OUTRAGE: Democrats Caught Waiving Foreign Flags On The Floor Of Congress

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and members of the Democratic party created a surreal atmosphere in the House chamber on Saturday when the House approved a $61 billion bill to support Ukraine’s war efforts.

As the vote drew closer, Democrats began waving numerous small Ukrainian flags, enthusiastically chanting “Ukraine!” in celebration. Approaching the podium as the vote concluded, Johnson received the most thunderous applause of the day – and possibly of the entire Congressional session – from the Democratic side.

The outcome of today’s vote was already predetermined, although it appeared to be an unattainable goal for months. Johnson had consistently made a promise to never consider foreign aid without first ensuring the security of America’s own border.

The recent missile attacks by Iran against Israel presented an opportunity for Johnson to take action on border security. The bipartisan urgency to come to Israel’s aid provided a legislative opportunity for him to introduce a border security bill. Democrats would have faced a difficult decision in an election year. This situation provided Johnson with the ultimate leverage, allowing him to advance either border security or Ukraine, or even both if he attempted to do so. The flags that Democrats chose to wave emphasized Johnson’s decision.

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