WATCH: Another Humiliating Biden Gaffe Caught On Camera

President Joe Biden uttered “another four years… pause” in a campaign speech on Wednesday. This led to the audience bursting into chants of “four more years.” Biden was delivering his remarks at the North America’s Building Trade Union National Legislative Conference, where he received the endorsement for the 2024 election. As he attempted to advocate for a continuation of his presidency, the president followed the stage direction on the teleprompter, resulting in a smile as the crowd erupted in applause.

“Folks, imagine what we could do next,” Biden said, touting his economic policies throughout his administration. “Four more years … Pause,” he continued after the crowd prematurely began to cheer.

To make it worse, the official White House transcript of Biden’s remarks flat out lies to Americans.

“Folks, imagine what we can do next. Four —” the transcript reads, “— more years (inaudible),” the transcript continues.


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