughter in a school board meeting because she was assaulted in a bathroom?” he said as he continued to tear into bureaucracy.

“We have a government that is weaponized against the American people and is undermining our liberties and they want more of it,” he said, referring to Democrats. “My colleagues on the other side of the aisle want more government. They want more taxes, they want more spending, they want more bureaucrats knocking on your door.”

Her week only got tougher when she headed back to New York to face her constituents, some of whom were furious with her and her Party.

She was shouted at and called a “piece of s**t’ as security had to take measures to remove people from her town hall event.

“American citizens before migrants,” one man said as he walked toward the representative holding American flags. “Where are you on the migrant issue? You’re a piece of s–t.”

But after he was removed by security a woman in the crowd took his place berating the representative.

“We are at war with Russia,” she said “We’re on the verge of nuclear war. Are you going to stop this war?”

“Stop funding this war,” she said as she was being removed from the town hall. “There’s a lot of communities that need help and need that money. I’m from that community.”

And this comes after she got into it with Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in front of the Capitol this month.

New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman had a heated exchange with Rep. Greene who has stood by Rep. George Santos throughout his ordeal.

Greene repeatedly said, “Biden is a criminal,” as Bowman exchanged words with her.

“Your party is hanging by a thread,” Bowman claimed.

Green replied, “Nah, we gotta get rid of Biden. We gotta save the country.”

Breaking: Liberal NYC Officials Freeze Bank Accounts

(SNews) – New York City officials have placed limits on accounts at two top banks after the financial institutions failed to submit their plans for combatting “discrimination in their operations.”

NYC Comptroller Brad Lander limited account deposits on Thursday at Capital One and KeyBank for failing to submit the required plans.

The move comes after the city issued mandates for banks earlier this year.

The mandates force banks that hold public funds to detail “specific steps to combat different forms of discrimination in their operations.”

An announcement from Lander’s office claims that Capital One and KeyBank “outright refused” to comply with the anti-discrimination requirement.

“Banks seeking to do business with New York City must demonstrate that they will be responsible managers of public funds and responsible actors in our communities,” Lander said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, despite several opportunities to do so, five banks failed to comply with the New York City Banking Commission’s designation process, leaving us to conclude that they are not taking meaningful actions to combat discrimination in their operations and are not responsible stewards of public dollars.”

At the end of last month, Capital One held $7.2 million in city funds.

KeyBank, meanwhile, held $10 million in city funds.

Officials voted to freeze new deposits at the two companies for as many as two years.

Lander contends that International Finance Bank, PNC Bank, and Wells Fargo also neglected to comply with the anti-discrimination policies.

The latter firms do not currently hold city funds, however.

The policies specify that banks must detail ways in which they avoid “discrimination in branch openings and closings, lending decisions, hiring, and other operations.”

New York City officials received criticism for compelling banks to comply with the “woke” environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) movement.

ESG asserts that businesses should leverage their financial power to advance certain left-wing social objectives.

Among the high-profile critics of ESG is Elon Musk, who stated that the “S” stands for “Satanic,” as Slay News reported.

Peter Schiff, a stockbroker and financial commentator, said on social media that banks “only discriminate based on competence and creditworthiness” since they are focused on maximizing profits.

Schiff said that New York City wants banks to “hire and make loans to minority applicants, even if they are less qualified and more likely to default.”

Democrat officials have indeed introduced policies that would introduce considerations for personal loans divorced from the debtor’s financial responsibility.

Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Sandra Thompson, an appointee of Democrat President Joe Biden, recently unveiled a policy that will require Americans to pay higher mortgage rates and monthly fees if they have robust credit scores, while those with lower credit scores and smaller down payments will receive better rates, according to Slay News.

Buyers with credit scores above 680, for instance, would pay an additional $40 each month on a home loan of $400,000, while homebuyers who make down payments between 15% and 20% will receive the largest fees.

Republican state financial officers wrote in a letter to Biden and Thompson that the move renders home purchases “significantly more expensive” for families with strong credit.

“For decades, Americans have been told that they will be rewarded for saving their money and building a good credit score,” they contended.

“This policy turns that time-tested principle upside down.”

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen likewise launched an Advisory Committee on Racial Equity at the end of last year.

