Biden Issues Direct Threat To Donald Trump

President Joe Biden implied on Friday that he would have been interested in engaging in a physical altercation with former President Donald Trump during their childhood, reiterating his previous comments about a hypothetical confrontation with his political adversary.

While speaking on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show, Biden and Stern delved into Biden’s struggles with stuttering as a child, with Biden expressing his desire to confront Trump directly “in the neighborhood.”

“But by that time, I was over most of the stuttering, but like, for example, you know, I mean, Trump makes fun of me,” Biden said. “Here’s the kind of guy in the neighborhood you wish you could have gotten in the neighborhood and meet head to head.”


This isn’t the first time Biden has indicated he’d like to physically fight Doanld Trump. In fact, he’s made such statements MULTIPLE times before:

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