Breaking: Top Democrat Gets ROBBED

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff from California faced a setback during his Senate campaign on Thursday when thieves stole his suit. This incident forced him to request donations while dressed in casual street clothes at an upscale fundraiser in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Chronicle detailed that the congressman was in the Bay area to raise funds as he vies for the seat previously occupied by the late Dianne Feinstein. Prior to the exclusive event, Schiff’s vehicle was broken into at a city parking garage. Consequently, he had to forgo his typical suit and tie attire and opted for a long-sleeve shirt paired with a hiking vest instead.

Schiff informed the Chronicle that he was not present in the vehicle during the break-in incident and acknowledged that his bags were stolen. He expressed gratitude towards his hosts for accommodating him, and the incident was largely overlooked, almost as though it was a routine occurrence in the area.

The local newspaper reported, “The congressman [said] he’d been warned to not leave anything in the car, but apparently he was in a hurry and didn’t want to be late …”

Attendees and hosts at the dinner were heard joking about the burglary, as per the report.

Californians who are familiar with the state’s issues of widespread theft would not be shocked by what happened to Schiff. Crime, particularly theft, has unfortunately become a norm for a city and state that were once considered among the nation’s most prized possessions.

With Democrats now in complete control of their one-party state, it has not been beneficial for California’s residents. However, with the state firmly in Democratic hands, state officials enjoy highlighting issues in other parts of the country.

As a member of California’s congressional delegation, one of Schiff’s responsibilities is essentially to advocate for the expansion of the unsuccessful policies that resulted in the burglary on Thursday. Californians tend to export their flawed ideas to other states.

These ideas are then transformed into policies that encourage individuals to think nothing of breaking into a car and stealing someone’s belongings in a world filled with surveillance cameras. Not to shift blame onto a crime victim, but Schiff has been more focused on identity politics in recent years rather than on public safety.

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