Yellen’s committee will consider “efforts to advance racial equity in the economy and address acute disparities for communities of color.”

Alert: Biden Launches Nasty Assault On Christians & Conservatives

(SNews) – A new “anti-terrorism” program launched by Democrat President Joe Bidne’s administration places Christians, conservatives, and Republicans in the same category as Nazis.

The new program is being run by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

However, the initiative appears to be more focused on smearing the Democrats’ political opponents as “terrorists” rather than actually countering terrorism.

The program appears to be a further advancement of efforts to persecute those connected to Jan. 6 and label them as “domestic terrorists,” which the Biden admin have Democrats have tried to expand by extending the same targeting to Republicans and President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The Biden admin is doling out taxpayer money to fund its “anti-terrorism” grant initiative to a university program.

According to documents obtained by Fox News, the program explicitly lumps the Republican Party, as well as Christian and conservative groups, into the same category as Nazis.

Shock Report: Homeless Man Shoves NYC Artist’s Face into Moving Subway Train

(SNews) – An artist was instantly paralyzed after a deranged homeless man pushed her into a moving New York City Subway train.

Police have charged 39-year-old Kamal Semrade over the attack.

The prosecutor said it was a “completely unprovoked” attack.

The victim is Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy.

She is in critical condition with a high risk of death or stroke.

“I just see him walk up beside her, to her left side, and with palms open just shove her head onto the train as it moved,” witness Nancy Marrero told NBC New York.

According to The New York Post:

Semrade was remanded into custody at his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court early Wednesday morning on the attempted murder and assault charges.

His Legal Aid lawyer, Rebecca Heinsen, invoked the high-profile case of Daniel Penny – who is free on $100,000 bail in the chokehold death of Jordan Neely – when trying to petition the judge for some leniency.

“There’s absolutely no reason to remain here, and I’ve asked you also to avoid setting an unreasonably high bail as well,” Heinsen told Judge Lumarie Moldanado Cruz.

“And I asked you to consider all your options.

“He’s eligible for supervised release.”

Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy’s GoFundMe page says:

“Emine is a source of joy as a friend, colleague, and human being.

“She’s artistic, lighthearted, witty, and, above all, someone we consider family.

“Doctors initially informed us she had a slim chance of recovering movement below the neck.

“In just one day, she challenged that prognosis by moving her arms.

“It is a huge step, but her road to recovery will be long and challenging.

“She’s a fighter and is already fighting to recover.

“She will get there, but she needs everyone’s help.

“Her medical expenses have already reached six digits, and any donation will be gratefully accepted with an open heart.

“If you are unable to make a donation, please consider sharing this link to get the word out, or even keeping Emine in your thoughts.

“No one should have to face such a horrifying tragedy, especially when simply trying to provide for themselves.

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all truly for taking the time to read this,” the GoFundMe page says.

Breaking: Woke Disney Announces Devastating News

(SNews) – Disney has begun the process of laying off thousands of employees around the world as the company seeks to drastically reduce its workforce.

According to a Thursday report from Deadline, the layoffs are impacting staffers in the United States and the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

Deadline notes that the exact number of people who will lose their positions is currently unknown but it’s expected to run into the thousands.

Roughly 100 staffers were informed in mid-May that their positions were at risk of redundancy.

Sources told Deadline that marketing and press departments appear to be the main targets of the layoffs.

Members of Disney’s talent acquisition, engineering, and information technology departments are also at risk.

Deadline suggested that the move was likely due to a global economic slowdown, a weak advertising market, and the ongoing writer’s strike.

The strike has been holding up production across the entire entertainment industry.

Some of the departments facing cuts, such as IT, could also see workers replaced with artificial intelligence (AI) software.

Disney is following other major corporations in stepping up its use of AI in an effort to replace much of its human workforce.

A third round of cuts is expected in the U.S.

Some 2,500 of Disney’s American employees are expected to lose their jobs in the coming weeks.

Disney first announced the layoffs in February.

At the time, the plan was to cut roughly 7,000 staffers within the U.S.

A similar number of staffers may lose their positions in the EMEA region, but that report has yet to be confirmed, Deadline noted.

