WATCH: Trump Delivers 6 Epic Words Before Walking Into Court

Donald Trump, the ex-president, made his way to the Manhattan courtroom on Monday to commence his initial criminal trial. He vehemently stated that the allegations leveled against him are an attack on the United States.

The former president stands accused of tampering with documents related to his payment of “hush money” to Stormy Daniels. Trump argued that the Democrats were exploiting the lawsuit concerning the hush money as a means to hinder his campaign efforts by compelling him to spend money and attend court proceedings instead of traversing the nation to garner support for his candidacy.

Trump then announced six powerful words: “This is an assault on America.”

“Nothing like this has ever happened before. There’s never been anything like it. Every legal scholar says, this case is nonsense. It should never have been brought. [indecipherable] anything like this. There is no case and they’ve said it. People that don’t necessarily follow or like Donald Trump said, this is an outrage that this case was brought. This is political persecution,” Trump said.

“This is a persecution like never before. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. And again, it’s a case that should have never been brought. It’s an assault on America. And that’s why I’m very proud to be here. This is an assault on our country. And it’s a country that’s failing. It’s a country that’s run by a competent man who is very much involved in this case. This is really an attack on a political opponent. That’s all it is. So I’m very honored to be here. Thank you very much,” Trump added.


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