Alert: Horrifying Details Emerge Out Of Israel

(TStarnes) – Commanders within the Hamas terrorist organization ordered militants to behead Israeli citizens and cut their feet. Fox News Channel obtained an Israeli interrogation video that showed a captured terrorist describing in horrifying detail the instructions they were given prior to the Oct. 7th massacre.

“Hamas militants were told by commanders to behead Israelis and cut their feet,” Fox correspondent Trey Yingst reported. “This militant says his commander, a man from Gaza City, told them they should not expect to return.”

It was to be a suicide mission.

Yingst says the terrorists exchanged information and videos in real time during the initial attack using a Telegram group. Telegram group – in real time sending videos.

The militant said they were told to step on the heads of civilians and do whatever they felt like.

“We burned, we slaughtered and beheaded people,” the captured terrorist reportedly told interrogators. “We became animals, things that humans do not do.”

Yingst said the graphic nature was more than anything he had seen as a reporter.

“We’ve left out some incredibly graphic details about what Hamas did to the bodies of women they slaughtered,” Yingst said. “They are too disturbing to explain on TV.”

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