Breaking: Top Dem Goes Nuclear On Woke “Bigot” Joy Behar

(SNews) – Ex-Dem lawmaker Vernon Jones reached his limit with Joy Behar and ABC after the View Co-host made some astounding comments about black conservatives Tim Scott and Clarence Thomas.

Joy said: “Tim Scott’s one of these guys who, you know, he’s like Clarence Thomas, black Republican who believes in pulling yourself up by your bootstraps rather than, to me, understanding the systemic racism that African Americans face in this country and other minorities. He doesn’t get it, neither does Clarence. And that’s why they’re Republicans.”

Vernon Jones said: “Queen bigot Joy Behar said Sen. Tim Scott and Justice Clarence Thomas do not know what it’s like to be Black. What a racist liberal white supremacist. She should be removed from The View. I’m sick of her being the Blacks-pert. And @sunny and #WhoopiGoldberg sat there and without taking issue.

“Next she’s gonna say Black women don’t know what it’s like to be Black. The View let her get away with a Black Face, now this.

“If she said something about trans, she would have been dumped. Joy is disgusting! ABC supports racism and targets conservative Blacks especially!”

GOP Congressman Byron Donalds said: “Joy Behar doesn’t understand that she is a buffoon. She’s paid to spew these things. Nobody really pays attention to anything that she believes in or what she talks about.

“And this is all so that she sounds good on the Upper West Side, but the rest of America looks at her and says she is utterly ridiculous.”

Tim Scott took the high road saying:

“I believe in the Gospel.

“I believe Matthew 5:44 says ‘Love your enemies’ — but if you break in my house, I also believe in the Second Amendment.

“The fact of the matter is America is a story of evolution – a never told story of evolution in too many of our schools that are indoctrinating our kids instead of educating our kids.

“Every parent who wants a choice.

“Look to the Republican Party.

“Look to the GOP, but more importantly, look at Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic Americans – the majority of Americans all agree on school choice.

“I say, not on my watch. Let’s tell the whole story of America rising.

“My life disproves the lies of the radical left,” he said.

Breaking: Franklin Graham Issues Terrifying Warning To Christians

(SNews) – Rev. Franklin Graham has warned Christians “to be prepared” for the “storm” that’s “coming.”

During his keynote address at the opening session of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) International Christian Media Convention this week, Graham minced no words regarding faith in today’s society.

He told all those gathered, “There’s a storm coming, and we’ve all got to be prepared.”

Rev. Graham also said that “every demon from hell has been turned loose” in our culture today.

“The world has deteriorated so quickly,” he said from the stage.

“We cannot be deceived and we can’t be fooled.

“We need to get ready and be prepared.”

Graham, son of the late famed evangelist Billy Graham, was speaking to an audience of about 2,000 at the event in Orlando, Florida, the Washington Times reported.

He cautioned that a flood of “wokeness” threatens to silence Christian ministries and drown out the Gospel message.

Graham warned that ministries that stay true to the biblical teachings about sin and salvation could find their invaluable data, such as donor records, abruptly canceled and wiped out by large corporations that control the cloud.

He pointed out that many conservative and Christian organizations have experienced such attacks in recent years.

Those attacks include the National Committee for Religious Freedom, which recently had its Chase bank accounts closed without warning.

Graham told the crowd to guard against being deceived, according to The Christian Post.

“We cannot be deceived and we can’t be fooled,” the 70-year-old evangelist said.

“We need to get ready and be prepared.”

He said Christians are “living in a cancel culture that wants to destroy Christian organizations,” but he encouraged listeners to persevere in the truth.

“They want us to shut our mouths,” Graham said.

“They don’t want to hear from us.”

“We cannot back up, we can’t retreat,” he added.

“Don’t apologize for the Gospel — just declare it, just preach it.”

The NRB said the annual convention is “the largest nationally and internationally recognized event dedicated solely to assisting those in the field of Christian communications.”

Monday’s welcome address was delivered by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis told the audience he and his administration are “fighting back against the weaponization of government” against Christians, Fox News reported.

“We have a government targeting parents going to school board meetings,” DeSantis said.

“They will target pro-life activists.

“They will allow municipal workers to protest illegally in front of our Supreme Court justices’ homes.”

“And they are now, in the FBI, saying observant Catholics represent some type of threat in society,” he said.